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Silver Creek Board vote disappoints Fire Department

November 19, 2013

By NICOLE GUGINO OBSERVER Assistant News Editor SILVER CREEK — The purchase of a fire truck was unanimously denied at the Silver Creek Village Board meeting Monday....

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Nov-21-13 3:01 PM

Have you ever been inside the firehall to see what kinds of new equipment goes on the apparatus...radios that are purchased uniforms and such in 09 gear was replaced but after a few fires and training it gets wore out and needs to be does not last forever and thats something noone will understand is equiptment gets replaced when needed...With 20 interior guys and girls at 2k that's 40 grand right there...then gloves at 50$ nomex hoods at 20$ and boots at over 100....add it up and tell me where the money is spent...and that is only a few things. ..If you think money is just being stashed your wrong...stuff is very expensive...and by the way the chicken bbq was to support the ems squad...not the fire your homework before you out the fire department. ..they have such terrible backing by a village who is allowed to touch any moneys received by the department and spend it where ever and how ever

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Nov-20-13 10:16 PM

FEMA money lost because they were approved to use the funds for a new build only and they decided to use it for a pre existing building without permission From FEMA Headquarters and they got burned. If you look at a copy of the village budget you will see all the stuff that the village is required to provide, it doesn't leave much else for them to buy. Most of the turnout gear was lost in the flood so has been replaced since 2009. This year they had the boot drive, The village wide canvass and a very successful chicken bbq by all reports. So where are they stashing all this money they collect year after year. Don't get a ppor me attitude because they were the ones who wanted to be under the village umbrella thinking it would be easier to get what they wanted. The other 3 depts. are not supported by the Town of Hanover except for their fire contract. I think everyone knows that when your debt exceeds the cash flow you have to make the payments the credit disappears.

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Nov-20-13 5:23 PM

wow.I cannot believe they turned this down. If you had a fire and the ladder could not even get to the attic, would a few extra bucks added to your taxes and taken off your insurance bill really matter??

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Nov-20-13 3:01 PM


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Nov-19-13 6:02 PM

Why is there 5 separate Fire Depts. to serve The Town of hanover?

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Nov-19-13 4:54 PM

Everyone is quick to say the fire departments have to understand the village runs the money...The circus in the office controls it...The fire department does not...The only moneys they control is from fund contract money and such is Givin to the hands of the village board....

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Nov-19-13 4:50 PM

Wow politicians saying they cant afford it? I say we move these folks to DC posthaste!!

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Nov-19-13 4:49 PM

When you have a village that cannot even give the fire department it's alloted percentage of moneys for a budget because they have spent money poorly other drive money come directly from the village and not their canvas areas...from what I've heard they average about 20 a year in fund drove money....they money donations to the fire department...I did Some reasearch..did you know a set of 'gear' they wear runs 2 grand. The air pack on there back runs another 2 grand...that's 4 grand per interior person and I'm sure they have more then the math.. 20 is a very nice chunk of change hut equipment to protect and tools to use are not cheap....Idk what kind of money they get from the town but you see being municipal the village idiots I mean board has control of that and sure they spend it else where and pass the remainder on...As far as iso ratings..Contact the village...u lower the iso rating you save money on your fire insurance

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Nov-19-13 1:43 PM

Silver Creek is the only fire dept. in the Town of Hanover that I know of that is supported wholly by a govt. entity. I don't know if Forestville supports them other than the fire contract or not.None of the 3 other ones get any support from the town except for their fire contracts and yet they seem to get new vehicles when they need them, have to chiefs vehicles, pay their own insurance and fuel all on their fire contracts and their fund raisers. Therefore if the fire dept is dissatisfied maybe they should do more fund raising or go back to the way it used to be. You see one has to wonder what they do with their fund drive every year when they canvass the their coverage areas plus get our tax dollars for it. They also forget about the mass exodus of jobs within the village and just outside if the hospital is closed. See how many more houses will be for sale then,,, there are plenty now.

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Nov-19-13 6:40 AM

In situations like this, the ISO rating always gets thrown around, but there is never and actual data offered. It's simple - what impact would an improved rating mean to homeowners? If their insurance would go down more than what their taxes would go up, then it would be a good deal. Yet no one ever produces these numbers.

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