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City train station a vital engine

December 11, 2013

A commentary with the headline “City refuses reality” (Nov....

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Dec-11-13 6:49 AM

Dunkirk and the surrounding area couldn't support a station when we had far more people, and probably fewer cars, then we have today but somehow the author thinks it's fiscally viable now?

The train station is right up there with the idea of a casino as pie in the sky dreaming of a magical solution to Dunkirk's problems.

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Dec-11-13 7:44 AM

As a frequent train rider, I would love to see the station opened. It would help job market, tourism, and ease to commute here for school.

Over Thanksgiving EVERY seat on Amtrak was sold out from Depew to NYC. I know as my nephew wanted to change the date he was leaving. All sold out.

There is a market here. I have met people on this train who go to nyc for graduate school while working in this area. I have met people going to work in Albany and other cities along the route. that not one industry we want to promote more of in this area? How a train station would help in that area...

Oh yes...I would love to see the train station opened or at least a feasibility study conducted.

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Dec-11-13 8:42 AM

judeye , there is no market here for trains . trains always made more money off freight not people. ya miss like you always do obvious facts like the first 2 posts. how is it judeye you miss obvious facts again and again. by the way, how are we gonna replace the quadrillions of btu from thermal with green energy ? you miss that too ! You miss my historical facts. in short, you miss everything. judeye, we have seen large job losses and plant closures over the years. the market is declining, Anyone can sere it but you ! An amazing thing your perception is. our gov wont even suport converting the dunkirk plant to gas ! WNY is in a depression judeye.we cant frack and you want a train sation ? passenger trains lose money. that must be it. Money losers are a success to liberals.

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Dec-11-13 8:43 AM

Yes a train station. Wasn't this idea first brought to the fore front by Steve Nataro? Wow. AMTRAC stopping in Dunkirk. Now how much would it cost to get the president abandoned train station operational? A few million dollars and where will this money come from? Taxes? The Feds? Perhaps a Mexican cartel can contribute. Then once the building is up and running someone would have to get AMTRAC to alter their schedule. This is the problem with the city no workable planning. Perhaps one should be quiet and let people think they are 'out there' than speak and remove all doubt.

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Dec-11-13 8:45 AM

Steiner, I'm interested to know what your Zoroastrianism religion thinks of trains...

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Dec-11-13 9:13 AM

You're right Steinerdzzz -- the liberal system invested lots of money on you and we lost big time.

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Dec-11-13 9:16 AM

I quote...."Our "Dunkirk Shoreline" as you put it is growing fast," What kind of giggle juice are you drinking? The only thing growing in Dunkirk is welfare and drug dealers. Even 58 year old women are doing it.

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Dec-11-13 9:19 AM

It's no wonder Steinernut thinks women are babbling idiots when you read the article by Valerie and the posts by Judblindeye.

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Dec-11-13 12:43 PM

If D&F had a large number of people who commute to Buffalo and back on a daily basis, then train services may be warranted, but that's simply not the case. And don't waste money on a feasibility study! Putting this pipe dream to rest is easy, even if some people will never accept the facts. Simply find out how many people from this area actually use the bus lines to meet this alleged daily need. End of story!

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Dec-11-13 1:13 PM

something is either in the air or water,at last nights council meeting it was "suggested that a the city should "erected" a "skyscraper", then again it maybe a "major" out break of "steinerism" which there is no known cure,

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Dec-11-13 1:15 PM

back to "trains" which ho scale is best suited for area

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Dec-11-13 2:29 PM

A casino located at the site of the county fairgrounds would be great for this area.

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Dec-11-13 2:45 PM

Really judeye? And is this going to become another publicly funded fiasco with all that "free money" that floats around? Gimme a break. If you were in charge, we'd be bankrupt in two weeks time.

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Dec-11-13 2:53 PM

casino at fair grounds,ludicrous idea from coming from one who preaches civic responsibility to others, yep, that's the ticket destroy another landmark and tradition

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Dec-11-13 2:56 PM

casino at fair grounds,ludicrous idea coming from one who preaches civic responsibility to others, yep, that's the ticket destroy another landmark and tradition

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Dec-11-13 3:30 PM

this just in they have found a "cure" for "Steinerism" treatment consists of inserting a "cork" in to upper& lower orifices ... your welcome

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Dec-11-13 5:39 PM

Valerie "the whiner" Pawlak strkes again.The woman is always crying about something...and that something always has the burning question of WHERE'S THE MONEY GONNA COME FROM!Many times I have read that there will be NO plans for train service this way until the main line service from Buffalo to NYC is completed (if it ever will)and then an offshoot from Buffalo to Erie would possibly be added. Wake up woman!!! sheeze

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Dec-11-13 8:16 PM

I am quite sure a study has been done by Amtrak if there was enough rider potential midway between Erie and Buffalo you can bet the railroad would have already opened the station long ago seeing they have the most to gain.

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Dec-11-13 9:10 PM

I dunno much. However I am sure that a train station in Dunkirk would not help the economic situation. There are many ideas ie. paint murals, build a skyscraper. The only salvation is JOBS. Anyone or any agency that could bring a company with 2 or 3 hundred jobs would rate a statue in Washington Park next the soldier. Otherwise prepare for more of the same. late 1950' population 25,000 give or take. Today's population 11,000 give or take. And mostly older residents.

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Dec-12-13 12:01 AM

this idea give a whole different meaning to "take the train"

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Dec-12-13 8:22 AM

hey commentor , you are right. The women today follow the same script of yesteryear, complaining of this or that and inventing nothing ! This idea grips them so strong they lag in business and science. just look at feminists today ! Now they want guys to stop ogling gals ! the one thig they have that is to their advantage , curves, and they want to deny it ! they want to be like guys ! Did ya ever see some of the frminists ? they look like guys !

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Dec-12-13 8:29 AM

especially for stupid cronig, the system lost bg time on me ? Hardly and here is why. My lifesaving work in chemicals , where i can say truthfully, you shall not persih has saved 10,000 lives around the world ! Yes , its true. So take 10,000 lives, multiply by 30 years or so of work at 40000 bucks a year and we get 12 BILLION dollar return on steiners work. Of course the libs contributed even more , as a loss when the dumbacratic public employee unions sunk detroit. Its that liberal largesse working again cronig , right ? Oh cronig, the science i used was all white male derived and private enterporise in origin. cronig, about that list of govt science projects. Oh cronig, my steinertron work financed by myself , no public money. Unlike valeries or judeye train idea. golly you libs are stupid.

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Dec-12-13 8:36 AM

more for cronig and judeye and the LWV. All my chemical work arises from oil and gas wells. there is even some pine tree chemistry in it. Pine trees are wonderful chemical factories.guess what, you ate some of the chemcals that arose from pine trees oh unlearned liberals ! So, judeye , cronig and the LWV exactly how would i be able to do my work without the fabulous organic chemists in CORPORATIONS ,nearly all guys again nurturing gals, that made it possible. Green energy makes not one whit of chemicals. You dont seem to know that. Gals, will it be nurture ? your bosom ? lets hear it liberals . cronig , say steinerdzzzzzz. say something stupid. christopher, say idiot.marcia, where you ? unlearned libs, lets hear from you !

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Dec-12-13 8:37 AM

cronuigm that govt science project list ? again I ask. Again you ignore.

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Dec-12-13 8:39 AM

So the closed train station is contributing to the demise of Dunkirk? Who are these individuals who think a train station will save Dunkirk? We know Nataro thinks so but those of us who live in the city know better. Trains are for cargo not people. So wake up people. Nothing but jobs will save the city and that ain't in the cards.

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