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Hospital board, Young trade barbs over Lake Shore

January 7, 2014

The Lake Erie Regional Health System board of directors has fired back after an open letter published by the OBSERVER from state Sen....

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Jan-08-14 2:27 AM

A little research leads to a wealth of information. After listening to the nonsense floated by some, I decided to do some research and my first query yielded a gold mine. I Googled the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and went to the one that is posted by Wikipedia****. It confirmed what I have suspected all along in SPADES. UPMC is a 10 BILLION dollar a year global enterprise under the guise of a private non profit yet it has several for profit commercial divisions. Pay attention to the section on criticisms and the number of anti trust and other law suits that have been filed against it. Note also the hundreds of millions they donate( but are non profit??) Read about the Kane hospital they took over and what they did with the property( demoed it and sold it for re development) No wonder they don't want to sell Lakeshore. Let's get the real info out there fast!!!

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Jan-07-14 9:25 PM

PhilJulian is write on. Look at Brooks, they are reducing staff and beds because there is a declining need for these facilities. It would be nice to have the hospitals reopen and stay open but that is not the reality. Even if it is bought and run by another entity the final product will not look the same and be smaller.

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Jan-07-14 6:38 PM

No, Bob1957 -- Let's be REAL CLEAR on how you couldnt be either more wrong or more illiterate....according to N.Y. PBH. LAW § 2801-a : NY Code - Section 2801-A: Establishment or incorporation of hospitals, hospitals can be either public or private -- they can have stockholders, bondholders, etc,. etc -- just like ANY private enterprise, operate like any private enterprise, etc, etc -- but first, they do need approval of the NYS Public Health Council.

So, they CAN BE private enterprises operating in the public space.

My god, you guys spew your ignorance like monday morning quarterbacks...

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Jan-07-14 4:19 PM

Decronig just to be REAL CLEAR. All hospitals in NYS are non-profit PUBLIC Hospitals. So it is NOT a PRIVATE BUSINESS.

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Jan-07-14 4:00 PM

A local community has recently been destroyed. The media coverage on this tragic event has been minimal. The community was primarily composed of a group of widows and physically challenged adults. This community was a group of people who had learned to laugh together, cry together, and even pray and worship together in spite of the situations that life had given them. Some of them had lost contact with their biological families so they became each other's family...quirks and all. They planned on living together in their little community until their last days on this earth were done, but someone changed all that. They found out that TLC was closing and they would have to leave each other and find new homes. Change is difficult for most human beings. It is especially difficult for the elderly. They had already downsized from their previous homes and now they were expected to do it again. It has been a difficult move for some of these people. They have had to move into smaller rooms wit

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Jan-07-14 3:20 PM

Sam, if you read the entire Berger Commission report you would know it did not say Lake Shore should close as Hamot would like everyone to believe. The last line in the section that speaks about Chautauqua County specifically states complete closure of Westfield and Lake Shore would not be in the best interest of our rural community. So maybe we should listen to the Berger Commission and you should know what you are talking about!!!!

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Jan-07-14 10:37 AM

Should the current Board resign? No. The current members are the good ones, the honest ones who will work to save local healthcare. The influence of the Lakeshore members who actively worked to redirect millions of dollars, personal and grant monies away from BMH only to help Lakeshore are gone. If their influence lasted, Brooks would be closing too. Should we have listened to the Berger Commission? Yes. If so, we would not have been dealing with this mess today. Tens of millions would not have been wasted.

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Jan-07-14 10:25 AM

All can agree that it is a shame, healthcare providers and hospitals are being crushed financially by NYS, CMS, ACA and a host of other factors. Leaders like Obama, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi and others have created a perfect storm of bad policies. It is simple minded to blame the current local BOT. The reality is that incomes for hospitals are hugely declining and costs increasing. A private business that loses millions of dollars routinely is doomed to close. They can be propped up with handouts, as has Lakeshore, but it just delays the inevitable. This is not to discount the effect of bad management, but those who made the bad decisions over the past five years have been largely rooted out. Those working today are doing their level best to save what can be saved. Lakeshore cannot. Brooks could easily be next. UPMC is not the villain here. Those with personal agendas are making false claims trying to inflame the situation and thwart needed change.

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Jan-07-14 9:23 AM

As I have said since the beginning, the Bd of Directors are the ones ultimately responsible for the management and operation of LSH -- so, of course, the Board will defend itself.

At the same time, though, Sen Young's comments are also disingenuous -- LHS is a PRIVATE ENTERPRISE serving the community. Whether it receives govt support or grants, etc, is notwithstanding -- it is still a private business. (Every one of us receives some sort of government $, grant, tax break or tax credit -- that by itself doesn't mean we're ALL required to "transparency".) Young is, in effect, grandstanding for political opportunity and gain.

She knows this, of course -- otherwise, according to her, any time any private enterprise goes bankrupt, there shold be an investigation -- which sounds like Big Government to me.

Did Sen Young apply herself so ardently with Carriage House and plant closures?


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Jan-07-14 9:07 AM


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Jan-07-14 9:04 AM

The hospital might survive under new ownership but services and employment will have to be restructured to eliminate the losses. With a declining population there is no way our county can sustain all the service providers that we have had in the past. Get to the bottom of our population decline and you will have taken the first step toward growth, prosperity and preservation of services.

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Jan-07-14 9:00 AM

OMG I just saw Lanski and the BOD mob walking down Laheshore Drive and it was so cold for the first time they hand their hands in their own pockets. Give em*****Cathy.

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Jan-07-14 8:31 AM

I think the board's leter had it backwards - - should have read

"This [board] mischaracterization is of great concern to the [public]..."

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Jan-07-14 8:26 AM

FYI: they (Hamot) are bringing in another buyer to make an offer. this one is even bigger then Hamot. Why should we trust that this buyer is better? Chances are they will close Lake Shore after the sale just like Hamot has wanted since 2008

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Jan-07-14 8:23 AM

We think that every man, women, child, should be crying out and demanding a full investigation by the state's top cop, it's about time the Attorney General got to the bottom of this,

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Jan-07-14 8:13 AM

amazing things happen when the full discloser hearings on the use of public funds are put into motion, the biggest fear the "man behind the curtain" is total exposer to the light of day

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Jan-07-14 8:10 AM

Lanski does not like that the truth is starting to come out. Not controlled by Hamot? Does he think we are stupid? There are 4 "advisers" to the LERHSNY board. All of them are direct Hamot employees! If it upsets him so to be controlled by Hamot, he should have been a man a long time ago and stand up for what is right for the community not Hamots' pocket book!!!! COME TO THE RALLY SATURDAY and so them what we believe.

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Jan-07-14 8:04 AM

one wonders if the senator has the power to launch a full view public investigation/hearing into the disposition of the funds/grants she helped to secure for LSH, maybe a public forum/hearing is what's necessary to get to the real truth put all parties in front of the public and let all swear to tell the truth, noting but the truth, and if necessary be prosecuted to the full measure of the law, ping pong in the press will not solve this issue

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Jan-07-14 7:58 AM

Mr. Lanski if this is truly your decision, with no outside influence, then do what is best for our community and accept the offer that is in front of your board right now.

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Jan-07-14 7:42 AM

Really Mr. Lanski, like we believe you. Is this the same board that hired Jonathan Lawrence who basically was the downfall of TLC. The same board that paid him a double salary for taking care of TLC and Brooks? Allowing him to spend money without question. Go Senator Young. Getting slapped in the face with the truth only leads to more lies and cover ups. We need this facility so instead of slinging crap at each other lets find a solution to the problem and work together.

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Jan-07-14 7:22 AM

The truth hurts! GO Ms.Young!

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Jan-07-14 5:22 AM

Lanski, attacking OUR dedicated and caring State Senator's position is exactly the kind of response we have come to expect from YOU and evidently our Board of Directors. Perhaps it is time to "clean house" of you all to protect OUR communities health care services. Indeed I believe it is and your response tells us it is time.

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Jan-07-14 4:40 AM

Nor does he tell you that UPMC owns Medicor which has systematically bought up smaller medical practices in the county so that they have a monopoly and can force people to go to an out of state hospital 80 miles one way from many of the patients in the service area if they need more specialized care instead of the excellent one in Buffalo 30 miles away( the no compete clause that anyone buying Lakeshore would have to sign) How many people have insurance that cover stays in out of state hospitals except for emergent care?? But then UPMC doesn't care. Brooks does not have the space to accommodate the beds lost by closing Lakeshore. It does not have any chemical dependency beds or mental health beds so where are these people to go .. out on the street? UPMC certainly doesn't care that if LS is closed it will mean the loss of 700 jobs in the space of 6 months and will devastate the economy of the area with trickle down to businesses and schools. If you can, come to the rally!

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Jan-07-14 4:21 AM

Senator Young's comments are all right on target and Lanski is trying to put the blame anywhere but where it belongs, He implies the facility lost 13 million in the past year so why did they take 2 million in HEAL grant money to completely rebuild and update Lakeshore's ER only to announce it was closing 2 months later. What happened to the milions in FEMA and SEMO money that they got and then decided it wouldn't be cost effective to rebuild it on another site( Perrysburg). I believe that is alleged misuse of Govt funds by a large parent corporation that warrants criminal investigation. UPMC is nothing more than a huge medical corporation that goes around buying up smaller hospitals and medical practices to gain a monopoly on patient care at the expense of the patient. The country is full of these corporations that attempt to gain a monopoly on patient care. Notice he doesn't tell you that UPMC owns Brooks and Lakeshore but had to create the health system to even operate in NYS. (cont

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