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Jackson's opinion worth following

November 19, 2013

How neutral is neutral enough when it comes to religion? That question will be decided when the U.S. Supreme Court issues its decision in Greece v....

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Nov-25-13 8:41 AM

Although I agree Judeye, we are getting to the point where if you worship outside of the church, make a comment about God, or provide a little faith base initiative, then you are being flogged by the masses. If a few years, it will be no different than the current climate in the Middle East or in communist Russia.

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Nov-24-13 8:06 AM

Nathan...Freedom of religion is quickly becoming freedom from religion.

It is called religious freedom. The freedom not to have a religion just as much as the freedom to hold strict religious beliefs. We each have the right to our beliefs. This right is one of our most precious rights.

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Nov-24-13 8:02 AM

"We MUST not confuse Dissent with Disloyalty" Edward R. Murrow 1954

In fact many of us feel it is our responsibility to speak out when we see things that are unjust, discriminate or promote fear and hate.

"basic principles of Americanism:

The right to criticize; The right to hold unpopular beliefs; The right to protest; The right of independent thought." Margaret Chase Smith

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Nov-23-13 10:08 AM

So posters, if the women expressed concern over their lack of understanding of how the world works, by analogy you posters dont understand it either. why else would you keep calling me names or a misogynt ? Take away a few key inventions, tesla, bryce, schockley etc and the world we have collapses. I forgot Haber, whose ammonia from air feeds half the world. his wife suicided over his chemical weapons work. We can say that the gals have no understanding, like the posters here of what is needed for what. Facts from the world posters.From the gals themselve. Now lets hear the names.

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Nov-23-13 9:59 AM

hey pinecone and the other unlearned posters, from womenruledotcom. facts they say and are concerned about. How do women work and function in a society and workforce, science etc that they did NOT design ? yep a woman said that not me posters.Women make 77c on a dollar, for black women its 59 cents vs a black male, hispanic 58cents. Women make up 4.3% of fortune 500 leaders. Now here is the interesting part. womens growth in science and technology has slowed since the 90s, only 25% of this is gal power.there is much money here. Women are baffled, yes baffled at the world ! they admit it ! So please tell me how my quotes of history showing a mere handful of women goofing it up are women hating. Please tell me how the gal leadership running the EPA, full well NOT understanding what America or life needs to function is good for us. Putting gals who dont understand science or life in power is a huge mistake. death and famine are on the horizon.

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Nov-23-13 8:49 AM

more for you unlearned libs like christopher, ancient writings say women will pass from the world scene. Paul, say i need meds or something ok ? These same ancient writings give a good account of how the world was made. Machines can be made from the decriptions in the ancient writings. I garantee paul, you cannot make a machine from darwin or rather dumbwin like you can from the bible. hey Paul, i even know what the holy spirit is. the holy spirit is just not a bible thing, but known to the zoroastrians. So paul, say how idiotic i am. But never let those dumb teacher unions give up control on education. Paul advocates making stupid people.libs, say misogynt,etc. You posters ought to try reading history or just watching tv specials. you could actually learn something. Instead you post more or less nonsense .

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Nov-23-13 8:42 AM

hey pinecone, the gals at the epa will decarbon and deindustrialize the US . Fact. they fear the non existant effects, climate change from burning hydrocarbons. Any chemist knows co2 does not trap heat. water vapor does and burning emits water. A gallon of water for every gallon of gas burned. Facts pinecone, we have carri nation and ida tarbell still working trying to mess up the world like they did a hundred years ago. read history pinecone. how are facts women hating. The gala in govt will actually destroy america , deluding themselves into thinking they are saving it. look at the LWV and what they say. they are deluded . it was a mistake to allow gals to vote. if not corrected we will face starvation and cold.hydrocarbons run everything, everything. i work in the chemical industry. hydrocarbons are irreplaceable

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Nov-23-13 8:35 AM

hey christopoher,you again ignore why we cant have vouchers in schools, but choice is a mantra repeated over and over for gals bodies. Hey pinecone. the gals at the EPA and even sebellius herself have made a mess of the US economy. What else could a woman do ? Men run nearly everyhting by the gals own admission on tv. Gals swooned for rasputin, berlesconi and others. the guys just go to work in science and business. facts again posters. god hates gays says a poster. Guess you dont know science or philosophy. The union of opposites is a very big thing, starting from that guy heraclitus. You posters are ignorant, nay stupid and dont even know you are stupid. a guy likes a guy and you are OK with that ? And Bush is stupid ? explain this.

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Nov-23-13 8:30 AM

hewy paul, you are ignorant again. creationism in schools . again you miss choice and science. if there are beings, us composed of electrons, protons and neutrons, then their must be beings composed of the wave / particle paradox in physics. A little further science, if one studies just electricity will show that something non material, non physical is operating. This sinks darwin on the spot paul. people so ignorant like you and the liberals should not be in charge of teaching kids. they will land up stupid like the liberals are. I have said this again and again, all ignored or dissed as misogynic, there are NO gal philosophers of note. they dont know how much that hurts them. christopher just plain does not know science. he feels it gives him the right like cronig to make other people stupid. facts from history . i guess you posters just dont understand science after all.

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Nov-23-13 8:21 AM

jo amd pinecone cant think. If my posts are anti women , then so is history. women are prone to depression and conversion disorder. some of them, like Ida Tarbell, the WCTU and carrie Nation have really messed up society. You posters ignore that. they lag in science in business because of this. They go pink for breats cancer while more die from blood clots. The major science nobels are won by men. women say this on tv and in books. they are astonished at the lack of progress by gals. All of this is ignored by you so called learned posters. It is much easier to say misogynt, than actual facts , right posters ? look at cronigs posts, a string of rhetoric and not much elese.

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Nov-22-13 3:39 PM

Freedom of religion is quickly becoming freedom from religion. Small herds of nomads are shaking the town of tradition and we will be stripped of our rights. The left will claim that these small voices and minority opinions not only be heard, but be celebrated, unless, of course, those voices are from the unborn or against ACA.

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Nov-21-13 9:50 AM

commentator, you have it wrong. Anyone can say Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah or whatever they want. It's when the government takes a stand about religion that peopple are offended. So if you want a nativity scene on your front yard, more poweer to you. But when the government puts one up, they are endorsing one religion over others. See the difference? But let's face it, the lines for Christmas are so blurred, than many Christmas symbols, like the Christmas tree, don't seem to people to be religious, so they don't object to that. Let the sales begin.

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Nov-20-13 5:40 PM

I have some trepidation acknowledging a "religion" that condones pedophilia and murder in modern times. Other than that, believe what you will. But why are those that believe in a diety forced to take it inside while those that don't believe can openly celebrate their non-belief? Pettiness at it's finest or just another case of PC run amuck?

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Nov-20-13 1:21 PM

I'm calling my doctor, immediately!!! I find myself agreeing with Steiner and again not the women bashing. I think these women are ridiculous. I believe if someone says Merry Xmas or Happy Honokaa or whatever who cares. Why is it offensive? That's their belief and they are not trying to convert or offend you. Just return the greeting with whatever your belief is. Some people just like to make idiots of themselves. They need to get a life!!!

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Nov-20-13 11:53 AM

Thank you Mr. Pinecone, I agree with you. I have never seen a post from Stener that hasn't put women down. While many may disagree, that type of hate and name calling is unnecessary.

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Nov-20-13 11:50 AM

Hey Steiner... when you attempt to excoriate liberals, it's automatically assumed that you are conservative but it's clear to me you are no such thing. You speak like someone who would fit right into the Westboro Baptist Church (the "God Hates Fags" bunch). And your anti-women rants sound like they came from Taliban. I am conservative and many here would call me a right winger (OK with me) but I share few if any of goofy sentiments you spew on these pages. With your strangely tainted thought process, it's guys like you who give conservatives a bad name.

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Nov-20-13 10:02 AM

Dcronlg, that's actually a good suggestion.

We can have a moment of silence to reflect on the bastardization of the US Constitution and the continuing downfall of the greatest country on earth.

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Nov-20-13 9:50 AM

Simply, freedom of religion means freedom of religion -- for many comment posters (including one of the Deliverance twins), your freedom to be a bigoted fundamentalism means freedom from being compelled, forced,and/or required to be a Muslim. The reverse is also true. Its that simple.

In our increasingly pluralistic and diverse society (yes, you bigots -- its happening, happening fast and you are powerless to stop it...), the best, most respectful and most fair way to stop this nonsense is to open these types of meetings, with a moment of silence rather than any type of prayer.

Thus, any person can exercise whatever faith they want, follow the dictates of their conscience, accommodate everyone and favor no one.

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Nov-20-13 8:03 AM

these two gals show why women only make 77c for every buck a guy makes. they get wrapped up in emotions, a peculiar feminine thing and away they go. To diss religion like they want to do is historically inaccurate. But facts mean nothing to activists. How do I know, my numerous facts I have posted here are either ignored or mocked. Or the posters hide behind the false face of tolerance or knowledge like christopher and marcia, . Saying things like tolerance, your are unpatriotic etc, . It is posters like marcia and christopher, knowing the least,they think it is the most and away they post. its a liberal thing. Liberals just dont know anything, on purpoose. Ignorance is a supreme mental thing to a liberal.

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Nov-20-13 7:56 AM

christopher is getting to be the most confused poster here. No political affiliation ? are you kidding me christopher, you are deluded. you are a liberal thru and thr. Amercia was founded on religious principles. fact Paul. To ignore this is just being stupid on purpose.The salem witch hysteria started with 2 gals and again history repeats itself. two women started another hysterical thing. gals, you just gotta stop doing this, it makes you look foolish.christoher , it is talking to you that is an excercise in futility, you believe the govt did everything, it did not. try and learn history , paul.

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Nov-19-13 7:53 PM

If someone at a Greece (NY) town council meeting sneezes, and someone else says "God bless you" - will that be unconstitutional?

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Nov-19-13 7:28 PM


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Nov-19-13 6:49 PM

Nothing like being 100% percent right 100% percent of the time right Paul,a legend in your own mind! I do "understand"!

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Nov-19-13 6:36 PM

Of that, I'm sure Joe, that you've been called worse.

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Nov-19-13 6:34 PM

Dissent is American, PR. And name-calling is childish. And the word for the rest of what you say is narrow-minded, chauvinistic, totalitarian, selfish...take your pick.

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