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Local 17 defendants include area man

December 28, 2013

BUFFALO — The United States Attorney’s Office announced Friday that three members of Local 17 of the International Union of Operating Engineers pleaded guilty before United States District Judge......

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Dec-29-13 1:27 AM

When an organized group has the power and influence to actually decide elections, that means that they indeed do walk hand-in-hand with the Madoffs, the Boeksy's, the Keatings, etc. bitter pill, too bad, swallow it.

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Dec-29-13 1:23 AM

Life before unions is no way comparable to union involvement. That is the defining moment of organized crime entering into the labor industry. Once unions began to grow, the die was cast for the underworld to take hold and force their hands at running the labor industry. Not only that, but it is/was key in running alcohol, drugs, I Licit materials across the country. Spin it however you want, but the fact remains that unions in all their glory have their dark, shaded histories, and many maintain them to this day. From package delivery to construction, to apparently, running construction equipment. I'm sure those hydraulic lines simply failed at the same time. Darn those maintenance schedules!

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Dec-28-13 9:55 PM

Typical. A few union thugs get caught and ALL UNIONS are lumped in with them. If that's the case then I guess all business owners are no good greedy shysters like Goldman Sachs, Bernie Madoff and corporations that raided pensions to finance their golden parachutes. If you think that's unfair then your characterization of all unions based on isolated incidents is also unfair.

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Dec-28-13 7:10 PM

No union has ever ripped off the government and people in general like big business, especially the banking industry. Are there corrupt unions? Heck yes, but I find it laughable at those who point the finger at them and ignore the biggest thieves in the country. You anti-Union folks really need to do a little research, read up on what life was like before unions. Actually, just wait a while, you'll get to see it firsthand in the near future.

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Dec-28-13 3:30 PM

Someone should really and I mean REALLY look into the root cause of the mortgage industry collapse a few years back. Who pushed the down payment requirement from 20% down to as low as 3%? Could we send that bunch to jail?

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Dec-28-13 3:26 PM

Public employee unions don't use extortion they use campaign contributions.

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Dec-28-13 11:14 AM

Christopher, guess what? The whole time, all through the decades, there have been unions skimming, racketeering, extorting, influencing, and intimidating their way through life. Comparing them to Boesky and Madoff? Doesn't make what unions do any less wrong. All the mafia had to do was get a grip on a union (happened a lot) and they controlled an industry. Gotti, Hoffa, all those guys. Remember them? Even worse, the government turns a blind eye to them. I wonder if that has *anything* in the world to do with their campaign contributions? Hmmmm....

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Dec-28-13 10:38 AM

I agree this behavior is despicable, but that does not mean all unions behave this way. You can't judge an entire group by the actions of a few. Christopher is right.

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Dec-28-13 9:47 AM

Ivan Botsky? Bernie Madoff? Yep, no doubt, Unions are the root of all evil in this economy. Yes, idiots like these guys get caught. Who went to jail when the banking/mortgage industry collapsed a few years ago? Answer: NOBODY!!! Talk about Cherry picking one's outrage! What unions extort is VERY small potatoes compared to what the kings of finance get away with on a daily basis.

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Dec-28-13 9:46 AM

Chicago east.

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Dec-28-13 9:00 AM

the unions also look down their noses at construction projects. when chautauqua lake central school was building the building its in, local 17 gave the district a list of 20 construction firms to contact to bid on the contract. three were non-union. the rest were union. only the non-union firms submitted bids. the head of local 17 at the time was very upset when he contacted the district about it. i got my information from don belzer, who was the superintendent of clcs at the time.

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Dec-28-13 8:49 AM

This is nothing new. I was once threatened to hire union help "or else" on a building project. Threats become necessary when you can't compete on a level playing field.

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Dec-28-13 7:51 AM

typical union thugs who have destroyed this nation. RIH

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Dec-28-13 7:51 AM

pauls unions went on strike in the great depression to make sure unemployment stayed high. thats a success to union folk. this is from PBS paul, hardly right wing. Now they are at it again. about choice in public schools paul, do you thnk you could allow it ? i mean America needs smart people, not extortion heads like your union leaders are.

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Dec-28-13 7:48 AM

where is the union stooge paul christopher ? he needs to explain this. his beloved union people extorting again. just like they do in the public schools ! Paul is cherry picking again. did the right wing have something to do with this ? global warming ? fracking ? as that causes crime per learned judeye. those libs, ever stupid.its their motto.

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Dec-28-13 7:30 AM

What ??? Mob violence in a Union... Who would have thunk it ??

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Dec-28-13 7:15 AM

How childish

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Dec-28-13 6:42 AM

If Obama had a contractor...

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