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Pomfret board to consider zoning, planning boards’ attendance policy

December 30, 2013

Members of the town of Pomfret’s Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board may soon have a required amount of meetings to attend before they can be compensated for their services....

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Dec-31-13 10:00 AM

Crime, poor housing market (with respect to stagnant values & declining conditions of surrounding homes, including a high number of rental properties), an influx of minorities (like it or not), lack of jobs, excessive school taxes, gasoline prices, etc are all factors that are much more relevant to suburban expansion than your assumption that the town's population grew b/c of more efficient govt.

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Dec-31-13 7:58 AM

"Wednesday night, the Town of Pomfret passed its 2013 budget, which includes a tax increase of 15 cents on every $1,000 assessed within the Village of Fredonia, and about 13 additional cents on every $1,000 for property owners outside the village." More facts.

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Dec-31-13 7:20 AM

Oh, and by the way, some of those statistics you mentioned relative to people moving to Town's in general arte known as "Urban sprawl". It has nothing to do with efficiency of Town government, it has to do with larger lots and real estate developers building in areas where of course there is LAND AVAILABLE! How you translate that to efficiency of Town Government I don't know, talk about hot gasses. I might add that everywhere that is occurring, the areas being drained of population are then losing tax dollars and that causes tax raises, loss of services, though none of those predominately residential areas contribute a single job or business, they're basically parasites on the inner level. The Town's of Amherst and Clarence come to mind.

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Dec-31-13 7:14 AM

Well, Mr. Pinecone, you were right, and the truck was $24,000, only $6500 more than Fredonia's, so I guess that makes it ok. Now, as for hot gas, that little fact about people moving to Town's and extrapolating that to mean it's because Town's are run better is just nonsense! If the Town of Pomfret had say Brocton as their only school choice, you can forget it, people would not build or buy there nearly as much as they do now, and that's fact. Most of the country gets by just fine without Towns, and that's a fact. Now, are you denying also that various and sundry Town officials were actively involved with the election and support of a Fredonia Mayor that wanted to merge the Village into the Town, proclaiming that in fact he wanted to be "the last Mayor of Fredonia"? Is the Village of Fredonia perfect? Good God, NO! Can the Village of Fredonia be improved? I would hope so! None of that has anything to do with the lack of need for ANY Town government, not JUST the Town of Pomf

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Dec-30-13 8:09 PM contend that people have moved away from higher-populated areas (cities & villages) and into lower-populated areas (towns) because town govts are more efficient? I don't recall the census form asking me WHY I live where I do. Please cite the source of this fact.

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Dec-30-13 6:17 PM

Well, golly Christopher... I had to look it up in the OBSERVER archives, but I was pretty sure that the truck cost way less than the $30 odd thousand you claim (with some frequency) and sure enough, it was around $24,000. Repeat that $30K falsehood often enough and your audience will start to believe it. Like so many of your anti Pomfret rants, your tainted version of the "facts" are presented with such a tone of authority, but alas, your facts are a puff of hot gas. Facts can be useful, but they seem to be inconvenient when trying to persuade the uninformed that the Pomfret government is staffed by the Satan's progeny. And COMENTATOR, there is a reason why town populations statewide increased from 36% of the total population in the 2000 census to 46% in the 2010 census (sorry...more pesky facts). It's because, like it or not, town governments tend to be more efficient than villages and cities.

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Dec-30-13 5:06 PM

It took this long to fix the obvious? Yep, good use of money for certain. I was just thinking the other day, that the difference in price between the last pick-up truck bought for the Town of Pomfret, some 30 odd thousand bucks, and the $17,500 paid by Fredonia for theirs, would have paid the entire difference in that Fire protection fiasco. Things like this are some sort of explanation for that.

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Dec-30-13 10:18 AM

Towns need to be ELIMINATED!!!

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Dec-30-13 9:20 AM

The reason behind the request for additional court security is obvious. The majority of cases in Town court, by far, involve MINOR offenses. Do Town justices really feel "unsafe" when hearing such cases? Really? Do they think a defendant might attack the bench b/c there's only one officer there?

Mayville has been spending a small fortune every year on court security, not to mention what a sweet gig it is. This is all about making easy money, and yet another opportunity to pad law enforcement pensions. It's clearly NOT necessary!

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