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City is confused over its priorities

December 16, 2013

By RICHARD MAKUCH I would like to commend Mayor Anthony J. Dolce for recently standing up to Councilwoman Stacy Szukala....

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Dec-18-13 9:27 AM

Don't forget that the Fire Chief is politician holding a seat in the legislature in Mayville. Now we all know birds of a feather flock together how else could Alstrom have gotten the job as Fire Chief? When the big fires broke out in the city where was he? Mayville. So you see it is not the Mayor running the city it is high paid appointees. Who in reality do very little for their money. Council needs to put the pressure on the mayor to decrease some of these outrageous salaries that are being paid.

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Dec-18-13 6:49 AM

fire chief doesn't have power, guess we need to remind the minions who have head buried in sand, fire chief is not his only job

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Dec-17-13 3:35 PM

I will support Stacy Szukala to the end of time !!!!

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Dec-17-13 1:39 PM

How did the Fire Chief decide to give out salaries and benefits, these things are negotiated between the Union and the City, Chief has nothing to do with them, as no department head has anything to do with salary or benefits, blame these on Mayor and Council

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Dec-17-13 11:34 AM

I agree with Phil, The fire chief chose to spend bigtime on salaries and benefits. Unfortunately that leaves nothing for equipment and building maintenance.

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Dec-17-13 8:20 AM

Who knew a scared public service like a library offering free reading to the public was such an extravagance?

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Dec-16-13 9:35 PM

Makuch NEVER complained about high taxes back in the day when he was ripping off the taxpayers. For those that don't know, his home away from home was at Mr. Donut on central ave. as his cop car sat idling in the parking lot.

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Dec-16-13 7:14 PM

Maybe if salaries were not blown so far out of proportion we would have money to maintain our buildings. If public works is so short on staff how did they manage to assign a full time employee to the Memorial Park project for two years and where did they get the money to pay $40 thousand just for overtime on the $173,000 project. Maybe Mr. Makuch should be spending more time in the library that he wants to de-fund.

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Dec-16-13 6:46 PM

DarkStar, agreeing with us will make you very unpopular(which we personally care less about) so beware and prepared for flack, we can think of (2) commenters who will take issue for sure, what can we say "it hard/dirty job, irritating, but we revel in it"

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Dec-16-13 3:35 PM

All repeat all of the problems that Mr. Makuch states in his opening statement were in fact in place when he was on the city council. And they are still there? Well that should say something about Makuch's service as an elected official. Mr. Makuch has a problem with the library and has always wanted to cut funds. But when the previous mayor wanted to plant trees and flowers Makuch was there to lead the charge. So Dick sit back and relax. You had your chance and failed.

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Dec-16-13 2:40 PM

I would have to agree the Library was given too much money and their budget is too big. With all of the on line things I'm not sure Libraries are even needed. I definitely don't think we need a Library in Dunkirk, one in Fredonia and one at the college.

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Dec-16-13 2:18 PM

This is, I think, the second time in a couple of months the writer has written to the Observer to complain about the library.

What, did someone steal your library card when you were a kid?

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Dec-16-13 11:27 AM

I'm sure that anyone who knows Mr Makuch is not surprised at what he'll say whenever the moment strikes him. Have pity on the old guy, I truly believe he doesn't know any better.

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Dec-16-13 10:40 AM


Personally I always thought their heads were stuck somewhere else, matter of fact it appears that you think their brains, such as they are, are where I think their heads are (so in effect we're sort of in agreement. lol!)

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Dec-16-13 10:06 AM

isn't $14,800 minimum wage territory, we're sure that it less than the monthly pension check dick receives, and we might add $14,800 is money well spent on the other hand the other is well.................. ......your welcome

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Dec-16-13 9:56 AM

Steiner and the Dick, have one thing in common: when they stick their heads in the sand, their brains are still showing........your welcome

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Dec-16-13 8:28 AM

"...salaries of $148,591 and benefits $17,038 for 10 employees..."

Sounds like a bargain for the service provided.

Since you are complaining about city spending/costs, maybe you should start by saying how much you cost the city each year?

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Dec-16-13 7:32 AM

hey rumblefish,wow, your comment. Just think, i have been called a misogynt for much less. I used facts ! you just said nothing

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Dec-16-13 6:25 AM

it's that time of the month again...

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