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Appreciation for loving kindness

November 10, 2013

Long, long ago before life as we know it, Plato, the Greek philosopher said, “Be kind because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Recently in my battle, people were very kind to me....

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Nov-13-13 8:39 AM

Re-repeating: Perhaps we should all share a little kindness with Steiner this holiday season...

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Nov-13-13 8:07 AM

dk, are you senile ? is that all you can say ? the atheists have better just got to be ignorant . You despise all the ancient writings. the people who gave us civilizations and magnificent ruins/structures that exist to this day. You mock the work of the great philosophers and statesmen. why is that? Are you like cronig, so full of hatred against people who disagree with you you cant think any more ? There is not one philosopher who would believe or say what you do. The world runs on bitter hatred and stupidity. The gals miss this as there is no gal philosophers of note, not a one. why are you so ignorant on purpose dk ?do you think you are smart like cronig or christopoher ? saying quips ? No, its the other way, you display wonderful ignorance and the love of it.

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Nov-12-13 8:23 AM

Repeating: Perhaps we should all share a little kindness with Steiner this holiday season...

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Nov-12-13 7:25 AM

hey dk, the world runs on bitter hatred and stupidity. The ancients like the zoroastrians , magi etc would have known this. hegel and especially Marx would have known it or recognized it too. It is called the union or struggle of the opposite. It cannot be done away with by govt fiat or wish. I cant fathom how this is not known today, when in my lifetime, thanks to marx and lenin, we had the cold war. A very good modern example of hatred and stupidity in action. Large loss of life accompanied this. All of it greatly desired by the powers that be. we see it in africa also. even churchill knew this as did john d.mention love to these guys and they would just laugh. Maybe in a personal thing, but not nations.

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Nov-12-13 7:00 AM

dk, you actually think you are witty or smart by posting these small nonsense posts. I assure you, you are not smart, just ignorant.By your post you have just trashed the ancient bible scholars, the ones who spent their entire lives unraveling what went on back then. Why, for it is relevant today, but people like dk and others here are too slow mentally to grasp it. Its that simple dk, but then, you dont grasp foundation science posters really should start reading history, you show a great lack of knowledge of it.Amazing how you posters love ignorance and mocking !

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Nov-11-13 6:29 PM

Perhaps we should all share a little kindness with Steiner this holiday season...

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Nov-10-13 2:42 PM

you posters just missed out on some of my best comments ever. You posters live in a world described by the Dilbert cartoon of todays date, carried in this believe ignorance is an entitled opinion. yep, you posters revel, like dan does in ignorance of how the world really works. Evil was made on purpose. It was done to make people aware of themsleves and surroundings. To help them think. The greatest revelers in ignorance are the liberals. Their belief in CO2 induced warming is a lie. But to disagree with them produces an enormous rant about foxnews, greed corporations etc. The greatest bible scholars, all dead arrived at this same conclusion. Believe it or not posters. that some prof at SUNY fredonia does not have a clue on this escapes me. the scholars were profs at colleges decades ago. libs are ignorant on purpose, there is no other conclusion. if i found their work, how is it todays prof's cannot ? answer, they want you to be ignorant, like they are.thats what libs do

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Nov-10-13 12:53 PM

Beautiful column, Dan. God bless you and Marie and those who helped you.

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Nov-10-13 9:24 AM

You just cant keep a liberal like dan down ! Hey dan, why is life so fraught with hardship and disasters ? even the atheists het this correct. Why would a god make life so painful. Answer, they wanted us to pay for what we got. Love like dan describes is just like putting make up on a corpse. It will just rot away.Think of evil as something highly prized by the gods. They carry it on their shoulders like werner von braun, ex nazi was carried on our govts shoulders for his great rocket achievments. he took us to the moon. dan thinks like the apostles , not the Magi. the apostle Paul is the epitome of dan thinking. It can only lead one astray, for evil and hardship are highly desired by the gods. love is just balm, it fades with time. thats why noone understands religion, the magi are extinct. the dan people took over.

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Nov-10-13 6:38 AM

If only Mr. O'Rourke, if only...

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