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Sheridan man gains approval for home gun business

December 4, 2013

SHERIDAN — At the Sheridan Zoning Board meeting, Bernard Garrasi got what he has been waiting for since October....

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Dec-07-13 2:24 PM

Actually, the fire code dictates the issue of putting bars over windows. Some places allow it, but there are regulations related to maintaining sufficient emergency egress;, can't have people barring themselves in. I can understand the board's desire to keep the place looking like a residence, but on the other hand it seems unreasonable to prohibit him from doing what any other home owner might be allowed to do under residential code.

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Dec-06-13 3:57 PM

It's not a question of reasonable zoning laws, but for example should the zoning board be able to tell you that you can't put bars on a window?

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Dec-05-13 10:47 AM

Don't like zoning laws? Ok, but try sleeping @ 1a.m. when the clown next door is pounding out dents in his after hours "auto body shop" (AKA: his driveway) on a hot & humid summer's night; and you need to be at work @ 7a.m.

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Dec-04-13 8:22 PM

You who squawk about zoning laws...Zoning laws protect property values and quality of life. If an autobody repair or a Nasty Kitty Club or a lard rendering facility set up next to your house, you'll suddenly get the sound reasoning behind zoning rules which, by the way, are decided by the citizens (involved ones, anyway).

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Dec-04-13 4:02 PM

Um, zoning in the US began in the 1860s, and NYC codified the first jurisdiction-wide regulations in 1916. Interestingly, out west zoning began in Colorado under the auspices of the KKK. The US Supreme Court ruled zoning constitutional in 1926 on several grounds.

Try living in an HOA (like I do), where everything from the color/type of siding on your home to the color of your front door is regulated by the owner association. Somewhat stifling, yes, but it protects property values.

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Dec-04-13 12:47 PM

Zoning laws were created in Nazi Germany to segregate the Jews and force them into the ghetto.

Laws that restrict a person's ability to make a living are anti American!

Are zoning boards elected? Or appointed?

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Dec-04-13 11:56 AM

Steiner, I believe you are absolutely incorrect. How is it freedom when any party tells you WHAT to do on your property? I do realize that there are certain limitations as to what you can do on your property, especially if what you are doing on your property threatens the life or property of your neighbor. However, if I want to put bars on my windows, you can bet your bippy, that I will be putting bars on my windows....oh, and that's not called greed.

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Dec-04-13 11:36 AM

All government entities at all level;s have zoning laws. many taking issue here with that would have a much different idea if someone were to open a race track or an auto repair business next door. There ARE GOOD reasons for laws governing business versus residential areas in all communities. Yes, this PARTICULAR business is small, but if it's treated differently, trust me, somebody will open a pawn shop or such in their home and use this as the basis for doing it if it was treated any differently.

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Dec-04-13 8:53 AM

That reminds me,the "great American Outdoor Show" is Feb 1-9 in Harrisburg,Pa. Sponsored in part by the NRA. Anyone wants to go,call as I'll be making reservations at the Army War College quarters for one night.

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Dec-04-13 8:34 AM

I've been acquainted with Bernie for more than 20 years. Nobody is going to be disturbed by his very modest level of business activity. Unless you know of him personally, or have been referred to him, you won't even know there's a business there.

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Dec-04-13 8:27 AM

hey stang, when the govt tells you what to do on your property, thats called freedom. When you do what you want thats called greed.

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Dec-04-13 8:22 AM


Yeah, it's ironic how many people, even here in these comment sections, will complain about the "lack of" regulations and yet here we have an example of the government telling a homeowner what they can and cant do to their home and driveway.

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Dec-04-13 8:13 AM

hope he sells a million

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Dec-04-13 7:25 AM

Don't you just love how you have control over your own property in America?

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