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Cuomo, leaders ‘get the job done’

Publisher's Notebook

December 20, 2013

It was a Sunday morning like no other in the city of Dunkirk. With great anticipation, Lake Shore Drive was congested with traffic and pedestrians from 9 to 10:30 a.m....

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Dec-20-13 10:15 PM

Rumblefish, how about this: the only people that could have been involved in any back-room deals would be any combination of NRG, National Grid, and the Governor. Pretty simple, really. Blame them.

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Dec-20-13 9:18 PM

we wonder how this paper and especially John D will spin "latest" development, EarthJustice, has filed a law suit against the PSC, claiming among other things" secrecy and backroom dealings" so much for "Savior of Dunkirk" if Cuomo grand stand play was getting the job done, then maybe next election "he" should join the "jobless"

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Dec-20-13 7:19 PM

Yeah, WNY got a "job" all right. The cost of the project is 1/3 of its original proposal. Its project is a smaller scope creating less jobs, but ya John D'agostino lets praise the "job" they did. You are a big part of the reason why this area is in decline. The articles the Observer writes are poorly researched and analyzed. The Buffalo News does a better job of covering our area news than you do. Stick to what's safe and just publish the police blotters and press releases and before you espouse an opinion on anything ask yourself am I smart enough to clearly present a logical position and before you answer that let me tell you, no you are not.

Praise the leaders for a job well done? How about you instead tell them to do their job right and approve the project as proposed by NRG. I swear everytime I even glimpse at the Observer my IQ drops 20 points. Way to destroy the credibility of the areas newspaper Mr. Editor.

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Dec-20-13 2:25 PM

NRG hasn't survived yet. It is not approved by the PSC. It has already been scaled down from the original. What's next oops not happening!! Some other glitch came up. Wouldn't surprise me. Hold your hat...Steiner is correct they would not have hesitated to give 500 mil to welfare.

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Dec-20-13 10:51 AM

One poster (TheFourthTurning) on a different thread noted that NRG's conversion plan has never been done, and therefore contends that the odds of it succeeding are slim to none. TFT got me thinking: if what he says is true, why was NRG willing to risk such huge sums of $$$ on a longshot? Could it have been a ploy just to gain the PSC/Gov's support? Is there any guarantee that NRG will invest $150M? These are just a few questions that MAY explain why NRG drastically revised its original plans.

I think the bigger, more important question is what actions will be taken by all parties involved to help significantly reduce operating expenses, especially since the city & schools narrowly (and temporarily) escaped a crippling event had the Gov not supported NRG's plan? Unfortunately, I don't believe anyone learned a thing, and I suspect all those who stood to lose their jobs if NRG closed will be right back asking for similar or improved CBA provisions.

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Dec-20-13 10:39 AM

Phil listen to yourself "clear thinking government", a hall of fame Oxymoron, if we ever heard one, while your at it ask this how come there is no news about plan from PSC, after all Cuomo said plant will repower, so approval should have been a "slam dunk" or is it, for the record PSC meet yesterday 12/19/2013

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Dec-20-13 9:48 AM

It is not likely that NRG would have survived without the efforts of Senator Young and Assemblyman Goodell. I share the joy of saving that plant but I am deeply disappointed that we lost $350 million of private sector investment and I still have not heard a good reason why. It's hard to imagine any clear thinking government resisting an investment of that magnitude and I don't believe Albany is giving us the whole story.

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Dec-20-13 7:44 AM

State lawmakers must address policies & practices that have helped cause NYS to become one of the costliest states to live and do business. Our political system allows candidates and/or incumbents to align with groups such as public labor unions, corporations seeking special favors, illegal immigrants, and even lifetime govt dependents (just to name a few), all for the sole purpose of benefitting their own political careers.

Gov Cuomo's presence and Sen Young's commitment to this area was special, but it's only a short-term reprieve unless state lawmakers take action to eliminate the reasons why it cost so much to live and do business here. I doubt meaningful state-wide reform will ever be adopted by lawmakers, after all, how many would support any bill(s) that isn't politically advantageous to them?

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Dec-20-13 7:08 AM

Mr Editor, one could only spend 500 million in NY if it was for welfare ! We had to wait for the dumb govt person to grant permission. In the good old says, the capitalists would have just done it. Of course, the libs think the govt invented everything. Soon we will need a permit to think as duck dynasty has proved. Those dumb govt leaders ! so libs, tell me what that great govt did !

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