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Keep politics out of honors

November 12, 2013

Sometimes, our elected and appointed government officials do not consider the consequences. It happened just a few weeks ago, during the so-called “government shutdown....

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Nov-12-13 5:48 AM

I agree, unfortunately, TP extremists and staunch GOPers don't. They know what most Americans, including vets, value, but nevertheless, deliberately withheld such allowances as part of their strategy after failing to repeal the ACA 48 times. Fortunately, it backfired, causing Speaker Boehner to publicly concede, thus putting his own future within the GOP into question.

I'm not sure whether the ACA is good or bad, but I do know the deliberate shutdown should NOT have happened. This action proved that certain govt officials are willing to use the public as "sacrificial lambs", regardless of any harm the shutdown would/did cause, in their efforts to beat their political opponents.

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Nov-12-13 7:31 AM

Very well said Captain! The Republican Party is in serious trouble. Read Joe Scarborough's book, either the party decides to win elections or be a party of looser purists.

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Nov-12-13 8:20 AM

I think the Observers comments fell on deaf ears! What a surprise!

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Nov-12-13 8:27 AM

I agree with Joe.

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Nov-12-13 10:51 AM

I agree with JD on this one, and said so.

His last sentence: "Their monuments should never, ever be closed to them for ANY reason" was well said and to the point.

Regardless of who's to blame, it happened, it was avoidable, but most importantly, it was deliberate.

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Nov-12-13 11:00 AM

though I do dispute JD's first sentence: "Sometimes, our elected and appointed govt officials do not consider the consequences."

What makes him believe they didn't consider the consequences?

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Nov-12-13 11:06 AM

Let's see Obama ordered the closings, Obama had guards put up where there were none before and it's the GOP's fault. I bet it was Bushes also.

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Nov-12-13 12:53 PM

politic is all about winning, sad part of it is some will take a win at any costs mentality, or if you will the low road and the people who they pledged to serve suffer

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Nov-12-13 1:16 PM

The national monuments/parks shutdown was part of the federal shutdown as non-essential services. The National Park Service estimated approx. $500 million in lost visitor spending during the shutdown, much of which impacted small businesses dependent on tourist dollars during the “fall foliage season.”

Interestingly, a large number of National Park personnel – not knowing at the time they’d receive back pay – spent their furloughs volunteering their time to help disappointed tourists.

Blame Congress...

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Nov-12-13 1:17 PM

Please, don't bring Bush into this, he caused enough damage to last a lifetime.

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Nov-12-13 2:14 PM

I repeat-I think the Observers comments fell on deaf ears! What a surprise!

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Nov-12-13 3:19 PM

Have a question DKexpat,what do you think happened with that 500 million?

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Nov-12-13 3:45 PM

The "government" we have now does not care about our vets Joe. From the president on down they are out for themselves. When it comes to veterans most only pay lip service to them.

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Nov-12-13 4:07 PM

joew, the $500M is money that was never spent by the public. Most was never received/earned by a TON of ma & pa shop owners who make the bulk of their earnings from "fall foliage" tourists.

I personally know some in both the Blue Ridge and Rockty Mts. who are hurtin' because tourists cancelled 2-3 weeks of vistis during peak season.

It'd be kinda like askin' an outfitter how he did when the first 16 days of deer season were cancelled, or Holiday Valley if they had to close the 16 days around Christmas/New Year's.

Blame Congress...

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Nov-12-13 4:58 PM

The damage caused by the shutdown was costly & widespread and may never be known. I wonder how many of the reps who supported the shutdown were equally affected?

I think some (not all) can agree that this was a deliberate act. As far as who to blame, how 'bout we leave it to independent thinkers (preferably educated voters) to determine that for themselves? The only trouble is, where in this country can one find objective & unbiased political news reports?

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Nov-12-13 5:31 PM

DKexpat I read that the monies were in fact spent but at different locations. That's not to say some who expected revenue didn't suffer but according to Forbes Magazine the money did make it into the economy. I can't prove it one way or the other and I don't think anyone truly can. Again according to Forbes the impact was not to the degree some would have us believe.

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Nov-12-13 5:41 PM

$500M blame Obama (my way or no way) and Congress (both parties).The vets memorials blame Obama and no one else.

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Nov-12-13 5:52 PM

Utah, alone, lost $30M in lost "parks revenue" according to its Republican governor.

My point is that, once again, the little guys got hurt while Congress thumbed its nose at us.

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Nov-12-13 6:49 PM

I don't buy the blame lies completely with Congress,the blame is equally distributed between Congress and the Executive branch.

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Nov-12-13 8:23 PM

Remember who made up the Tea Party. The Tea Party was the name millions of Americans too upon themselves because they were fed up with taxes just like their forefathers over 200 years ago did. When you look at their gatherings, they were mostly middle aged and senior citizens. They weren’t the young like those you saw in the Occupy crowd but rather they were working and retired folks. Many of them were WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War Veterans. Look at when they attended Town Hall meetings with their congressmen; they were all older Americas. Those certain memorials were shut down for a reason; retribution. Memorials that never had staff in that they were open memorials without walls. It would be like Dunkirk shutting down, barricading and placing officers around the memorial in the center of Memorial Park because of a money shortage.

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Nov-12-13 9:25 PM

Sorry, but what's good for the goose...

Using the Observer's logic, they should also have kept politics out of shutting down Head Start programs (57,000 children), Meals on Wheels, and other nutrition programs for the elderly and children.

That had a greater impact than closing parks and monuments...

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Nov-12-13 10:53 PM

And seeing as Obama goosed us royally then I think that "gander" should be served up and impeached.

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Nov-13-13 7:50 AM

Once again this article reflects total ignorance.

You really think that anyone...particularly the President of the USA...should have sat at his desk and figured out which services to close and which ones not to close..when it was the Congress...specifically the extremist in the HOUSE who forced the shut down.

Did anyone read DKexpat comment. Truly which of you would rather have seen the WWII monument stay open but take food from seniors and school from our littlest citizens? Where is the outrage over that? Or all the people either working directly for the gov't or make their living in connection to the gov't that lost so much income due to shut down. Good Grief..where are your priorities? the way..TEA was funded to a HUGE degree by no other than....KOCH BROTHERS. Who have a financial and a right wing philosophical stake in causing all the commotion. Can everyone say..John Birch...

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Nov-13-13 7:56 AM

They weren’t the young like those you saw in the Occupy crowd"

Did you go to any Occupy sites? Young were mixed in with old, people of all classes, all colors, all religions and all political views were represented.

In fact, TEA should have been represented as Occupy main goal was the use of money in our political arena. Occupy called..and continues to call for...indictments against those who stole so much from us all in 2008. Occupy calls for money to get out of our ballot boxes and return the voice to the people. Occupy wants government to be accountable to the people not to those who have the most money to pay the best lobbyists.

I am far from young and I have gone to numerous Occupy sites. I participated directly in Occupy Fredonia. Many of us 'old' folks did. It is a call for people to be represented and not just money.

By the way, NO huge group, unlike TEA, funded Occupy. Occupy was fully supported and funded by the people.

Huge difference.

Both had im

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Nov-13-13 8:07 AM

joew..if blame is equally divided between Legislative and Executive branch..tell me was the President to ignore the Congress and use his power to over ride them?

Is that what you are saying?

Think about what this would mean. The President, if he disagrees with the Congress, should just override them and do what he wants?


Many of course agree with you and thought he just should have invoked his power to fully fund the government. I just never thought you would be one of them.

The blame for the shut down..ALL OF IT, every park, every pay check, every program...sits squarely and only with the far right extremists, a small minority, in the HOUSE. Why do you think Speaker refused to allow a vote on a clean CR? Hmmm maybe because it would have PASSED stopping and avoiding a shut down. But he was under pressure..for some reason beholden to...the TEA PARTY who refused to allow this vote.

TEA is to blame NO ONE ELSE everyone with a brain knows it

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