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Philippines: U.S. aid must get through

November 15, 2013

Whenever anyone in the world is suffering from a massive natural disaster, Americans are among the first to send aid. That is as it should be....

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Nov-15-13 3:12 AM

Our Nation is in debt up to the armpits. You might want to rethink going farther into debt. My taxes are to high now & I have to pay $188 for Medicare, which leaves a little over $500 for me to live on. God helps them that help themselves. No more.. Please..

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Nov-15-13 6:46 AM

I have to agree with rosebud... let the gods help them out... or not!

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Nov-15-13 6:58 AM

This is from the same paper that advocates selling the county home because it costs too much money, that routinely advocates cutting benefits to our own poor due to money, that routinely advocates closing schools and merging governments to save money, and now wants to spend BILLIONS of dollars to help the Philippines!! And, it does cost BILLIONS to move ships on the ocean like this would require. And I love the ridiculous Obama dig, as if that has anything to do with anything.

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Nov-15-13 7:24 AM

"The nuclear-powered USS George Washington aircraft carrier and accompanying ships arrived off eastern Samar province on Thursday evening, carrying 5,000 crew and more than 80 aircraft....U.S. sailors have brought food and water ashore in Tacloban and the town of Guiuan."

Looks like Pres Obama cut that red tape very fast. Now, when will we see the editorial congratulating him on his quick action?

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Nov-15-13 7:31 AM

Rosebud..did you read the letter to the editor re Rep Reed wanting to cut even more from ss? Take notice seniors.

This was the strongest storm in recorded history. Let that sink in for awhile. Then ask why our storms are getting so much stronger and so more frequent.

Of course we must give aid. Have you seen the devastation, the horrors, no food, no water, not medicine? I hope our Country gives..and I really hope individually we all give as much as we can to Red Cross, Oxfam, Drs without borders, etc. Many reputable groups on the ground there that need our financial support. Even as many of us live on fixed incomes..we are so much richer than the vast majority of the world. We must share our riches, especially in times of crisis.

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Nov-15-13 8:53 AM

" Now, when will we see the editorial congratulating him on his quick action?" Ummm, how about when H E L L freezes over?

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Nov-15-13 10:59 AM

Give that quick aid to America FIRST.

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Nov-15-13 2:00 PM

"Then ask why our storms are getting so much stronger and so more frequent."

More frequent? How many hurricanes/typhoons have there been this year? Last year? The year before that?

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Nov-15-13 3:09 PM

Agree rosebud.

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Nov-15-13 3:10 PM

When will we see his quick action to help America. Oh that's right, never, other nations must come first.

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Nov-15-13 9:37 PM

The SUNY-Fredonia intern wrote this one, while the usual gaggle of xenophobic church ladies were lunching at Bob Evans...

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Nov-16-13 7:32 AM

There were many countries that both offered help and donated monies after Katrina folks. This country has poured 0ver 12 TRILLION dollars into the war on poverty over the past 4 or five decades and that doesn't include private and corporate donations. The philipine people who helped American servicemen and women during WWII is well documented. Many were killed by the Japanese for doing so,again well documented. I might add that the Carrier strike force moved in quickly because they didn't have to put up with a inept Governor or Mayor as during Katrina. It wasn't all the fault of Bush Judeye!

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Nov-16-13 7:36 AM

Actually, diverting a carrier battle group requires no red tape to be cut. All it takes is a phone call to the SecDef and it's done. Looks like the phone call was made.

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Nov-16-13 8:11 AM

Most of the dead are dead because they ignored days of warnings to move to higher ground, higher ground within WALKING DISTANCE of the worst hit areas. Their is also a huge issue of shoddy housing due to government corruption and enduring poverty due to that same corruption, a very typical 3rd world country. You can't fix any of it. I might add that the government response in the Philippines has been less than stellar. And of course the problems with Katrina were ONLY due to a Democratic Mayor and Governor, nothing at all to do with the Bush administrations horrible and inept response, no not at all, at least in Joew world. WW II was a LONG time ago, and I might add that the Japanese were killing taking invading and taking over the Philippines, so I'd guess they had good reason to fight. Who was helping whom? Take a look at New Orleans and the smashed places from Hurricane Sandy. Those people are still homeless.

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Nov-16-13 8:24 AM


"Extreme weather events were devastating in their impacts and affected nearly all regions of the globe.

They included severe floods and record hot summers in Europe; a record number of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic in 2005; the hottest Russian summer since 1500 in 2010 and the worst flooding in Pakistan's history.

Last year alone, the United States suffered 14 weather events which caused losses of over $1 billion each.



would you like me to post more data. Yes, storms and extreme weather events are more frequent than in the past. And Yes it does have a connection, at least in part, due to climate change and human activity.

Somehow we in the USA think if it does not affect us it does not matter.

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Nov-16-13 8:29 AM

joew..oh I know it was not ALL of Bush's fault for Katrina. NOLA is one of my most favorite cities in the world. We go there often and I have seen first hand the remains of Katrina and the impact it had on so many, mainly poor folk.

Much blame to go around to many. Including the former mayor for sure. Brownie and Bush as shortage of blame.....Just hope we as a Country have learned from we can act quicker and more effectively next time. As for sure there will be a next time....

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Nov-16-13 4:41 PM

Obviously Christopher you did not read what I posted did you? This is what I wrote- "It wasn't all the fault of Bush Judeye"! Do you understand what that statement meant Christopher? It meant I did not absolve President Bush from making mistakes? In case you don't know,the Feds can not just walk into a state and take over without proper authority. In case you forgot,the Mayor and the Governor were MIA during some critical hours.

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Nov-16-13 8:14 PM

Katrina Response

The Pentagon began tracking the storm when it was still just a number in the ocean on Aug. 23, some five days before landfall in Buras, La. As the storm approached, senior Pentagon officials told staff to conduct an inventory of resources available should it grow into a severe hurricane. Their template for these plans was the assistance DoD provided Florida last year for its four hurricanes.

And a week earlier than this, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld issued an executive order delegating hurricane decision authority to the head of the Northern Command, Adm. Timothy J. Keating. Four days later, as the tropical storm soon to be named Katrina gathered force, Adm. Keating acted on that order.

Before the hurricane arrived in New Orleans, Adm. Keating approved the use of the bases in Meridien, Miss., and Barksdale, La., to position emergency meals and some medical equipment; eventually the number of emergency-use bases grew to six.

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Nov-16-13 8:17 PM

Katrina Response Cont

And before landfall, Adm. Keating sent military officers to Mississippi and Louisiana to set up traditional coordination with their counterparts from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. As well, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England ordered the movement of ships into the Gulf.

By the Pentagon’s account, it carried out these preparations without any formal Katrina-related request from FEMA or other authorities. The personnel behind the massive military effort now on display in Louisiana--airlift evacuation, medical, supply, and the National Guard--was on alert a week before the hurricane. According to Assistant Secretary McHale, “The U.S. military has never deployed a larger, better-resourced civil support capability so rapidly in the history of our country.”

You get really tired of those who have no idea of the preparations that took place before Katrina was even a storm.

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Nov-17-13 2:35 PM

And once again judeyes response seems to be "crickets".

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Nov-18-13 6:31 AM

So what we need to do is borrow more money from China, give it to the Philippines, who are closer to China anyway? I agree something needs to be done, but how can we continue with this economic practice? We can not just keep printing money as if there are no consequences.

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Nov-18-13 2:34 PM

How many DOUCHCE BAGS are going to come out and say send US AID out of one side of their ASS and out of the other side say SMALLER/LESS GOVERNMENT - CHRISTE could probably eat a boat load off food !

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Nov-18-13 10:30 PM

Quite frankly HVANCDY I'd rather the money go for a humanitarian cause than a study into the sex lives of a fruit fly!

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