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Ready to rally

Young seeks community support for Lake Shore Hospital

January 4, 2014

Lake Shore Hospital will not be closing without a fight. State officials plan to take the fight to keep the vital hospital open one step further with a rally on Saturday, Jan....

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Jan-04-14 7:23 PM

For all those at Lakeshore who point accusatory fingers at others for their plight, they should first look in the mirror. Their mismanagement for decades has finally caught up to them. They have finally run out of "others peoples money". The well is dry, for them and many other hospitals. Solution: Close the doors. Stop the bleeding. Regroup, refocus and reopen as a scaled down urgent care facility.

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Jan-04-14 7:08 PM

It is a fantasy to think Lakeshore Hospital is suffering at the hand of UPMC and some back-door attempt to redirect patients. Over the past several DECADES many efforts have been made and failed to keep Lakeshore running. Kaleida tried and failed. Lakeshore tried and failed. LERHSEY tried and failed. The Berger Commission recommended after an exhaustive analysis that it's inpatient beds be closed. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent from corporate sources, federal and state loans or grants. Many millions have been wasted in a noble effort to save this failed institution. Brooks has sent untold millions and extended the efforts of its finest staff to save Lakeshore, to the determent of Brooks. Adding the negative impact of Obama's "Affordable Care Act" and the reality of providing healthcare in western NYS, we will be lucky if in 5 years there is ANY SURVIVING HOSPITAL in western NYS rural setting.

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Jan-04-14 6:32 PM

follet, the population is decreasing. look at the hospitals taht have closed in Buffalo. Cops save lives, hardly. Its the new reality in the liberal kingdom of NY. Decay and death. There simply is not enough people to support a hospital. well unless the govt makes everyone sick, by mandatory medical malpractice.

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Jan-04-14 10:55 AM

I think our recent weather for transports should show that Lake Shore needs to remain open - it could become a life or death situation, and helicopters don't always fly in inclement weather.

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Jan-04-14 10:13 AM

Number one all the hoop la for NRG has proven nothing. No final decision has been made by the PSC. Second 1000 people at the pier? More like 250. Must be they have found a way to clone people. I think Young does a great job but this is all vote getting tactics.

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Jan-04-14 9:58 AM

I see the GOP/RW/TPers have now become "community organizers". If only the hypocrisy were not so ridiculous...

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Jan-04-14 9:44 AM

Phil: I don't believe the court can force a sale if UPMC wants to retain ownership. However, UPMC must submit a re-structuring (reorganizational) plan that will satisfy the court & secured creditors within a reasonable time. If it doesn't, the court has the legal authority to accept the highest purchase offer, or force liquidation, whichever option helps the court meet its primary obligation, which is to acquire the most amount of money owed to the creditors.

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Jan-04-14 9:31 AM

we laugh out loud every time rally numbers are announced, as time goes on the number of people who claim to have been there will boggle the mind and will add to the local folk lore

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Jan-04-14 9:24 AM

could it be that more people are concerned with higher property taxes and fees, than continuing to have better blanket hospital care coverage

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Jan-04-14 9:18 AM

what's odd here is BIG supporters of bogus NRG rally and it's huge success which, by the way still has not been proven, are claiming in advance that this effort for LSH is in vain, and a waste of time. the fickleness of commenters is very apparent, even more so now

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Jan-04-14 8:51 AM

A new private owner would most certainly re-structure operations in order to generate a profit. What is stopping the current administration from doing the same re-structuring?

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Jan-04-14 8:18 AM

Steiner, what of you were in an accident on the thruway, your young child was febrile and having seizures, or your college aged daughter got so drunk at the beach bars and wasn't breathing? I agree with you about futile resucitations that the person has an outcome like your relatives, but Lakeshore has way more patients who are children and young people, than cardiac arrests. What if you needed the police, and they were busy taking a mentally ill person to ECMC, or worse yet, on the street, robbing and hurting good citizens? Lakeshore was always busy and full when I knew it, and it needs to stay open!

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Jan-04-14 8:04 AM

many of my now deceased WW2 relatives had do not resucitate statements , no heroic rescue efforts . they did not want to be hooked to a machine. I have watched several of them die as the plug was pulled. they were on temporary machine hook up to determine if there was any hope. there was not the plug and tubes removed. death was in minutes and the undertaker called. A great relief spread over all of us. we had seen two linger for 2 years, shrivel up to the fetal position and then die. noone wanted this. the closing of the hospital is a blessing in disguise. It takes that decision away from loved ones. Pull the plug on Lake shore hospital.

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Jan-04-14 7:58 AM

hey libs, get over this. We wont need a hospital. we need a power plant more than a hospital as the power can be transmitted for hundreds of miles. With all the liberal largess I see in the area, all the jobs, the growth in population, etc, we just dont need another hospital. Has any employer closed lately ? Nope ? Are the school enrollments rising ? Yep , proof that liberalism works folks. Close the hospital. Pare our health care costs as they are spiraling up under ACA. Look at how many other hospitals have closed in this thriving area. Thats proof enough we dont need Lake shore hospital.we have helicopters to ferry us to Buffalo or erie if dunkirk cant do it. everyone is getting old anyways. A few months or years shaved off a life will make no difference. It will actually save the govt money as the social securty collectors collect tons more than they paid in.

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Jan-04-14 7:04 AM

Question: if UPMC's true intent is to shut down Lakeshore Hospital so it can then direct all future business to other area hospitals it owns, then why didn't it merely file Chapter 7 (liquidation) instead of Chapter 11 (reorganization/protection from creditors)?

As far as i know, there's no law that prevented UPMC from filing Chapter 7. It could've easily liquidated all assets w/o any interference whatsoever. By voluntarily filing Chapter 11, this essentially forfeited all of UPMC'S authority over to the bankruptcy court, giving the court (not local or state politicians) the final say on whether LSH stays open or not.

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Jan-04-14 6:19 AM

Since Lakeshore Hospital filed Chapter 11, the bankruptcy court and the secured creditors now have the exclusive authority on whether LSH is sold, NOT UPMC, thus prohibiting UPMC from voluntarily closing. IMO, this rally is meaningless b/c regardless of what the public wants, a judge is legally bound to protect the interest of all secured creditors, and MUST rule on whether the highest pending offer will indeed allow creditors to recover most of the debt owed to them (opposed to liquidation).

Keep in mind, however, that UPMC may seek permission to file Chapter 7 (liquidation), and the court could grant this request, PROVIDED it is reasonably expected that liquidating the assets would raise MORE money than accepting the highest purchase offer.

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Jan-04-14 6:10 AM

I will be out of state on that day, but there in spirit. I have written letters to elected officials, and done my best to help keep this very important issue alive. I hope the local community shows up and helps make this a successful and fruitful show of support. My heart will be with you.

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Jan-04-14 1:50 AM

( cont.) any part of Chapt.11 filing because they didn't want a federal judge interfering and looking into their business actions that led to situation. As I have said before, there is something very rotten in Denmark and the more noise we can make as a group the better chance we have. Another thought, how many of you have insurance that will cover out of state hospital stays( Erie) for anything except emergent care and yet that is what UPMC expects to happen which is why they said whoever buys it must sign a no compete agreement with Brooks. That smells a lot like creating a monopoly with people's health care.

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Jan-04-14 1:42 AM

I applaud the efforts of all of our elected officials for their efforts to save our hospital but we need to do our part to help them. It has become very clear as additional information comes out that it has been the intent of UPMC to become an out of state controller of medical care in Chautauqua County through their continued buying of local medical practices, refusing to rebuild Tri county in spite of the federal and state dollars that were obtained for that purpose and not used so where did said monies go. Now they want to close Lakeshore to funnel all basic hospital care to Brooks which they also own and is already affiliated with the hospital they own in Erie( Hamot Medical) Brooks has 65 beds according to what appeared in one Observer article. The last I knew, Lakeshore had 40 medical beds but they already got rid of the ICU beds there. It doesn't include the mental health beds and the chemical dependency beds that are at Lakeshore. Where do they plan to put them. Didn't want an

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