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Bigger problems than hedges face the city

December 29, 2013

By SHEILA THOMAS Where are the priorities in the city of Dunkirk? It seems as though having hedges too high is more important than the safety of our community....

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Jan-02-14 11:12 PM

Look Stuper Steiner progress in motion to reduce BTUs. Ford Puts EVs and Solar Together at Last

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Jan-02-14 5:04 PM

Steiner , i love how you are trying to cover your quote on how the civil war was wrong. I never said it was wrong you did. Stand up and be a man, not a condescending fool.

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Jan-02-14 4:33 PM

If you're a taxpaying citizen of Dunkirk and not buddy buddy with city officials, you will get **** on- because they know you have something to lose if you don't follow their antiquated rules and codes. It is unfortunately the same for local businesses. A harsh reality. This is why I moved out. This city is going nowhere fast. Steely Dan rules.

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Jan-01-14 9:44 AM

ANd I responded to your BTU question in past post you just dont understand it, to keep real simple for you its called progress. This way you will be able to comprehend it.

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Jan-01-14 9:42 AM

well you certianly are no history buff. The Civil war was for rights of the people. But we no you are the opposite, its all about being the man, the supreme being. The civil war was correct in every way.

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Jan-01-14 8:46 AM

if the civil war was bad and it was cade, worst war in american history for casualties, then why did the libs launch and attack repubs and the like. why the terror from the klan ? why the jim crow all the way to george wallace, a mighty democrat who said,segeregation yesterday, today and tomorow ? all democratic in nature. all ignored by you. you dont seem to know history at all ! now the democrats paint themselves as savious of america and still attack repubs with their you did not build that. well cade, exactly who did build that ? A liberal or govt employee ? Nope, private enterprise. if not true, then why the anti trust action against std oil and the other giant corporations ? stupid liberals.

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Jan-01-14 8:39 AM

hey cade , what question have you exactly answered ? noone has answered my BTU question. noone has answered my list of govt projects that made america. I am callerd pointyheaded, steinerdzz ets.But no direct answer. I have asked these 2 questions many times. all ignored except for eruptions of name calling cade, you are wrong on fracking, energy, liberals, just about everything. show me a problem in america and a liberal is/was behind it at some time. facts cade.

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Jan-01-14 8:35 AM

cade you are wrong. the civil war had to be fought as the democrats would not c o mpromise. religious objections to slavery just inflamed the caring democrats.the democrats even delayed western expansion of US cuz they wanted slavery there. the rest of the country did not. civl war made a million dead and wounded, then jim crow, segregation and KKK. all liberal.all of this could have been avoided if the liberals would have just c o mpromised with the rest of the country. they did not and the south was set back a hundred years. it gave rise to the gun culture too. all thanks to liberals. It is the other posters who call me names. i just call liberals stupid as the historical record shows they are. you think you are correct on this ? you are wrong again cade. you just cant think, like cronig.

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Dec-31-13 10:14 AM

Sheldon, every time I answer your POINTED (like your head) questions, you start crying and calling everyone name. You know I am right, and you hate it! So admit your defeat and surrender now.

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Dec-31-13 9:15 AM


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Dec-31-13 9:07 AM

hey cade you did not answer my pointed question. you are like all the liberals here, mock and run. no pointed response. you liberals really dont know anything than to post an eruption of mockery and stupidity. hey cronig, america was founded and made great NOT by liberal largess , but by religious fervor. Starting with the Puritans, francsican friars, mormons, protestants libs ,starting with the civil war , then the klan and jim crow only tried to wreck it. so libs you just gotta do better than saying liberal largess when that wont stand historical scrutiny. It is a delusion of yours, meant to coddle the gals and the minorities who have done little on the world scene . thats the truth libs.

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Dec-30-13 6:51 PM

lol,hedges to he is a super hero l m a o

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Dec-30-13 12:52 PM

het cade and cronig. dunkirk is a microcosm of buffalo. in buffalo, 2/3rds of the county budget goes to 1/3rd the population, all liberals folks.they vote democratic no matter what, failing schools, worst unemployment in 50 years, mass shootings, thats a democrat folks. that 2/3rds is for welfare and the like. liberal largess says cronig. wrong over and over. hey conig and cade. how is that liberal largess ACA doing ? you did see all the sticker shock and the lies out forth by obama and crew right ? dont forget that list cade and crong , the list of liberal largess science programs that gave us what we have in america. cade, you give the list of all the end of the world scenarios that play out in mentally ill liberals !

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Dec-30-13 12:46 PM

cadde mocks again too. then if i am wrong, detroit and dunkirk are liberal success stories. here is something for you libs to do on a warm summer night. cruise the intersection of rt 5 and rt 60. Notice all the mothers, no guys, pushing baby carriages. i garantee they are all on welfare. Dunkirk is poor , thanks to liberals and their wacky enviro policvies . Out of wed lock births of hispanics is second only to blacks. Success, eh cade and cronig. you libs are great at mocks and short on facts. hey caade, did i answer all your fracking concerns, you know your mental illness on it ? cadde you are wrong agauin. it was and is liberal policies behind the ilegit baby boom. you dont know much do you cade?

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Dec-30-13 12:40 PM

hey cronig, you mock again, and again i ask what LIBERAL PROGRAM GAVE US THE WORLD WE HAVE. iT IS LIBERALS WHO WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO LIVE WITHOUT THE MONEY FROM PRIVATE ENTERPRISE. I HAVE SAVED THE US ECONOMY 12 BILLION DOLLARS AND YOU STILL MOCK. tell us cronig where does the govt tax money arises from. over and over you just mock. It tells me liberals are just plain stupid people. thats you cronig.tell us cronig, i have asked umpteen times. you mock me ,my mother , my work , all the while not answering anything. i dont think you know anything. if i was as stupid as you say, how could i do all this stuff.

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Dec-29-13 2:52 PM

Sheila, also heed the words of Joe Biden and get yourself a shotgun for your own personal protection. The city certainly isn't going to protect you.

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Dec-29-13 2:13 PM

Dear Sheila here is some advice,put up a curtain over the window,listen to what Joe Biden said,and next time we have a election don't vote for the bleeding hearts that say we have to provide for the low life's that are screwing up your neighborhood.

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Dec-29-13 12:05 PM

Those of us who are long term residents have seen the city change from a growing and prosperous middle class community to a welfare community. What used to be beautiful middle class neighborhoods have evolved into low income housing. The jobs that used to support a middle class life style are now gone and have been replaced by welfare, low income housing and unemployment checks. We are in fact a miniature Detroit - a city that just could not stop spending money that it does not have. Is there hope for the future? Sure - growth and prosperity will come because we have a great location with a natural harbor and proximity to the huge and heavily populated northeast. Yes, growth and prosperity will return but it won't be bacause of quality leadership and it probably will not happen in my lifetime.

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Dec-29-13 11:03 AM

Send a letter to the Mayor and tell him you are going to survey the City and take pictures of all the violations and when they are all fixed you will fix yours. If you can afford an out of town layer it would be a bigger help to your cause.

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Dec-29-13 10:54 AM

yeah the claim its bad for the city, looks terrible,blah blah blah. Doesnt matter they are neat and trimmed. But take a ride down middle road from lakeshore drive. On your left you will see bushes over 4 feet high and at least blocking half the side walk. They write up the guy down the street but the hedge blocking the side walk is ok, must a friendof city officials. I once got a notice for mine for interferring with pedestrian taffic, lol 4 feet high and Not in or on the side walk, yet daily I drive by middle road and see those hedges stay over 4 feet high and block half the sidewalk. But of course it the liberails fault ( really Stiener you are a clown)

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Dec-29-13 10:43 AM

But this is what the mayor sees....."Halfway through term mayor sees hope for city." He also says that non-residents are changing their bad opinion of the city. Like I said before he has a serious eye problem.

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Dec-29-13 10:04 AM

Steinerdzzz wouldn't be able to exist, let alone survive, if he were off the "liberal largess grid", despite his vain glorious multiple daily attempts to convince others -- and esp himself -- that he is.

A chicken hawk? More like a boneles chicken conservative -- all squawk and noise without the spine.

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Dec-29-13 10:00 AM

Steinerdzzz....the hypocritical poster boy of receiving liberal largess -- public education, social security, medicare and all sorts fo other liberal program $$$sss -- all the while criticizing those same policies...

...and that makes his opinions believable?

...or delusional, fake and false???

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Dec-29-13 9:23 AM

Sheila, you mean you were not singing and dancing over this ? You have my deepest sympathy. it proves that the govt is staffed by dumb govt employees. their motto is detroit or bust.thats what happened to detroit. the law abiding folk were driven out or simply harrased till they could not take it any more. that we have so many liberals in this town, well, i think your cause is hopeless. try and move away if you can. see the liberals , like the cronig poster here would call what you experience, liberal largess !this is what liberals desire . This is apriori as we see it in all cities, great and small. it is called diversity. they broke up neighborhoods and bussed kids to make sure they got what you descibe. In short, you are living the liberal dream. they dont of course as they are better than us .they live in exclusive places, many gated. those libs, caring and sharing

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