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Cassadaga Valley superintendent resigns; board appoints interim

November 13, 2013

SINCLAIRVILLE — Scott Smith has resigned as Cassadaga Valley superintendent following questions about his “interactions with another district employee....

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Nov-30-13 5:32 PM

Maybe they need to check her integrity. It seems she is leaving a parade of affairs here in Rochester, breaking up families and spending a great deal of her time here. Maybe that's why she took a was to far for her make the commute

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Nov-14-13 8:41 AM

Unbelievable!! In the past seven months at CVCS an elementary school has been closed, more than twenty employees have lost ther job, five employees have received raises totaling over $400,000 gross and employees can't show up for work because of unacceptable behavior. Tax payers need to really think before they vote. The tax payers need to know what's going on .As far as executive sessions at board meetings, why have a public meeting more issues are discussed behind closed doors away from taxpayers. You know the people who pay should know what there voting for.

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Nov-13-13 1:37 PM

Why would she leave OP principal's job to come to CV? Doesn't make sense. It is sometimes more prudent (cheaper) to buy out a contract than to go through a legal fight. You cannot be "good" in your job if you are unethical. Heard he was not someone you could talk to at Clymer.

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Nov-13-13 12:41 PM

Sure sounds like a case of sexual harassment. I agree taxpayers have a right to know.

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Nov-13-13 12:25 PM

They have both missed several weeks of work so it would seem the schools and district can run fine without them.

It sounds like neither one of these people have any integrity in their personal life, and that often translates into not having it at work either. If he lost his job then she should too, she was not a victim.

Mr. France must be rolling over in his grave.

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Nov-13-13 12:02 PM

Crisco, I understand the business and personal aspects. However, Integrity is a major part in his business role as well as his personal. He has shown that he had none.

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Nov-13-13 11:58 AM

if what you reap is from what you sow, then taxpayers in this county better get used to being hungry and angry about fiscal declines and higher fees and taxes

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Nov-13-13 11:48 AM

CassadagaHiker - I was referring to the business end of his job, not his personal life, where this public slaughter is ongoing. Relating to his personal life, integrity, self-respect, morality, love for family...all lacking. And MrBear, it was the people of the district that put this Board in place.

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Nov-13-13 11:44 AM

The whole situation is sad. I feel for his family. The board hired "one of their own" when they could have had the cream of the crop a few years ago who has now moved on to a bigger, better job. This is proof that you do reap what you sow.

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Nov-13-13 11:10 AM

What Ye Sow So Shall Ye Reap!

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Nov-13-13 10:10 AM

Good job? LOL...Yeah ok. As stated below by another poster, disregard integrity correct?

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Nov-13-13 9:45 AM

I have to believe that he was doing a good job as superintendent...his personal behavior and actions seem to be what resulted in his departure from the district. Remember though that it takes two to tango! What's good for the goose should be good for the gander. In my opinion,she was questionable from the many days has she actually spent at work since being hired? The ones that suffer here is families.

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Nov-13-13 9:12 AM

It would be great to know how much this B S costs the taxpayer?

Remember it supposed to be about the kids. All that money spent on some honey.

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Nov-13-13 9:10 AM

Captain is right on this one. BOEs and all boards (village and town) think it is some big secret to hide issues from the community. The Boards have a duty to keep the community informed.

Being secret only adds to the rumors.

Looks like someone couldn't keep it in their pants.

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Nov-13-13 7:13 AM

Wow....really makes you wonder about this guys lack of integrity in everything he did in this District. All the way from shutting down a school with the "Statistics" he brought forward to laying people off. Sounds like he was a great choice by this excuse for a school board.

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Nov-13-13 6:43 AM

I realize "sensitive" issues involving school employees may result in legal action against any district if not handled properly, therefore, confidentiality is often necessary. However, regardless of the reason(s) why certain "agreements" were entered into, district taxpayers have every right to know exactly how much money such agreements will cost them.

BOEs have a duty to inform taxpayers of decisions they make in executive session. This BOE should not, and cannot, hide behind confidentiality clauses or executive session privileges to prevent disclosing ANY cost to school taxpayers.

Does the Observer have any real reporters, you know, the ones who ask questions, or do they just sit around the pressroom waiting for the phone to ring to tell them what to print?

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