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Navigating the area roads

December 31, 2013

Last week, a state Department of Transportation worker spoke about how tough it can be fighting whiteouts and heavy snow to keep the major routes clear. During major snowstorms, like the one from Dec....

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Jan-02-14 9:33 AM

Did you see the other article where Judyeye states her dislike for Mountian Top Mining. Then Stuper Stiener responds with how mountians are made. Laughed my behind off. How it made, compared to how it ripped apart. Have another bottle Stuper Stiener.

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Jan-01-14 10:49 AM

Stoner, I guess I’m just jealous the voices only talk to you.

And I noticed this morning Alcoa is at a 52-week high – so you most have placed your latest order to make more tin-foil caps.

"When I die, I'm leaving my body to science fiction." ~Steven Wright

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Jan-01-14 10:44 AM

So, einstoner, after all your bather, here’s simple question for you: When are you going to help children with your cancer-curing steinmirage?

Do you enjoy their suffering and death? What kind of monster would withhold a (so-claimed) cure from children?

Q: What is The Doppler effect? A: It’s stupid ideas sounding more reasonable the faster they come at you.

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Jan-01-14 9:49 AM

let me show you are stupid you libs, yes dk , you are.its WW2 and thereafter. the USSR has a network of spies in the manhattan project and elsewhere to scarf up tech secrets from the west. . They did not continuly mocklike you do, dk. they were succesful in this. making a bomb sooner than anyone expected. Now dk, would just be a mocking this. This story has been in print ,tv, etc, but dk misses the principle of it. Even the WSJ tells of the USSRs scarfing up tech data. dk would say its all a mirage.christopher would announce yet another name. this is called liberals science folks. Ony foolds believe science is like that. I never see paul mocking the teachers unions, never. Dk , mocks me at any chance he gets. thats liberal behaviour .

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Jan-01-14 9:36 AM

christopher, it is you who cannot think. you who does not know the history of your own beloved dumbacratic party. the posters here believe that all the people are science ignorant like them ! Not true at all folks. christopher, the science people i know did build things. just because you and the others dont understand science, well, that is all the reason you need to mock.christopher, please read some history. You keep showing your ignorance,like judeye dk, when are you going to mock the llbs for their steadfast refusals for choice in schools. the only choice is an abortion.why do you mock me when the problem is the teachers unions ? its amazing, the dismissal of facts and noble winners i see here. the libs are remarkable people in this respect.they diss history.

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Jan-01-14 9:27 AM

dk, lets examine your comments. woodrow wilson and ida tarbell. Wilson thought we would run out of oil in his life time. wrong.trillion barrels pumped and rising. ida got upset cuz john d bankrupted her fathers oil business. A scorned woman is fun to watch. emotions drive them. the steinertrons are mocked again, mirages. I am cruel for not divulging the secrets . Dk never says anything about chrisophers public unions ruining lives with public education. just mocks me. apparently he dose not see at least here in buffalo the lives ruined. the diesel engine by rudolph diesel, a guy thing. the gals missed that. too, now my 1890 encyclopedia set says that advanced science would be no different than magic, incomprehensible to most people. that would be dk and the rest of the poster here. if I am mad, then so are all the nobel winners and tesla , whose great method gave me the answer to the steinertrons. dk mocks all the great minds whose shoulders i stood on.

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Dec-31-13 4:46 PM

It seems einsteiner is logging in under his other user names to click ‘disagree.’ :-) Only in the US will you find people who think the moon landing was fake and wrestling is real."

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Dec-31-13 1:13 PM

This letter may be a whimsical commentary that was allegedly "dropped off" by an anonymous writer, but considering the strong feelings of conscientious plow drivers who take pride in their work, and the stressful job the public often takes for granted, I think printing this letter used poor judgement. Then again, this letter doesn't necessarily reflect the views of the OBSERVER, after all, it was written anonymously, as was duly noted.

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Dec-31-13 10:34 AM

DKexpat, you have to understand that for most of the Observer commenters if you side with a Democrat on even one issue, or disagree with the most right of the right wing on even one issue, you're a Liberal. It's that simple. Labels like that make it much easier to disagree with people. Disagreeing with just some points or just some of the time requires too much thought, at least for people like Steiner, but he's not alone either.

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Dec-31-13 9:53 AM

Too bad we can’t put a plow on the front of one of those steinmirages – the snow would be gone in no time. Plus, there’d be that (claimed) 25% savings in fuel costs to the community!

It goes without saying: (a) no women were involved in its design or construction; (b) Woodrow Wilson, the LWV and Ida Tarbell had no input; (c) it is forbidden for use by liberals, Democrats and even moderate Republicans; (d) its hood ornament is a statue of Telsa; (e) its (claimed) cancer-curing powers are denied to suffering families, even children - what kind of cold-hearted %$#@&$ would do that? - and; (f) accordingly, it is a figment of imagination by a disturbed, albeit mildly entertaining, mind.

Maybe we can get Meals on Wheels to also deliver his meds so he never runs out...

P.S. "It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion." ~Carl Sagan

P.P.S. Not a lib – I vote Republican.

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Dec-31-13 9:51 AM

cronig says nothing as usual, hey cronig, that list of liberal largess projects i keep asking for and you keep ignoring ? hey clowns. i have had people travel halfway around the world to meet the chemist, steiner who was making so much money in sales for them. so libs, you just cant fathom anyone like me and there are more of me in industry. You believe in cronigs lies that the govt did everything. it did not. so libs, this is the historical record. endless bleating by cronig about liberal largess cannot change it, well maybe you can by govt fiat !like the ACA. So libs, you straighten steiner out , actually it is you who meed mental help. steiner is a genius. he invented the steinertron libs. no govt progrtam there cronig, just my mind. a mind is something foreign to a liberal. they just dont have any ! not in the contract i think.

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Dec-31-13 9:42 AM

Steinerdzzz...speaking of snow, your mind is like a snow globe of a winter wonderland -- just shake it up and see all the pretty fluff swirling around the little fantasy world...

...I see you still resent your cons, always resenting something...

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Dec-31-13 9:39 AM

hey clowns, i have been to 25 states on business. I have seen the best chemical labs in the WORLD.the miles of petrochem on the gulf. all of it i wish was here, but the stupid liberals would be thrown into fits of hysteria , chemicals, climate change. see clown, i am smarter than any of the posters work has validated aross the whole planet clowns. so you see i do know quite a bit. its the posters here who are woefully ignorant and proud to be ignorant. i say this again and again but the mocks keep a posting. you bought my stuff in the store. you were saying clowns ! you dont understand a bit of what it took to get the stuff in the store or what is even in it.i am proud of your ignorance. that means christophers libs are doing there best, making ignorant folk.

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Dec-31-13 9:32 AM

you libs never disappoint. More mocks. i could never figure out, how in an area known for lake effect snow that we have problems. remember the 90 closures and all those stranded motorists ? it must be part of that liberal largess that you libs always speak that i mean goofing something up. Last i heard dunkirk gets a little less snow than buffalo. hey commentor as for the gals messing it up. they will, they have got the LWV , that roberston woman and judeye all hysterical over fracking, fresh water etc. not a scientific thought in them. they never diappoint me. they always gove fodder to the hysterical , conversion disordered, laden woman. you know like those Leroy high schools gals. i just sit back and wat ch the gals wind themselves upo and away they go !brain wiring and hormones drive them, not science or thoughts. it is illegal to think if you are a liberal.

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Dec-31-13 9:08 AM

I know what the reason is, the plow drivers are afraid they may hit stiener while out walking on one of his nightly drunken stupers.

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Dec-31-13 8:48 AM forgot to blame stupid, unscientific women.

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Dec-31-13 8:47 AM

Call the head of the roads (Porpiglia), the head of the DPW (Gugino) and Mayor's their resposibility!

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Dec-31-13 8:41 AM

Steiner you make every article about politics. Get real. Maybe its just a very poor and broke place that you live. Maybe the unemployment rate is nearer to 25% then the 8% they tell you on the news. Ever think of getting out and seeing the real world?

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Dec-31-13 8:04 AM

Mr editor, it probably is not the plow drivers fault, the lack of snow plowing. it could be orders from albany, combat global warming !dont plow and turn those diesels off ! i see a whole lot of irrational fears in this area.No fresh water, ban fracking, koch bros , etc. So I think this is just a reflection of those fears in the plowing or apparent lack there of.

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