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Pomfret: SAFE Act talk off target

January 13, 2014

New Pomfret Town Board member Christopher Schaeffer took aim at a controversial state law last week. But he, like many other local representatives, are wasting their time....

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Jan-13-14 6:17 AM

Oh but it is so much fun to grandstand about an issue you as a Board have NO control over. Like grandstanding as a County Legislature passing a resolution about being a resident of NYS when the law already exists and a local resolution has no impact because it's covered under state law and the matter is a matter held by NYS Regulation and Law only. Lots of GRANDSTANDING by politicians but sadly enough no jobs for the county but lots of grandstanding-it serves us all soooooo well-doesn't it?

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Jan-13-14 7:08 AM

Talk about grand standing, why does the Observer after many, many articles about local elected officials single out ONLY Mr. Schaeffer for his comeuppance? I made this comment about almost everyone making this an issue in the recent series on our new county legislators. Now it's an issue for the Observer to address? Your bias is showing. I might add I mentioned the total lack of control any local officials have on this issue to local, one issue voters, but I doubt it did any good.

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Jan-13-14 7:27 AM

Politicians love this type of "bridge to nowhere" distraction called the SAFE Act. It keeps the focus off no jobs, high taxes, high fuel costs and a broken infrastructure. Wake up, people / businesses are leaving the area in droves.

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Jan-13-14 7:58 AM

Agree. With so many more important issues, this seemed to me a total waste of time.

As well as it did when our County legislation did similar. I was at that meeting. At least then the pressure came from all the people who showed up to protest the Safe Act. So many they had to have a separate room to seat them.

Maybe making a statement regarding a law is important. Just wished it did not take valuable time away from the at hand important issues.

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Jan-13-14 7:59 AM

Mr editor, you are only partly correct on the safe act.the safe act epitomizes liberal thinking. That thinking is this. Libruls attribute things and power to objects that have none and calamity to objects that even in great quantity do not produce any calamity. Proof for the first would be that CO2 causes climate change. Co2 has NO HEAT TRAPPING ability whatsoever and is in the air at .04%. now we have 300 million guns and some firearms deaths. Most are suicides, the rest gang related democratic behavior in the cities. the libs see things that just aint there. Thats called mental illness folks. the libruls have it in large quantities.there shold me mass deaths every day across the whole nation and there aint any. It is all in the liberals vast mental delusions. They made the delusions law and we have to suffer for it.

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Jan-13-14 8:05 AM

judye, get a grip on reality. the safe act protesters are no different than the gals and their unabated claims of war on women. The womens never ending mantra , our bodies ourselves. Thats code for abortions. 50 million abortions and rising, that dwarfs all other gun deaths ,wars included by a large margin. judeye, try and get a grasp on reality. You have cognitive issues. but you just proved my first post, how a liberal operates. you are a dandy liberal. confused as ever and ya keep on posting.

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Jan-13-14 8:33 AM

Agree with Bob and Paul – these folks should worry about local issues they can actually impact, not spend their time on sound bites and talking points.

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Jan-13-14 9:25 AM

Hmmm,,,so then, where is all the clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board lecturing about legislatures being off target when it comes to the GOP House? How many fruitless debates/resolutions/amendments about defunding/repealing the ACA? 42? 53? How many bills modifying/outlawing/restricting abortions rights? 54? 39?

Now, how many job bills? One or two.

And yet, the gaggle chooses to get all righteous with the Pomfret board and the SAFE act?

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Jan-13-14 9:28 AM

The safeact is an attack on our freedoms. It needs to have as much attention as possible directed at it, from any and every direction. Mr Schaeffer is a Patriot!

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Jan-13-14 9:30 AM are rich one for lecturing us about "delusions" all the while you're spending all your excess liberalism from Social Security money and getting free medical coverage from Medicare...

...and I see you still need to belittle/bully women to make yourself feel better about yourself -- you really are a seriously pathetic, weak, shrunken-scrotum-being-reabsorbed specimen...

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Jan-13-14 9:56 AM

Editor,after sneaking the Safe Act through in the middle of the night, the clueless legislators that went along with it(thinking there would be no backlash)found quite the opposite.Hundred of thousands of postcards,a greater # of emails& phonecalls were made.County Legislatures&Town Boards passed Resolutions against NYSA:pay attention here Editor-it's called NEWS.Getting the word out that Counties&Towns are PROTESTING the taking by FORCE of our Freedoms.

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Jan-13-14 9:57 AM

If they think NASA is wasting money on Mars probes, maybe they can pass a resolution on that...or the Supreme Court's handling of same-sex marriage in Utah...or how the Russians have overspent on Sochi.

I'd rather read articles about the board doing things that move the dial for its constituents.

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Jan-13-14 10:00 AM

cronig for the umpteenth time , I am NOT getting anything free from the govt. I keep saying that and you deflect the issue by repeating that. You have NOT said anything factual, just rhetoric. Classic liberal. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CRONIG ? Cronig, where does the money arise from that the libs give away ? I have asked that over and over, you just say the same thing, clueless church lady gaggle , name calling etc. What about that 20 trillion on the great society ? Another failure. cronig, try and state are a mental case cronig. What else explains your devotion to liberalism in view of its ENORMOUS failures ?

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Jan-13-14 10:15 AM

cronig, we had a jobs bill, remember that ? that did not work and you want another one ? You just proved how stupid liberals are. Hey dk, did ya catch the US spent 20 trillion on great society and you think the govt can fix the economy ? Um, i think you missed that one. Cronig. 32,000 people die a year from guns. a millon abortions in the sacrament of abortion. So a million is < 32,000. And co2 causes global warming right ? You libs just gotts think straight. Cronig, that list of govt projects i keep asking and you keep forgetting to respond, but you call me names. You are not that smart cronig, just eruptions like cade, commentor and the like.

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Jan-13-14 10:47 AM

@ 1laona, a perfect example of a one issue voter. Now, how many people now supporting Mr. Shaeffer's stand on the SAFE Act were calling him a nutcase when he took his oath of office wearing a colander for a hat? How many think Mr. Shaeffer's quick switch to the right has more to do with the public outcry from that than in any true personal beliefs relative to the SAFE Act? It never ceases to amaze me how gullible your average voters are.

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Jan-13-14 11:06 AM

Steger is in charge???? why doesn't he cut off things that are absolutely not Town business. It's fine to state your opinion but direct it to the source,Cuomo, your Legislator etc. Everything that is being done is just one more step toward Socialism. Obama wants a Socialist Country and little by little it is happening. That is the big issue. That is what Americans should be protesting. You think not?? Think again!!

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Jan-13-14 11:20 AM

True PCman,electing Obama and Cuomo shows how gullible the Liberals in the Metro areas are.Of course they have the "converts" like yourself to push their BS in the rural areas that don't "understand" how you're just here "lift us up out of our outmoded beliefs" How passe.

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Jan-13-14 11:22 AM

more on the logic the govt uses. the logic we find in the safe act. The NSA monitors billions of phone calls a day. Per WSJ,12/18/13, pg a17.Why Judge Leons ruling on NSA is wrong. THe NSA tracked 300 phone calls in one year ! Yes 300 out of billions , because they thought the numbers were foreign terrorists.we see this logic in the safe act, where everyone is presumed a shooter or criminal just because they have a gun. Yo have to prove you are NOT a criminal. the constitution has been turned upside down. We see it in DWI checkpoints, where small fractions of a % are found DWI or DUI. Most have to prove they are sober.all of this is considered a rsonable search. merely being alive now is enough for the govt to ask you in a reasonable search, in their view of you, if you are a criminal.and buy health insurance. Dont forget the tapdowns at airports. this is not the america I learned in school decades ago. This is the US we are being asked to accept and it is wrong.

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Jan-13-14 11:35 AM

hey commentor, why do you mock me then ? i am a conservative. the global warming myth is just that a myth. All the women facts i post are from gals themselves or tv and books. Obama is trying to make the US into a socialist country. The left is a minority in this country. Christopher always ignores the damage they have done,especially in public schools. and cities. He paints a label, a one issue voter. well that describes his teachers union, rabidly one issue ,anti choice. he conveniently ignores that. the safe act is one step closer to total confiscation. They did this in australia. It will be said that the law does not go far enough and that for the childrens sake, all guns will have to be confiscated. Thats how libs think. by degrees so they catch you unawares. all the while they mock you, to keep you off balance. thats how libs work folks.

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Jan-13-14 11:43 AM

If guns had the same power as co2 is alleged to have we should see these results.accepted number of guns, 300 million guns in america. Billions of rounds of ammo. So if co2 level at .04% , figure that many gun deaths. .0004 times 300 million is 120,000.we do not see these deaths. the deaths are suicides or gang related.Most certainy it is not the laona types and the rest like him that are doing the shooting. but the libs confuse the criminals with the law abiders and thats how we got the safe act. This is a common thread in liberal govt these days. confusion.

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Jan-13-14 11:50 AM

more for our libs here. the govt was tipped off about the boston bombers and STILL, they , the bombers did their evil deeds. the only thing left to show that we are doing something is to go after the law abiding citizens. How many bullets did the BPD and others fire ? Still, they had to get a tip from a smoker no less to get the other one. This is the govt you want us to believe in ? I think not liberals. cronig calls this liberal largess. See how good it is ? are libs deluded or what ?

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Jan-13-14 12:55 PM

Don't forget the Great American Outdoor Show Feb1-9 in Harrisburg,PA! Over 1300 vendors!

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Jan-13-14 2:31 PM

the Observer playing favorites on who they support and what issue is important, makes them as always more fickle than the prom queen, we are surprised comment policeman hasn't sang their praise and paid lip service to staff choice of selected criticism....

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Jan-13-14 4:52 PM

The SAFE Act is a blatantly illegal law. It's trumped by the Second Amendment. As such, it is the duty of every intelligent, aware and law abiding citizen to oppose it until such time as it goes away.

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Jan-13-14 5:56 PM

Global warming a myth, just like the glaciers melting to half their size in the last 40 years because the earth has not warmed up. Humm, how does ice melt ? oh,yea, heat.

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