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Rep. Reed votes to allow ACA non-compliant health plans to remain available

November 18, 2013

Congressman Tom Reed voted in the House of Representatives recently to allow health plans currently available on the individual market to continue in 2014, giving Americans the opportunity to......

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Nov-20-13 3:28 AM

Remember Obama's Oct. 21st Rose Garden event where he trotted out happy Obamacare enlistees? He told of a "letter" received from Jessica Sanford of Washington State, who was ever so happy with her subsidized Obamacare quote. Well now it seems that the Obamacare office in Washington State has sent her a letter saying that they miscalculated her income status and therefore her tax credit is now being reduced to "zero" (aka: NO subsidy!). Sanford now says she cannot afford the new premium quote and does not intend to buy an Obamacare policy. This fiasco just keeps getting better and better, almost by the hour!

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Nov-19-13 9:18 AM

Judeye is correct that it is wonderful "to have several options to chose from so I can select the one best suited to my individual needs." But then Judeye criticizes Congressman Reed for voting for legislation to allow others to keep the insurance that they personally selected and personally paid for with their own money. The individuals who made their own decisions about what insurance to buy with their own money understand their own health insurance needs better than the government!

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Nov-19-13 8:11 AM

Open Secrets

Rep Reed...donation from insurance industry

2012...$111,505 2013-2014 $74,000 (top industry donor so far)

While I was looking this up...noted National Fuel made a donation to his campaign. fuel bills are now contributing to political campaigns? I had NO idea did any of you?

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Nov-19-13 8:04 AM I understand it those policies were grandfathered in. The policies being questioned are those issued after 2010, when the insurance companies knew of the requirements under aca, yet still issued sub standard policies.

Rep Reed just voted to continue to permit the insurance companies to issue SUB worthless..policies. How is that representing the PEOPLE in his district?

Some on the left, with some moderates and some conservatives, wanted Single Payer (some of us still do) We compromised on a Public Option. The GOP refused both, and refused to participate in trying to make this law better for all the people, so we ended up with this law.

Oh yes I do think it will help. Especially the people who have gone without health insurance for so long. But I will continue to work for single payer...or at least a public option.

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Nov-19-13 7:53 AM

joew "just how wonderful the person was and that you were offered a couple of different plans. "

I think that is wonderful. To have several options to chose from so I can select the one best suited to my individual needs. You do not think that is great? Have you ever shopped for health insurance? It is very complicated and confusing, at least to me it is. I was very happy that the Office of Aging reviewed and helped us select the supplement plan to Medicare for my husband. And yes, I am glad that there is a navigator helping me select the plan best for me.

The person I met with works for them 366-3333

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Nov-19-13 12:27 AM

"Wonder if the large donations Rep Reed has received from health insurance industry had anything to do with his vote?"

Judeye, ever wonder what the possibilities of the left allowing the healthcare companies to juxtapose themselves prior to the ACA going live might have to do with the "revelations" of policies being dropped? If you think this is a completely unexpected consequence of the ACA, either you're fooling yourself, or the people you support have out and out lied to you and you refuse to realize that they did.

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Nov-18-13 10:23 PM

And we thought "snake oil salesmen" went away with the covered wagons? I really feel sorry for people like Judeye who couldn't see past the big Obama smile and yet is still trying to defend this monstrosity! Then there is Marcia saying Tom Reed wants people not to have insurance so his bill collecting agency can profit. That has to be one of the leading low blows ever posted,and she says she is a educated person??

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Nov-18-13 10:19 PM

And while I'm on a roll, another thing:

There's a $25B reinsurance fund to pay insurance companies I'd their costs are too high. It's funded by EVERYONE with private insurance . . . EXCEPT 15-20 million union members who will be exempt from this in 2015 and 2016 from this "head tax."

And it they're exempt, everyone else has to make up the reinsurance shortfall.

So some folks get taxed, others don't; some get subsidies, others don't; and some will have to pay more so Obama can pay off his campaign supporters.

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Nov-18-13 9:57 PM

Also, the "success" in keeping premiums somewhat level is based on young, healthy 20-somethings buying coverage from an exchange.

But they know they will live forever, so the percentage of them signing up will be too low, which means everyone else will be paying more.

What a mess...

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Nov-18-13 9:33 PM

You would think thirty five years ago today, those on the left would have learned to put the Kool-Aid down but they didn't. Yup, thirty five years ago today Jim Jones told his followers to drink the Kook-Aid and things will change. Five years ago, Obama told his followers to drink the Kool-Aid and things will change for everyone.

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Nov-18-13 8:06 PM

And more people will pay more for coverage and deductibles in Washington, Kentucky and Connecticut. The question will be can middle America really survive this tax increase?

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Nov-18-13 8:03 PM

Interesting op-ed piece in the Washington Post today - albeit by 3 Dem governors - about how their states' exchanges are working.

State of Washington - Medicaid expansion had joint, overwhelming support. Kentucky - passed after two independent studies showed huge budget savings and new jobs. Connecticut - 50% of the enrollment on the state exchange is for private insurance.

But...the middle-aged folks who own the corner store I go to will pay $700/mo more and have a much higher deductible.

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Nov-18-13 7:58 PM

Ironically, the ACA is putting undo pressure on middle class families in trying to afford health care coverage on already tight budgets. My bet is that the number of individuals that this act will serve will be equal to the number of people that it hurts. Dems really pooched the screw on this one.

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Nov-18-13 7:55 PM

Unfortunately the bill passed is as much as a sham, as the sham-wow ACA that went into effect. The interesting thing is that the Administration has indicated that it will veto it. Defund ACA now.

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Nov-18-13 7:07 PM

Unfortunately the so called main stream media will not report how the number helped by the ACA outweighs those who may have to pay more or give up their crappy plans that cover nothing. I say wait a few years and see how people feel. It worked in Mass. You can't gauge approval until it goes into effect.

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Nov-18-13 6:48 PM

Actually Judeye I believe Steiner was comparing the bill of goods sold to us by Johnson relative to the "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution". Nothing at all to do with casualties and everything to do with the line of BS you/we were sold about both issues. Get it??

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Nov-18-13 6:42 PM

Actually Judeye I did not hear how "great" it went,no specifics,no plans,just how wonderful the person was and that you were offered a couple of different plans. Are you sure you weren't at a car dealer? Where did this take place and who was this wonderful person along with the phone number?

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Nov-18-13 5:57 PM

Wonder if the large donations Rep Reed has received from health insurance industry had anything to do with his vote?

Keep on selling junk policies..making money for the health insurance industry..who cares how it scams the person who bought it thinking it would cover them if they became ill or were in need of medical attention.

A vote for corporations..after all they are people...with LOTS of money.

Who cares about us living and breathing folks..our money can never come close to Corp wad

Hope people will take the time to learn the truth and not just listen to the spins folks are trying to put on this all.

and JoeW...I will tell you about my second visit after I complete it. you already heard how great the first one went...

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Nov-18-13 5:48 PM


hmmm let us see...58,220 of our fellow citizens died in Viet Nam...thousands more injured...and hundreds of thousands forever scarred by the horrors of that war

and you have the nerve to compare that to a bill that is attempting at least to help the 45,000+ people who have died in our Country due to a lack of health insurance


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Nov-18-13 5:44 PM

The essential health benefits include at least the following items and services:

Ambulatory patient services (outpatient care you get without being admitted to a hospital) Emergency services Hospitalization (such as surgery) Maternity and newborn care (care before and after your baby is born) Mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment (this includes counseling and psychotherapy) Prescription drugs Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices (services and devices to help people with injuries, disabilities, or chronic conditions gain or recover mental and physical skills) Laboratory services Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management Pediatric services So this is what our Rep just voted against. Requiring these minimal benefits. Heck...why not sell junk health insurance people who will not notice...unless they need them

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Nov-18-13 5:23 PM

Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) informs his constituents: "I could not support H.R. 3350 because it does much more than just allow people to keep their current plans. It allows insurance companies to continue offering substandard plans to existing enrollees and also sell them to new enrollees. This means plans will once again be offered that do not include coverage for pre-existing conditions and place limits on annual coverage amounts. Under H.R. 3350, insurers would be under no obligation to inform consumers that there might be better plans available on exchanges, plans that in some cases might be offered by the very same insurer. I voted NO." Would that Tom Reed had done the same.

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Nov-18-13 5:12 PM

If you happen to run across persons who have now lost their insurance polices due to Obamacare be certain to ask who they voted for! React appropriately, according to their answer.

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Nov-18-13 5:10 PM

Difficult to believe that Marcia even opened her mouth to try and defend Obamacare when the Presidents most ardent supporters are running for cover. People were told and informed this disaster was coming and lo and behold! Judeye will be giving us a report here soon on how well it all went,sure hope that navigator she spoke with wasn't one of the felons that are stealing peoples personal data. What was her name and phone number Judeye?

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Nov-18-13 4:11 PM

Actually "correct", Obama wasn't "wrong", but rather he openly LIED. He fully knew this would happen, but also knew that if the truth were known the legislation would never have passed congress. I have five relatives who have now received cancellation notices for long held polices that have served them well. I don't understand all the particulars, but it appears that they either have to pay approx. double to get something near the coverages they previously had, or accept a huge deductible in order to get an affordable premium. Either way they're skrewed. However the BEST part of the situation is that two of them actually voted for Obama....BOTH TIMES!!!!! OH god how I'm loving it!!!! Orgasmic doesn't come close describing my delight in their plight! I bring up their folly at every opportunity I can!!!! When they complain I say, "Tell me, who did you vote for?". If there's a better example of "what goes around, comes around", I haven't seen i

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Nov-18-13 3:29 PM

Correct, and what's more, after the hundreds of times Obama mentioned his claim, it apparently never occurred to him even one single time to ask "is that really true? Insurance companies won't start randomly canceling policies?". Nope. Not once.

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