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‘Shameful’ hospital events

November 17, 2013

By NICK PICCOLO This letter is in response to Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York board chairman Chris Lanski’s recent comments on the vibrant state of Brooks Memorial Hospital (Nov. 10)....

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Nov-17-13 5:57 AM

"Do the right thing"? You're kidding me!! If ANYONE in charge had done the right thing, Lakeshore wouldn't be in the condition it's in, and nobody would be worrying about any of this. You're asking a wolf to stop eating sheep. Nice try.

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Nov-17-13 7:22 AM

The answer to all of your questions is to my last article for the Observer describing the Corporatization of Healthcare. Although it was butchered by almost a 1/3, it did still list at least some of the reasons Lakeshore is in the shape it's in. This is entirely about money and profits, not health, caring or community.

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Nov-17-13 8:09 AM

Christopher, dont you like corporations ? but you do like unions and govt, their counter parts.who had done more for society christopher, unions or govt or corporations. Its a tough question. What we have seen happen wih the hospital is a twist on the old liberal adage. Think global, act local. you know to save the environmemt. So we thought local, acted , well regionally, almost global, as it is a world economy we hear endlessly, and behold, we close a hospital.we did what the liberals want in a way. it is no different, christopher than obama saying you an keep your insurance or your doctor. funny how you hate private sector people like me, but love the dumb govt employee. help me out christopher.cherry picking again eh christopher ?

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Nov-17-13 10:48 AM

This is another example of mergers don't always work. It is also an example of unqualified people making the decision. On the flip side of the coin if it was a good merger then someone should be investigated for something big. I do believe that there is something big to hide that is stalling a sale to someone who wants to keep it open. Why would you not want to be rid of it and let someone operate it instead of closing it. You can have 11 million or nothing. Why are they choosing nothing????

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Nov-17-13 12:05 PM

The mayor is appealing to the wrong people. Those board members could care less. The ones that were put in place are the same faces from the original board. Do you really think that things will be done differently. We need to get Schumer and Young back in the picture and fighting for us. Let's look at he big picture. Christopher is correct about it being a money making operation rather than patient care. Let's take a closer look. Hamot hospital is owned by UPMC in Pittsburgh, Hamot is the hospital that took in Tri County, Brooks and Lakeshore. Tri county was not rebuilt after the flood 1 down and one to go. Brooks had already affiliated with Hamot to send more specialized care patients to Hamot(out of state and not covered by many NY insurance plans) UPMC also owns Medicor known to be a practice building organization rather than patient care centered ordering many unnecessary tests and overlooking others. This organization also obtained a State Heal Grant with assistance from

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Nov-17-13 12:19 PM

Part one continued. with help from Sen. Young. If indeed they are in such dire financial straits, then why get a grant for approximately 2 million dollars to remodel the emergency room and outpatient services check in to announce 2 months after it's completion that the hospital would close Jan. 31. In a letter from Sen. Young that I received she suggested contacting Atty.General Eric Schneiderman with our concerns about wrong doing. Christopher, will you do that? I find it amiss that a company based out of state can legally try to get a monopoly by forcing a no compete clause to any prospective buyer When many peoples insurances won't cover Hamot stays and the distance one way to that hospital is 80 miles one way from the service areas in Southern Erie and Catteraugus Counties served by Lakeshore as opposed the large hospitals with specialized care 25 to 30 miles away in Buffalo. There is a great deal of Upper level mismanagement of funds from what I'm hearing that needs dealt with.

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Nov-17-13 12:42 PM

MatthiasJ, I got that same letter from Senator Young, and have already contacted the Attorney General. I'm not sure what will happen, but this I do know, if the effected employees don't make this a continuously hot issue with picket lines and such, it will work in LERHSNY's favor. They need to keep this issue very public and very "hot".

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Nov-18-13 1:48 AM

Christopher, I agree about the employees but I understand their reluctance to do so because I have heard from people who are already laid off that they were told if they talked to the media they would be let go immediately. There is also the issue of employees from Brooks being sent to Lakeshore and Lakeshore people laid off over the last year. Now if they succeed in closing it, those people who were moved from Brooks will also be without jobs and some have been at brooks for years. I would also send letters to Senator Shumer as he is pretty good at getting to the bottom of these kinds of things. I would also contact the governor about this smelly mess. I think it is more important for the people whose health will be jeopardized by closure to mount a massive writing campaign. Several thousand voices saying the same things would be more attention grabbing than 460 employees. I know one thing and that is the north end of the county cannot afford the loss of 700 jobs. More people will be

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Nov-18-13 1:51 AM

Christopher continued. forced to move to find work which will lead to a declining school population and more lay- offs and a general downward spiral until there is nothing left.

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Nov-18-13 6:02 AM

Already contacted Senator Schumer about using the FEMA money improperly. (In my opinion))

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Nov-18-13 9:09 AM

You libs are so blissfully ignorant. spending money and then closing a facilty ? you seem suprised at that. I have seen private enterprise spend double digit millions and then close a place. The 2 million on Lake shore is a grain of sand in the beach. Look at how many other hospitals have closed. dont sell the place for non compete ? Since the govt has no competition libs , why are you suprised at this non compete ? The area is declining. Someone is looking into the crystal ball of births vs deaths and other trends.christopher just hates corporations compared to his beloved govt which wastes money by the billions. the libs refuse to believe there is no reason to stay in this area unless you are retired. retired folks have a 1 way ticket to the grave and no miss another fact libs, focusing on greed, etc. golly you libs are ignorant.

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Nov-19-13 1:12 AM

Steiner, why don't you get your head out of the sand? The medical field is a service industry and not a profit making organization like industry. It is precisely these types of under the table people who cause your insurance and mine to increase astronomically each year. Or maybe you are one who doesn't pay for your insurance and cause many on fixed incomes to pay your way as well as struggle to meet their own needs!

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Nov-19-13 9:21 AM

Federal tax data show that for-profit hospitals actually provide more charitable care than nonprofits do. Nonprofits performed no better - in some cases much worse - than comparable for-profits on safety scores recently assigned by the Leapfrog Group, a health-care research organization. For patients, it's almost impossible tell the difference between nonprofit and for-profit hospitals.

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