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Roads a ‘wake up’ call

December 8, 2013

By BOB BANKOSKI Dunkirk penny-pinching has come to a head! This past Thanksgiving, after eating a wonderful meal that my wife prepared, I sat down to share in the company of my family....

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Dec-12-13 3:16 PM

"Does anyone understand that the county/state/town plow drivers are allowed to plow only during certain hours?" This is nonsense. My cousin's husband has worked on a county plow crew for almost 20 years and has been called out at all times of the day or night if it's bad enough. If anyone is limiting the hours, it's based on limiting payroll costs, not because there are only certain hours when they can plow.

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Dec-10-13 10:48 PM

Does anyone understand that the county/state/town plow drivers are allowed to plow only during certain hours? It's not the plow driver's fault. If they get overtime, everyone complains about that too! It's the southern tier. It's going to snow whether you like it or not. The highway crews cannot be on every road in a town/city 24/7. It snowed my way almost 3" an hour today. I didn't expect the highway guys to keep up with it. They do what they can do. Give them a break!

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Dec-09-13 9:13 AM

hey captain, a sample of my accomplishments. My lifesaving chemicals saved 10,000 lives.figure an average salary of 40,000 and a life of work at say 35 years. so 10,000 lives times 40,000 bucks times 35 years is 14 billion dollars . Is that large enough for you ? It is almost as large as christophers public employee unions debt, 18 billion or so, that sank detroit. this all from one guy and a chemical lab. sales around the world, verified by my favorite labs, the analytical ones. something you libs know NOTHING about. this does not include my other chemical sales , multiplied by the market place to billions in the final product. If my chemical fails, then billions of products wil go down the drain because of the huge multiplier effect in the industry. is this ok for you and the unlearned libs here ? You libs know nothing of industry, dont want to either. You like to mock it. al for the beloved govt employee or stooge as i call them.

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Dec-09-13 9:04 AM

hey captain, you forgot a key item, like commentor did in his gal philosophers post . NPD is when people without any great accomplishments think they did something. .I looked up NPD and found it a bit down in the article. You missed it captain. this would then make nearly all the women suffering from NPD. they admit not knowing how the world of science functions as they did not build it. yet they claim feminine intuition and the presence of woman on boards will improve profits. this would include all the govt employees as their names are not on the patents or nobel prize winners.NPD would include nearly all the posters here, saying only quips and sarcasm, thinking that is debate or science. it would include you captain as you actually said nothing but believing it was something.feel better yet captain ?we need to hear from cronig and christopher !

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Dec-09-13 8:45 AM

hey captain, NPD is a disease that affects liberals. proof, you did not build that. In erie county they say, the govt employee that is, when we the govt employee work, erie county works. is that pride or what ? No mention of the private enterporise base of all inventions, just the beloved govt stooge. from filling up to heating homes, the chemicals you buy in the store, the list goes on and on, somehow the narcistic govt people say they did it ! Now tell us who is narcistic here. the names and noibel winners that history records or those dumb govt employees ?

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Dec-09-13 8:40 AM

hey paul, joew has got the detroit part correct. 50 square miles of democratic wasteland. No utilities, they have been shut off. You can go green Paul. get the LWV out there.look it up and see what the public employees can do to mess up a once great city. stand proud libs.

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Dec-09-13 8:38 AM

The lack of plowing or road maintainence is symptomatic of a govt in trouble. trouble by too much spending on public employees and their expensive demands.This is right from the WSJ and various court cases the public employees do. i too traveled on thanksgiving, I stayed off the side roads and took the main roads because of plowing issues. a 5 minute trip took 15 minutes. boy was I ever grateful those public employees get generous pensions and benefits.i support them fully ! Even when a forecast is 100% correct, they still goof it up. Christopher, i bet you are proud, they did not build that ot plow that eh Paul ?

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Dec-09-13 8:23 AM

Could we please stick to the subject and not battle back and forth! The problem falls on those who control the budget making it hard for the department head early in the season because he has to think of the whole season and a shrinking budget making it hard on the plow driver who feels responsible for the safety of the people who drive the roads. There is nothing more frustrating then to not being allowed to do your job when you know lives could depemd on it. It's about what choice you make on how you spend your tax dollars.

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Dec-08-13 5:36 PM

(excluding steiner)

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Dec-08-13 5:32 PM

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which one is excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects 1% of the population. First formulated in 1968, it was called megalomania, and is severe egocentrism.

Egocentrics regard themselves and their own opinions or interests as being the most important or valid. Such people are unable to fully understand or cope with other people's opinions.

Hmmm...sound like anyone we know?

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Dec-08-13 4:41 PM

Ah Joey, Joey, Joey, you just don't get it. There are a LOT of older folks in the area who DO have a problem driving in the snow. And I think the point just might be that if Dunkirk can't keep up with this little storm, what will they do if there's a big one? Hard for you to figure that out, isn't it? Nice of you to assume every person in an accident in the winter is an idiot and can't drive. Again, arrogance of the highest order.

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Dec-08-13 4:00 PM

But you did answer correct Pauly? Had no problems getting around,picked up people,drove out to the Fireside Manor,drove back late,no problems(2WD).No distress calls over the scanner either save for the idiots who cant drive. If that little bit of snow bothers you,I'd move! Detroit has lots of vacant properties from what I understand,you'd feel right at home there!

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Dec-08-13 2:55 PM

Joey, that's just too stupid to answer. The issue is a LACK OF PLOWING, and there was. It's so sad to see you make an idiot out of yourself.

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Dec-08-13 1:53 PM

Christopher afraid of a little snow,say it ain't so,thought they made snow tires for tricycles?

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Dec-08-13 11:35 AM

This has nothing to do with the council (who approve the salt budget) and more to do with the head of DPW and the mayor, who oversees him and OK's all and any the overtime. If there's a question about procedure...ask the people who have been running the DPW for the last 10-15 years. If they can't handle a snowstorm, there's a bigger problem here than the city council!

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Dec-08-13 6:08 AM

The condition of the roads after this storm makes me very afraid for the dead of winter. My road wasn't plowed, not once, until later in the afternoon!

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