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IRS’ vendors get a break

December 26, 2013

If you owe the Internal Revenue Service money, chances are you will be harassed until you pay up or at least make arrangements to do so. Unless you happen to be doing business with the IRS....

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Dec-30-13 6:34 PM

Judeye please tell us who pays the overwhelming majority of taxes(dollar wise)in this country? Once again,please tell us what corporation(s) pays no taxes? Next thing you know you'll be telling us the CCH is generating a surplus!

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Dec-29-13 9:51 PM

"The cause is easy -- the RW/GOP/TPers have cut staff funding for the IRS."

Oh wait you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.

Really?! How about this: the cause is actually because of a lot of deal-making in Congress between contractors and lobbyists, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE, resulting in a bunch of "don't worry about it" from said politicians to said contractors. Get off your high horse.

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Dec-29-13 11:41 AM

Isn't it funny that people laughed whined when the court declared corporations people but now they want them taxed as....people! And if you think the vendors get away with not paying taxes search the number of IRS agents and workers that owe back taxes. Or federal workers. Any guess as to how long it will be before those people are called in for an audit?

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Dec-28-13 4:02 PM

Judeye again I will ask why would a corporation pay taxes as all profits are paid to the share holders that is where the taxes are collected charging the corporation and then the stock holder on the same money is double dipping. I the case of a privately owned corporation the taxes would be paid by the owner of the corporation. Stock holders and owners are who you should be attacking not the corporation.

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Dec-28-13 10:42 AM

I agree with the article. make these corporations pay their taxes or no contracts for them. And, while your at it, make the other Fortune 500 companies pay their taxes too. Like GE and many others.

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Dec-28-13 8:39 AM

concerned..yes and it is about time we make all those big corporations who keep just taking our money pay up. No more putting their money in off shore accounts so they don't have to pay taxes. No more lying about their assets in ponzi schemes that will they start to fall..threaten to take all of us with them. No more loopholes for the very rich so they pay a lower tax rate than middle class working folks.

Glad to see we agree on getting all those good for nothing lazy big wigs who do nothing but take our money.

End Corporate Welfare

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Dec-27-13 11:17 PM

Pay tour taxes millions on public assistance are relying on you!

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Dec-27-13 1:59 PM

Dcronlg- you forgot the RW/GOP also killed Bambi, outlawed motherhood & apple pie, and defunded charities for puppies just for giggles. You forgot to name the bad guys... the Tea Party, George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Carl Rove and Ronald Reagan. This Democrat administration is of course incapable of this kind of gross incompetence. Good grief...

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Dec-27-13 10:10 AM

The cause is easy -- the RW/GOP/TPers have cut staff funding for the IRS. Billions of unpaid taxes are out there, and the IRS wants to do its job of legally collecting those taxes, but the agency needs headcount to do so.

No chance says the RW/GOP/TPers. Yet again, they harming us with their ignorance of how the world works...

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Dec-27-13 9:42 AM

They have more important issues such as harassing those who oppose the DIC!

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