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Working backs are starting to break

November 18, 2013

I think by now we, as taxpayers, are just about fed up with the welfare system and the benefits these people receiv....

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Nov-18-13 8:09 AM

Hey Richard, welfare is the democratic insurance policy for votes. There are 3rd and 4th generations on welfare, some going to jail, more welfare and they vote democratic.Just look at the inner cities for proof. welfare buys votes.Look at the ruin of the inner cities, democratic revival rhey call it.The middle class has shrunk, families are 2 wage earner now, credit cards are maxed out, school tuition rose faster than inflation and the libs say SUCCESS. The libs got the mistaken notion that the govt, aka liberal largesse gave us everything. That is a delusion, only seen in the dumbacrats. to disagreee is to be mean spirited. one is just to give ever increasing amounts of money to dumb, stupid people, the govt employee. Then, they just give it away, for nurture , they call it.

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Nov-18-13 8:28 AM

So, all those on welfare are responsible for your malaise and all our problems? Really -- then how do you even explain that during our recent Great Recession, when the middle class eroded even more, the wealth the richest 1% GREW TO RECORD AMOUNTS?

You are as resentful and as ignorant as summer days and winter nights are long.

No doubt you continually, proudly support and vote GOP/RW/Tea Party line -- which means, while you have bought their into all their speechifying, you have directly and unequivocally supported a party that has voted for the 1% richest with record ta breaks, cuts, profits and against YOUR economic middle class self-interest for decades.

You can't even see the nose on your face.

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Nov-18-13 8:57 AM

If I remember correctly the writer was a member of the Dunkirk common council as a Democrat. The same Democrats that he accuses for the problems America is now facing. Mr. Mackuh what did you do to curb spending in the city while council? Nothing. You supported all of Frys initiatives to spend money planting tress and flowers. Did you ever address the condition of some of the houses in the city and push to get laws passed to clean them up? Again no. You sir need to look in the mirror and see that what you failed to do at the city level is now on a bigger scale. So please. Spare us the reader your attacks. For those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. One last thing. How many pay raises did you vote for, for city employees while on the council?

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Nov-18-13 9:08 AM

I have to agree with Steiner on this one. The welfare system is simply a means of getting votes but why is that allowed to continue? We can all agree that we need programs to help those who have fallen on hard times but those programs should be temporary and not a permanent means of support. We can trace many of our problems to our faulty system of electing public officials and our open door policy on immigration. Surely, there are many people who need help but there are many others that are abusing the system because it's easier to be on welfare than to earn a living and in many cases it's more rewarding.

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Nov-18-13 9:25 AM

cronig, you are ignorant. the middles class has shrunk under obama. the rich have grown richer, much richer under obama. His money policies are inflating the stock market, like the late 1920's. the same money policy by the fed was done. Cronig you miss again and again the huge decline in our cities, all under liberal control. cronig, you seem to forget about that list of govt programs that gave us what we take for granted.i keep asking you just post rhetoric. cronig, you mocked the right for its opposition to ACA and behold, the libs are running for cover . explain that cronig. in short cronig, you are one misinformed if not out and out stupid person. there is no other way to say after reading your repeated rhetoric, short on facts is having ever increasing people on welfare good ? it aint cronig. tell us where the libs get their largesse if not from profits cronig. profits give the money you libs just love to waste.

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Nov-18-13 9:33 AM

cronig, you forget the public employee unions rabid anti voucher stance. you forget the huge rise in out of wedlock births. all manifested by liberalism. fact cormig. all of this furthers the aim of the dumb govt employee. so cronig answer all these questions if you can. merely parroting profits, greed, corporations is the mark of limited intelligence. the mark of a liberal. so us that list of govt programs that led to huge profits, oil, electricity, energy , electronics, etc. Go cronig, let me see a liberal in action.

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Nov-18-13 9:45 AM

Very well written article with good points Richard. "The first reaction to truth is hatred" - Tertullian

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Nov-18-13 10:01 AM

A hand out, never. A hand up? Always. Unfortunately the hand up (of welfare) has become a generational way of life for to many. Which turned into a hand out. It's time to revisit the best way to help people. The one world market system has done nothing but drive America's jobs out and the the rolls of people needing help up. Isn't this what Perot was warning the US about when he asked if they hear the "giant sucking sound" when NAFTA was enacted? This started with Democrats? No. This started with Republicans? No. It started with the lobbiests' realizing there was no way the congress would cut the corporate tax rate. So, they found a way around that. They moved the jobs. How is that working out for America? And why won't any of the politicians work to lower that rate and get those jobs back to America? For the last five plus years it is because the Obama administration and democtatic party refuse to negotiate.

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Nov-18-13 10:22 AM

And yet there is no outrage over the Fortune 100 companies that pay no taxes? Oil conglomerates getting taxpayer subsidies? Billionaire hedge fund manages paying miniscule tax rates? I agree that everyone who can work should. I have for close to 40 years. Ahh, but where are the jobs to support these people? Walmart? Although the owners are several of the richest people in the world we as taxpayers subsidize them too because they don't pay a living wage. And McDonald advises their staff on how to apply for government assistance. If you are really concerned support a raise in the minimum wage.

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Nov-18-13 10:40 AM

Marcia you are so stupid. Raising the minimum wage does nothing to combat poverty. It merely causes inflation and weakens the middle class buying power.

Please do us a favor, go to the local GED class, and take basic understanding of economics. The living wage is a myth. You can't get there because no matter how high you raise it that class will still be in poverty. The only effect it will have is to drag others down.

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Nov-18-13 10:43 AM

And Marcia says blah blah blah ho hum all those nasty big business and walmart.

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Nov-18-13 10:47 AM

So we raise the minimum wage $2 an hour and the price of everything goes up to offset the costs of it so what has anyone gained? Yes you might take a few off the SNAP program because now they don't meet the requirements but in reality they have gained no more spending power then they had.

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Nov-18-13 12:15 PM

Probably the greatest harm done by vast wealth is the harm that we of moderate means do ourselves when we let the vices of envy and hatred enter deep into our own natures. Theodore Roosevelt

You can see by some statements here that President Roosevelt was spot on.

If the poorest person in America had an income of $150,000 per year, they would still be the poorest person in America and living in utter poverty. It's truly amazing that people cannot see the snowball affect of what happens when minimum wage is increased by the government.

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Nov-18-13 12:28 PM

Let's see what's happened with Obummer care cancelled insurance, employees hours cut because companies can't afford to provide ins for all employees. Perhaps those big companies get tax breads but when they are booming people are working full time. When there are plenty of jobs everyone is better off. Now jobs are shrinking more and more. So which is better Obummer Care or big companies getting tax breaks and providing lots of jobs?????

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Nov-18-13 6:26 PM

Look "Stang" & "American" you two are making too much sense and are confusing people like Marcia,that's just not fair.

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Nov-18-13 8:42 PM

The working class pays all the freight. What will happen when there are none of us left to pay for everything ??? God help what will be left of our once great country !!!

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Nov-19-13 6:13 AM

Marcia, there's no sense arguing with "the usual suspects", it's an exercise in futility. They have their view, you have yours.

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Nov-19-13 7:03 AM

hey marcia and christopher, you complain of businesses not paying taxes. read up on american history, not paying taxes in any way was the accepted practice. Marcia and chrisopher, name me the govt program that gave us what we have today. Christopher, your ability to think is slipping fast. Marcia all the tax dodging is legal. should we just give our incomes to the govt so the dumb govt employees can just waste it on welfare ? christopher, you are like judeye and cronig, always criticizing but NEVER listing any govt program that gave us the stuff we have. whattsa matter ? Does it sink your theory ? marcia, any business that does not lobby the govt for tax breaks will soon go under from regulation from the likes of the liberals posting here.libs, tell me life , at least to taxes on income is better now than say even 25 years ago. It aint.

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Nov-19-13 7:15 AM

there are more people who dont pay income tax than pay it libs. the rich pay most of the taxes. the welfare folk just keep on taking. facts libs. entitlements are the biggest thing of the budget now. When romney said who paid the taxes in the election he was vilified for it. the entitlement crowd has no incentive to stop taking from the rich . So christopher, try to wake up one day and not say corporation, greed etc. You are showing your complete ignorance. Please tell us, again i ask, that it is ok for the public employee unions to put cities under , silence from you on this , while you attack rich people. guess who started the thievery christopher ? it was your beloved woodrow wilson and his income tax. It started small and grew huge. the dumbacrats just love stealing labor. be it slavery or income a democrat is their , stealing

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Nov-19-13 8:25 AM

you want to level the economic playing field, install a across the board flat tax on earnings, plain and simple, pay 10% of what you earn, that way everyone is treated equally

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Nov-19-13 8:35 AM

the author of this letter, has lot of nerve to criticize when in fact he has prospered from benefits received from taxpayers via a greedy union

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Nov-19-13 9:14 AM

hey posters, its going to get worse via ACA. the employer mandate has yet to kick in. Just wait till those employer provided plans are illegal. Wait till your favorite hospital or doctor is not included. yep folks, thanks to ACA this is all on the horizon. HHS will decide what and when ,the kind of medical care you can receive. Its all there folks. it is just c o ming to light now that the individual mandate has arrived. we will see the biggest degrading of american health since the flu epidemics of the early 20th century. all made possible by your govt and its liberals.this they call success folks.

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Nov-19-13 10:05 AM

Steiner,you want something that was created by the government? The internet. Which has had no effect on society, right?

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Nov-19-13 10:13 AM

QWhy do people make personal attacks on this site and call other's names? Please Steiner, joew, PR24601, Dcronlg. tell me that advances a conversation? I don't see stangv8, Christopher, judeye, Marcia, PhilJulian or others making personal attacks. This would be a better forum of people would just stick to the issues. Smart people can disagree, you know.

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Nov-19-13 10:14 AM

I meant tell me how that advances the conversation.

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