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Plenty of cheaters, including government

November 14, 2013

For years now, everyone seems to be blaming the federal government for being financially wasteful. Well folks, let’s turn that gaze on the true cheaters in this country....

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Nov-14-13 6:39 AM

GOP/Tea Party members don't cheat. They are above the rest of the world and deserve to be served everything on a silver platter. Just ask them. It's everyone else who cheats and mooches.

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Nov-14-13 7:55 AM

hey umberto and warren, the biggest cheats would be the welfare and entitlements.In erie county Buffalo gets 2/3rd of county budget with 1/3rd population. It was always, but always in America , paying taxes was for stooges. Fact warren and umberto. This changed with the libs via woodrow wilsons income tax. Now our very life blood was going to go to dumb govt employees. The middle class has shrunk since the 70's. It has put the wife to work, mortgaged the house , maxed out the credit cards and warren says dont cheat. warren you are confused. in business warren, i know of business types in southern CA taken over the border for mexican entertainment, that would be call girls. The mex govt ia always looking the other way. besides, the customer is always right, well except for ACA. so warren read history, you are ignorant. Taxes, energy and even the money supply diluted by the govt and you say dont cheat ! Are you nuts ?

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Nov-14-13 9:15 AM

2 quick the writer suggesting our leaders are the enemy? He partially quotes Pogo who, as I recall, actually said "I have seen the enemy and it is us". If that's his point, the it begs the question, what should we do with (or to) the enemy? Though #2; it sounds like the writer is saying that a firm moral code like the age old "do unto others..." would prevent cheating. If that's his point, I agree. The tried and true golden rule code is being blown to smithereens by self indulgent "me generations" (I include my own baby boomer gen in this bunch). Too bad this moral code, which is firmly rooted in Judeo Christian traditions, is being systematically eradicated by today's political mis-leaders. Hmmm... maybe they are the enemy.

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Nov-14-13 9:16 AM

Steinerdzzz...You are your proclaimed biggest cheaters, as you eceive entitlements every month: you received more in SS benefits every month than you ever paid into SS, and you receive more Medicare than you ever paid into it.


So, go ahead -- as you always, always do -- blame others for the sponging-off you do every month without a bit of shame.

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Nov-14-13 9:26 AM

hey cronig, you are stupid. i have said over and over i am not collecting anything. Why do you insist that i am ?It is the city folk who are moochers, not me. My life saving inventions have saved thousands of lives . This alone should allow me to pay no taxes whatsoever. They would be dead, not leading a productive life so you libs can squander the money. Cronig, i have asked you and judeye numerous times to list the govt programs for petrol , electricity , radio, etc. You ignore all of them. But you call names. Cronig it is you who are stupid, ignorant. I am a near genius. Libs like to take advantage of me as the libs are too stupid to invent anything that works. Proof, ACA. cronig, post some facts, not just repeated nonsense.

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Nov-14-13 9:29 AM

cronig you ignore that it was always but always the american way to cheat on taxes. you miss again and again every historical fact i post. why is that. So i wil be awaiting your reply about govt and history. Let me know !

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Nov-14-13 9:43 AM

Steinernut....I can't imagine someone as famous as you with all your mysterious inventions is doing reading a podunk newspaper like the Observer. How do you ever have the time? Surely you did not invent these miracle machines in Dk or Fred or Forestville, etc. How do you even know about this area?????

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Nov-14-13 11:15 AM

I agree that there are lots of cheaters around, but the man who cheats for $5.00 doesn't have the same impact as the corporation that 'legally cheat" with tax loop holes that won't get fixed and "off shore accounts and offices" to avoid taxes and charges in this country. If the everyday middle American had the "cheating opportunities" that big business and the very rich had there would be no government cause they'd be broke. As always, middle Americans actually support big business. Just one example...they pay such a low wage with no benifit that many workers are still entitled to recieve Medicaid and HEAP. The company saves Millions and the tax payers (same guy working 40 hours a week for low wages) pay. This is the same company that will be given thousands of your tax dollars to move his company from one place to another and "create new jobs" They aren't new, they are just in another state..leaving behind people who are now out of work.

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Nov-14-13 11:51 AM


So Warren thinks if you ever failed to put money in a parking meter you have no reason to complain about Congress and the President spending trillions of dollars each year?

I'm not sure if I should suggest he get off of drugs, or suggest he start taking some.

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Nov-14-13 11:57 AM

Also when comparing private companies actions with that are government you overlook something, a private company can't force you to buy their product or service, where the government taxes your earnings under threat of law.

This is exactly why I oppose government workers being able to unionize, but agree private workers should be allowed to (although I would debate it's effectiveness in many cases.)

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Nov-14-13 12:21 PM

Darkstar you really believe that the man/woman who mops floors in a nursing home, who plows your roads, who goes out in freezing weather to fix your sewer line, who is a nurses aid in a state run mental facility, who risks their life as a police officer or a child protective caseworker should not have the same rights as the man/woman who works in private industry does? Why if you choose to be a public servant are should you also choose to be treated worse with less rights?

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Nov-14-13 12:39 PM

I generally like and agree with all of Mr. Beyer's missives. This one though, leaves me a little confused. The comparison's of various levels of "cheating" and "dishonesty" are a little thin, as they say.

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Nov-14-13 1:28 PM


They would still have the same protection of any other workers in the country, but they wouldn't be able to use the political power of the union to elect those who will rape the taxpayer to give them more and more.

If you don't like Walmart's services, prices, policies or actions you have the option to not shop there and deny them your money. If you don't like the job the guy plowing the road does, or think he shouldn't get more money you might as well talk to the wall because the government will take your money under threat of law.

Another example, when the union at Kraft in Dunkirk increased labor rates to the point that the plant was not fiscally viable in the city Kraft had to close their doors because they couldn't force their customers to pay more, but with the government services it doesn't matter if it doesn't need to be fiscally viable since they can always just take more money from the taxpayers.

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Nov-14-13 4:32 PM

If you seriously want to see the "political power" look up what coporations and the rich give to campaigns-vs-unions. I think you will see where the real money comes from. Remeber the people who do the work aren't the people who make the rules. The county employees are still without a contract even thought they offered to save the county 2+ million for a little job security. And all they get is to keep what they had in turn for not being allowed to strike while the fight goes on. So how are they ahead? Spend some time looking at the county budget and you will see where the real cost are. Ask department heads to explain some of their expenses. You would be amazed. Talk to workers and have them tell you where there is waste in government. That is what I did.

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Nov-14-13 4:34 PM

If unions have such political power to elect those who will rape the tax payers why are thousands of the employees being laid off or the jobs going unfilled when someone retires? Why aren't they getting the benefit of all that power you talk about?

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Nov-14-13 6:53 PM

Dark Star, what a specious argument. Moral and ethical behavior is not governed by labels like "public" and "private." You may not buy certain products, but you'll still have to put up with their advertising. And if that company leaves your area because of their greed, then you'll have to put up with living in a more impoverished community. You are so far gone in your justifying everything the almighty company does. You need some honest perspective in your assessments.

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Nov-14-13 9:06 PM

Notalways do you know who was the largest(dollar wise) contributor in the last presidential campaign?

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Nov-15-13 5:51 AM

As Ronald Reagan would say 'I don't remember',Nixon "I'm not a crook ", Bush "Read my LIPS",W "I'm a uniter " = FAILURE !

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Nov-15-13 6:12 AM

HVANCDY-and "If you like it you can keep it",and "If you like your doctor you can keep he or she" X what 40 times? "It was a spontaneous attack because of a video"

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Nov-15-13 7:17 AM


Where did I justify anything any company does? I simply said you are welcome to support or not support any company you want, we aren't given that choice with the government.

"put up with advertising?"

Yeah, that's exactly the same as having a significant percentage of your pay taken under threat of law, and then having to pay insane property and school taxes with what's left. Are you serious of simply a leftist troll?

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Nov-15-13 7:23 AM


Well the reason positions are going unfilled is that the taxpayer is at the end of their rope so in order to continue with the high pay and insane benefit levels they occasionally reduce the work force to keep spending at a level that wont get them run out of town.

And if union don't have political power could you explain to me why the current administration tossed the bankruptcy laws out the window during the GM bailout so they didn't have to pay the secured creditors first and instead made sure the union got back the unsecured debt GM had with them while people with secured debt got pennies on the dollar?

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Nov-15-13 7:27 AM

"Read my LIPS",

The left has been crucifying the right for "not compromising" but Bush compromised with the left, and raised taxes, and they have used his agreeing to their proposal to attack him ever since.

So why exactly do you think republicans should give a single inch of ground to the democrats???

Oh I've got another for you "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!"

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Nov-15-13 7:30 AM

So DarkStar, I take it you're one of those extreme privatization freaks. I almost hope you get your way sometime. But then invite me to your cholera party when the village well is contaminated. And take me for a drive on Route 60, where you'll have to pay a toll every three or four miles on your way to Jamestown. I can't wait to hear what you'll be saying then. You enjoy paying your utilities? You like those "private" monopolistic utilities that take your bloated monthly donation and spend it on charities you may or may not like? You're OK with that. They are "private" after all, and that's sacred. I give up. You leave those of us with more balanced ideas no choice but to say that hating greedy tax-fed public employees makes total sense to you. God knows why.

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Nov-15-13 7:50 AM


It appears that rather then read what's said you would prefer to make things up so they agree with your leftist ideals.

I never said I hate public employees, I simply said they shouldn't be allowed to unionize.

As for the power company, yes they are exactly like Walmart, since we are forced to use both of them.

Also following your "logic" I could say that you wont be happy until the government take of all wage earners money and "distributes it fairly," after paying for the massive government bureaucracy needed to do oversee it.

Then we can all stand in line together, well except for the good socialist leaders, for everything from bread to toilet paper.

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Nov-15-13 7:54 AM

As for privatization, I do support it in a limited manner. Basically because the government has stretched it's power and authority far beyond what should be allowed. Additionally just as some areas are better handled by the federal government, other things are better handled by private industries, and the government should not be taxing money from it's citizens and then using it to compete with private industry.

For example, we should not privatize the highway systems, the military, police and similar things that benefit everyone. But should Chautauqua Count pay for two airports that benefit a very few people in the county? No they should, and they should be some and live or die on their own merits.

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