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Plowing: Giving credit on rough day

December 13, 2013

Many motorists were quick to criticize the municipal snowplow operators for the problems on local roads. But those behind that squeaky wheel need to give it a brake....

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Dec-13-13 6:26 AM

Holy smokeroonies!!!!! Mark this day on your calendars, the Observer is praising public employees!!!!? I don't believe it! And as for that travel ban, you left out the most important part...EXCEPT for JoeW!!

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Dec-13-13 6:43 AM

Let's pretend for a moment that we had consolidated plowing services - that all roads, except the State's - were being plowed by the county. All the town, city and village plows were gone. How do you think the plowing would have looked? Not to great, right? So, you say, we keep all the town, village and city plows and their drivers and they are now County employees instead. Where are the savings? Right, there aren't any real savings. You might have been able to eliminate a small handful of highway superintendents. In the end would you save $50-$100 a year? Probably not even that.

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Dec-13-13 7:21 AM

How about this instead, we eliminate ONLY the Town plows and replace them with County plows, leave the cities and larger municipalities alone, and save a LOT of money! You're making a LOT of assumptions there, Chuck.

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Dec-13-13 7:55 AM

Thanks to every man and woman who worked hard to clear our roads and streets. You are the winter heros!!!

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Dec-13-13 9:07 AM

well isn't this special, praising over paid city workers for "doing" what they are paid to do, we remember when the non-union city employees took care of snow removal totally, and yes, we totally, side walks were also cleaned, hydrants were dug out, we can see giving the Observer that "juicy" property tax assessment reduction is really paying off for the mayor and his minions in all this positive-PR, so Observer keep up the "love feast", we still see you for who and what you are, no matter how much BS you shovel

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Dec-13-13 9:13 AM

I say leave all those "smaller govts', "consolidated govts", and "lower Taxes" blowhards stranded in the snow -- seeing how self-sufficient they believe they are...let them get themselves out.

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Dec-13-13 9:15 AM

CHUCK392 - Maybe we ahould have neighborhood governments. Yup - we could have an administration building on every street. Every neighborhood could have it's own police, fire and public works department and they could all form unions to make sure that no one wants to live there. There are economies in centralized government but you refuse to understand the issue. That's OK - I respect your opinion.

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Dec-13-13 9:31 AM

one more thing, we are talking about "real winter" that started around Thanksgiving and ended around Easter, long before all this "Global warming and climate change, when snow was really snow and had to be taken by truck and dumped because there was no place to put it, we also remember that the equipment wasn't as new or high fancy as what is used now

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Dec-13-13 9:33 AM

giving facts and truth will always get disagreement, for that we say ...your welcome

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Dec-13-13 9:43 AM

maybe this paper should "recommend" in their pro city administration articles that the council should give all these hard working city service employees more than a pat on the back, how about a "cash bonus" seeing spending money "hand over fist" is not a concern by mayor and minions

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Dec-13-13 9:51 AM

an article about "neighbor helping neighbors" with snow removal with out pay, deserves more ink, that this dribble

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Dec-13-13 9:56 AM

we will also be waiting for Observer's praise when "the overtime" bill for snow removal comes in, odds are this paper will "turn a blind eye to that" better know as "selective journalism"

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Dec-13-13 10:43 AM

keeping plows on ***, central, main st. on a day that its snowing doesn't seem like a crazy thing to think is possible. giving credit absolutely not more like embarrassment.

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Dec-13-13 10:45 AM

This article is just nonsense. The storm was predicted and equipment was not in place early enough. For those of us who never saw a plow until after 9pm that night, the response was absolutely unacceptable. For those of us who had to clear our own street just so family and neighbors could get home, the response was absolutely unacceptable. For anyone to say that they did a great job because it was all cleaned up by morning is just simply ridiculous. You might make this argument if the storm had popped up and surprised everyone, but we all knew it was coming, so there's no excuse.

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Dec-13-13 11:16 AM

one more remembrance of the pre-union city street department employees: in pre-union days, being employed by the city was considered to be on the "low end of the food chain" major industry and business owners "looked down their noses" at street department employee, unless they were needed to perform a "favor" or work long hours to keep city "wheels" turning, for their years of service, many of the old guard were pushed into "early retirement" or were pushed down the department "pecking order" once the new young "punks" came in, many were hired for political reasons, or favor, because the job market in Dunkirk was drying, what did they do, formed a union, held the city up for ransom, and reduced they quality of service so much, it's become a true city taxpayer nightmare to the true "unsung" heroes of city's street department "you are gone, but your service will never be, "FORGOTTEN"

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Dec-13-13 3:25 PM it still a rough day? Were they still caught off guard? It's been snowing ALL DAY and we haven't seen a plow since yesterday. Anyone still want to defend the job they do? Simply awful!

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Dec-13-13 4:46 PM

All the plows have to be dedicated to King St so a certain somebody can get to the Bingo hall this evening. Pretty sad when a infantryman whines like Christopher does.

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Dec-13-13 6:47 PM

Just who do you give credit to? The snow plow driver? He will go slow clear the street block your driveway with tons of the white stuff. Take a break and go home after a 16 hour shift. That folks equates to eight hours of overtime and in the time the driver is working how many actual hours are actually spent behind the wheel?

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Dec-13-13 7:38 PM

praise and pat, till the overtime expense is revealed, if at all

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Dec-13-13 7:46 PM

I disagree with the criticisms being directed at the drivers. I believe they were just following orders, based on whatever funds are left in the budget.

Joey's last post was a little off topic, but it was disturbing just the same. Looks like he forgot to add the word "simple" when posting this very demeaning insult. And this coming from someone who retired from the military!?!? He insulted all infantry men & women who served, not just one individual, but he obviously failed to see this due to his contempt for Paul. Joey is w/o a doubt the most condescending jerk I've ever known, and he needs some serious help!

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Dec-13-13 8:44 PM

Two things Captain-first, how did I insult as you say "all" when I specifically named one individual? Second-since when does the Army have women in the Infantry? I might point out your continuous insults directed at people is a example of your hypocrisy in this matter. Take a good look in the mirror and read some of your comments directed at certain people.

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Dec-13-13 10:51 PM

"There are economies in centralized government but you refuse to understand the issue." - PhilJulian

I understand completely that most merged governments didn't save taxpayers any meaningful amount of money. There are reports out there to back this up. One recent local merger was Randolph Town/Village. Saved former village residents nothing and the town residents saw a measly 5% reduction. If they were paying $1,000 a year in taxes, that's a whopping savings of $50 a year, or about $4 a month. Show me a merged group of municipalities that saved a worthwhile amount - you haven't yet.

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Dec-14-13 6:52 AM

I hate Bingo. And as a former Infantryman, I'd like to point out that we don't ride anywhere, we walk! :)

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Dec-14-13 7:03 AM

it's not the hammer, it the director of it'd strikes and how many strikes there should be......your welcome

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Dec-14-13 7:26 AM

No female infantry in the Army? Oh well, my bad! Guess that shows how little I know.

I do try my best to refrain from insulting others just b/c I disagree w/their opinion, but joe, if you're referring to my criticisms against "your friend", it's b/c I feel his opinions should be constructive, but instead they're often the opposite. When I get snide remarks thrown at me (mostly from you), I don't hesitate to give it back.

Thanks for the chuckle, Paul.

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