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City refuses reality

November 10, 2013

By MIKE STANTON I attended a meeting at the Fredonia State incubator last week. It was made up of a mixture of community people and public officials. The organization of the meeting was impressive....

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Nov-10-13 6:35 AM

"Economic Development" in this area always seems to center on "pie in the sky" fantasy, with little relevance to modern life and current events. Instead of efforts to land industry, we concentrate on tourism, but even there, we concentrate on bike paths and the like, not the sort of thing that makes the area a destination, like for example, Ellicottville. They have hills, we have water. It could be done with forward thinking people at the helm. The train station idea is a joke, and always has been, something to be waved in the air to make it appear that there are real plans in the mix, instead of the meanderings of obviously clueless individuals.

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Nov-10-13 7:39 AM

I was at the meeting and remember Mike Stanton's rant as well. The guy was acting like a loon and kept interrupting everyone else at the meeting. He seems like a real piece of work. Very interesting that he isn't even a Dunkirk resident.

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Nov-10-13 7:47 AM

Actually Mike, if you were listening, you would have remembered that the study wouldn't cost anything, it was being accomplished by volunteers at the college.

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Nov-10-13 8:08 AM

"Why would we want to spend any time and money on something that might disappear?" Because that's what Dunkirk does.

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Nov-10-13 8:36 AM

Mike sounds sort of like a jerk, rant is right. Doesn't Mike have problems he can address in Fredonia like the ongoing problems between the Village of Fredonia and the town of Pomfret? He has a big, big nose for the city's problems.

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Nov-10-13 9:03 AM

see how truth is called a rant ? Tourism is a bust it makes people stupid. We need some industry in this area. For industry makes one smart. uhoh, that means the activists will be against it. Industry taught steiner almost everything he knows. Hey Mike, great article, facts and reality nean NOTHING to activists or liberals. they live in fantasy land. Tourism for what, dilapidation, like detroit? maybe, show 'em union power. If i read history right, trains never really made money on people, it was freight.That means a money loser! so the libs will be there saying we need trains, with govt subsidy of course.

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Nov-10-13 9:04 AM

wow we get a free study to waste 3 million dollars on making this happen. What happened to the last time we tried this and the terminal was being restored at a cost I believe was 250 thousand and then it gets boarded up. This is an absolute waste on 3 million dollars. And always will be.

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Nov-10-13 9:11 AM

Tourism, the last place on earth for Tourism is Dunkirk. What si there to tour. the lake wall ready to collapse, NRG on its way out, the exciting harbor attractions. You want tourist to stay days not minutes. I would not get on a trian for any destination I want to stay at for days. Why, because I would have all my stuff in my car with me. Not just the shirt on my back. It would make it better for the welfare cheat to get here,watch the sudden spike in benefits given away if this happens.

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Nov-10-13 9:15 AM

Ah, good, good thinking!!!! Let's all just stay in our own towns and villages as anything outside of those areas is none of our concern! Forget the fact that a man with firsthand knowledge is trying to make an honest and INFORMED point, no, no, no!! Let him stay home!! After all, none of this money is anyone's money but Dunkirk's! We all know grant money comes from The Tooth Fairy! And let's face it, looking around, Dunkirk has clearly made nothing but great decisions on it's own for decades! Yes, you stay home Mr. Stanton, by gosh, by golly! How dare you make an issue and use facts to defend your point of view! You stay out of Dunkirk!!!

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Nov-10-13 9:32 AM

The vision that those working for the city are, well, nutty. We already have hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in property that will never be used. Who in their right mind would take a train to Dunkirk? There is nothing here. Then you would het a taxi t take you where to a motel. Then what. Take a walk to the dock? Look at the wonderful view across Lake Shore Drive. And what would a visitor have to look at? Upgrades at the Water Plant. All the wonder trees and bushes planted by the previous administration. The big empty hole in the middle of Central Avenue. A city of 12,000 with a budget of 22 million dollars. Yeah right.

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Nov-10-13 9:38 AM

hadenough...thank you for an actually factual and intelligent response to this subject! Most of the time, and I do say MOST, this tourism talk comes from the blind and desperate.

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Nov-10-13 9:46 AM

There are still some who refuse to understand that businesses must make a profit to exist and there is no profit to be had with a train station in Dunkirk. If we want to grow jobs and help employers to expand it is essential that we reduce the size and cost of government = it'sjust that simple! Elimination of the DLDC might be a good place to start along with the creation of one central county government to replace all local governments.

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Nov-10-13 12:38 PM

one man's truth is another's rant, but the incompetence of Dunkirk administrators is now and forever unrealistic

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Nov-10-13 12:48 PM

And again the naysayers refuse to see the potential and what can be! Reminds me of when the Saturn,Nissan,and Toyota plants looked at this area. Sure would be nice to have that Saturn plant here at the moment!

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Nov-10-13 2:28 PM

stweeney; if industry taught you everything you know I have lost faith in industry..because all your posts just say the same things over and over...

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Nov-10-13 2:42 PM

and why dont we have a Saturn plant.... because we don't have the experince the company was lookinh for. Lack of skilled labor as I remember the acticle said in this newspaper years ago. Stand true today yet.

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Nov-10-13 3:44 PM

"Cade" and Springhill Tn did?

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Nov-10-13 5:05 PM

You got to love comments from people like Christopher. He is so worried about the money coming from grants we all know comes from the taxpayers. Yet does he care that we the taxpayers spend thousands of dollars per DAY on the county home, NO that of course is ok. What a double standard d***. Keep the b i t c h comments coming, that really helps.

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Nov-10-13 5:08 PM

And as far as working in a department, no one in any department has total control over the system. Its like saying the low man GIs blew the war in vietnam, it was the system not the people.

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Nov-10-13 5:08 PM

Saturn,Nissan,and Toyota all thought the same of this area...lack of skilled workers......

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Nov-10-13 5:10 PM

And as far as staying home in your own village or town, the comment should be clear. Take care of your own dirty house before you worry about someone else's. Fredonia has all kinds of problems including its ongoing problems with the township.

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Nov-10-13 5:12 PM

Christopher for President, he's got all the ideas like obama had prior to his turn in office. Oh wait wasn't as easy as obama thought.

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Nov-10-13 5:13 PM

The great point here is christopher and the steiner are both on the same page on this.

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Nov-10-13 6:54 PM

So this is the man who was so rude at the meeting? Glad to know that out of all of the positives that came out of that meeting you decide to pick one thing, the least possible and the one that was not chosen as a focus by the group, and write a negative article to the newspaper about it. Sure hope you miss the next meeting since I've already had to listen to your rant twice now. Just to add, I agree that the Amtrak station is not going to happen...but you don't bother to add to your article that the Revitalize Dunkirk group is not working on that. They're working on doable things.

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Nov-11-13 7:11 AM

hey time is the fire, i say the same things over and over ? you must have missed judeyes, christophers, cronigs comments. It s all the same, more govt. Lost faith in industry ? Your mind is gone. Ride a jet plane ? Industry made it along with the metallurgy discovered by guy chemists.Use electronics , same thing again. Time is the fire, how is it you now so little ? You got a computer, all you got to do is look up stuff. Or watch PBS specials, like raw and ready. They are very good. I dont think you can call PBS right wing or foxnews can you time isthe fire ? time, you are like the dilbert cartoon in this paper of 11/10. You have an opinion, but it is not based on facts.

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