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St. Joseph’s to close

Diocese of Buffalo revitalization plan targets 10 schools

January 16, 2014

GOWANDA — There was heartbreak in Gowanda Wednesday afternoon when it was announced St. Joseph’s School would be shutting its doors for good....

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Jan-17-14 12:16 PM

Absolutely Marcia i would HAVE NO PROBLEM extending this to muslim school, catholic schools, zoroastrianism (steiner) schools. What about lobbying against abortion? Are catholics not allowed to do that just because they are tax exempt? Maybe if you lived in downtown Buffalo and had to send your kids to a crummy PUBLIC school you would think different. You need to get out of cozy fredonia once in a while.

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Jan-17-14 9:32 AM

Stiener, you got it wrong as usual. No matter what if going on it is always the liberals. Nothing else just the liberals. L M A O

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Jan-17-14 9:05 AM

HaveANiceDay, Wow did you put words in my mouth. And WRITING IN CAPS DOESN'T MAKE YOU MORE RIGHT. IRS law that gives tax exempt status to religious organizations forbids lobbying. The Bishop was talking about a specific law. That would, I believe, be lobbying. As far as tax credits are concerned, as has been pointed out many times on these pages,if one entity gets a tax credit, someone else has to make up the difference. That means we would be supporting religious schools. They do have an alternative, and that is to send their kids to public schools. Would you feel the same way about giving these tax breaks to Muslim schools?

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Jan-17-14 12:13 AM

HAND, I don't think Marcia was bashing as much as you think. She said she went to catholic schools (as did I for 7 years), and mentioned that they should not get state funds, which I agree with. Tax refunds for sending your kids there? I don't know. I'm not so sure catholic schools posess the benefits they used to, long, long, long, long ago. Those days are gone. Now, catholic schools are more of an outsider.

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Jan-17-14 12:10 AM

Joe, I don't believe in lobbying in any form whatsoever. How this is still legal is beyond me, but not beyond your nearest congressman, regardless of party. I'm close to seeing congress people taking lobby "bribes" (my word) as evil as serial killers, and should almost be treated as such. It's that much of a shame, really, because they have none, period.

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Jan-16-14 9:05 PM

whoreallycares, I was just pointing out that she was bashing catholics as tax money grabbers. She's ignorant and I was calling her out on it. THE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS GET NO TAX DOLLARS FROM THE PROPOSED AMMENDMENT. IT IS A TAX CREDIT TO THE PEOPLE THAT WISH TO DONATE TO ANY SCHOOL, PUBLIC OR PRIVATE. NO TAX DOLLARS ARE FUNNELED TO PRIVATE SCHOOLS!!!!

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Jan-16-14 6:32 PM

Actually local I was referring to the tax exempt status that Marcia brought up. They(planned parenthood)have lobbyists too. Just wanted your thoughts on that?

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Jan-16-14 5:44 PM

haveaniceday, I've just reread Marcia's post, twice, and couldn't find the words that were bashing Catholics. Do you get different postings????????????

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Jan-16-14 5:29 PM

The children of the school need the parents & teachers to talk to them and assure them they will be happy at their new school too. They also need to let them voice their saddness at losing St Joseph's, not think children are resilent and they will be fine. This will be with these children forever, a life changing experience. All churches are struggling right now. Americans don't put church first anymore and they wonder what has happened to our country. This isn't rocket science.

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Jan-16-14 2:33 PM

Joe, I don't think I should be on the hook for that, either, but there is no provision of "separation of birth control and state", unfortunately. So that area is a bit murkier than religion. I definitely don't think abortion should be someone's primary BC method either. I don't know if you can look at the PAC accounting practices. I'm not sure of the benefit.

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Jan-16-14 1:36 PM

OK Local can we do the same for planned parenthood? Can we look into their PAC'S?

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Jan-16-14 1:24 PM

No, Steiner, Marcia is right. You want to be tax-exempt? Then no tax money for you. Plus, the religion thing alone breaks a pretty big rule too.

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Jan-16-14 1:13 PM

Where in the wide, wide world of sports do some of you have your heads placed?

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Jan-16-14 1:04 PM

More likely its the continued fallout from the priest pedophiles and the millions they owe to victims. That's why they closed down churches in order to cash in the land. Just another money grab.

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Jan-16-14 10:32 AM

Phil...the economy is all ready struggling.

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Jan-16-14 9:56 AM

Also Marcia, public school teachers are also in favor of the law the bishop is advocating. Do your homework before you bash the catholics.

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Jan-16-14 9:53 AM

Marcia, I never pegged you as being lazy. The law the Bishop is advocating is a law in which you can receive a tax credit for DONATING money to ANY school public or private. Tax dollars ARE NOT being funneled to private schools. Private school parents are still paying their share of property taxes to subsidize the public schools. NO MONEY IS TAKEN FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

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Jan-16-14 9:47 AM

(cont), it's the same philosophy that Chaut Co property owners have adopted toward the taxpayer-funded Chautauqua County Home & Infirmity. The primary concern isn't about patient needs anymore, it's all about how much it costs to provide these services, not to mention the public's well-known contempt against CCH union employees.

Obviously some people aren't ashamed to publicly support such detrimental beliefs, and they can hide behind privatization to justify this stance, but there are no guarantees that a private owner will be successful, and if the CCH closes, then what?

Is Appalachia a region or a mentality?

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Jan-16-14 9:15 AM

marcia, you got it wrong as usual. does the govt want educated kids or not ? Where they get the education is a choice, that choice should not be left up to defective thinking like yours. the country was founded on religion,. You must have mssed that.The govt should, if it wants true choice in life, not just abortions, allow vouchers for non public schools. The only choice garanteed is for gals and their sacred womb. Yet again, we see the liberal largess in action in this are. Plant and school closings. Hospital closings, jobs lost. I tell you, cronig is right when he says liberal largess works. It sure does, it sank the whole area.judeye, got any musician quotes ?

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Jan-16-14 9:10 AM

Interesting that the Bishop in his news conference spoke of convincing the legislature to give tax money to support his schools. This is wrong on two fronts. One, as a tax exempt organization he should not be lobbying. Two, as a taxpayer I do not want my taxes going to support religion. I attended Catholic school and it was difficult for my parents to pay the tuition. But Mom always said that it was her choice to send me and my sister there, and taxpayers should not have to pay for my religious education.

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Jan-16-14 9:00 AM

The Buffalo diocese has always run operations & services based on costs (data-driven info), not the needs of parishioners, and this practice has clearly proven to be detrimental to the causes that the Catholic church professes to value.

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Jan-16-14 8:59 AM

Just keep raising taxes and forcing people to leave and there will be a day when nothing is left but a struggling economy.

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Jan-16-14 7:20 AM

(195) Faculty and staff out of work. Probably make the building into Section 8, group home or a sub shop.

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Jan-16-14 7:11 AM

Wow, sign of the times.

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