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Hospital sale fixes only one problem

January 17, 2014

After last week’s rally to save Lake Shore Health Care Center in Silver Creek High School, optimism about saving the facility and finding a potential purchaser has been growing....

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Jan-17-14 4:54 PM

yeah, fish, not sure if "cc" will bite though. I wonder if he has any idea how much I w/him?

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Jan-17-14 4:17 PM

Look out Captain , the commenter police is in your 6 and coming up fast, why the very idea of accusing the Observer of being bias, why that's down right truthful

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Jan-17-14 2:48 PM

JD needs to interview MatthiasJ (and others) BEFORE writing a story with suppositions and/or whatever Rhodes (UPMC's press agent) tells him to write. This newspaper in notorious for printing one sided views of an issue (Doug Fenton quickly comes to mind), and whenever the gist of the story is proven false, they simply cite a biased source (anonymous or not) to deflect the blame.

The OBSERVER really is the opposite of what a newspaper should provide; credible reporting, therefore, it's clearly a discredit to the community, but as the only local newspaper, the area is stuck with a severely inferior news source.

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Jan-17-14 2:46 PM

With all that public money it sounds like it is now a public hospital.....boy, that would be a big help,,,NOT.

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Jan-17-14 1:36 PM

receiving pay from Hamot and from Kane Hospital as Pres. CEO I believe his title here was chief financial officer for well over 2 years.

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Jan-17-14 1:33 PM

( cont) it's real estate value nor did publisher acknowledge that Brooks has been getting funds from UPMC because they agreed to align themselves with Hamot from the UPMC became involved Because Hamot needs the business!! But then the Publisher would go to Brooks because he lives in Fredonia and doesn't care about supporting anyone else's needs. UPMC has bought up most of the medical practices in the county Medicor, It has control of 2 of the 3 hospitals in the county WCA and Brooks and wants to eliminate the one that is competition. They can care less about lives lost and apparently the publisher doesn't either or he would have been at the rally to listen. Ask how many people in WNY have health insurance that will cover anything but emergent care in out of state hospitals? The answer is few if any including Medicare and Medicaid. People from the 3 county area LS serves don't agree with UMPC. Money abuses come from UMPC LS was required to pay Rhodes full severance even though he was(c

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Jan-17-14 1:18 PM

Captain, you have hit the nail on the head and the culpable one in this case is not LSH hospital's current board but Rhodes and Lanski and crew, Everyone needs to read the well documented Wikipedia article on the University_ of _ Pittsburgh_ Medical_ Center to see the antitrust law suits filed against it and the violation of non profit status filed by the city of Pittsburgh in UPMC's attempt to escape property taxes on their extensive holdings. It is a 10 BILLION dollar a year global corp. with several profit making companies within it's corporate structure.. non profit my foot. Apparently the Observer publisher was neither at the rally or did he read the extensive article I referenced above. Yet he is spouting that it was local control that was the issue. If he had read the article he would have known the last hospital UMPC took over they closed a year later and had no intention of reselling.. eliminate the competition.. so they razed the buildings and are marketing the property for

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Jan-17-14 1:03 PM

If you don't change spending habits and stop giving outrageous salaries and benefits you can consolidate the world and nothing will change. Can't do the same old thing and expect different results. Poor management is definitely in play here and S/C definitely does not need the big operation it has now. Face it times have changed!!!

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Jan-17-14 12:34 PM

Whether it's private or public, if a business lacks sound practices & solid leadership, it will fail! The questionable practices that have been raised regarding major purchases for Brooks yet charging LSH is certainly suspicious, and although it may be legal, it clearly raises doubt with respect to UPMC's true motives & objective.

Rhodes says: "What I'm hearing out there is people don't want the business model because they really aren't aware of it."??? What the he!! does this mean! Rhodes takes orders from UPMC, PERIOD! There's no excuse why efficiencies couldn't be implemented UNLESS Rhodes' superiors (UPMC) rejected them. Now, if he's referring to labor costs for union employees, then once again, workers are expected to take cuts to pay for intentional or unintentional mismanagement.

I'm sick of this depressed area and the greed of those who benefit from it.

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Jan-17-14 10:42 AM

I'm a senior with an extensive employment background in the medical field. Last May (2013) I applied to work at Lakeshore as an unpaid volunteer. UNPAID to do ANYTHING, including cut grass. I never got called. Guess I was in the wrong union.

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Jan-17-14 10:39 AM

Mismanagement? Yes, by the people LERHSNY (Hamot) put in place to close Lake Shore. They can deny it all they want but Hamot is responsible for this. Look at their record. They closed a hospital in PA and the CEO of that hospital is now the person who is "looking for a buyer" for Lake Shore. Back to the money, that 9 million includes high priced medical equipment that was billed to Lake Shore and delivered to Brooks. What else does it include? In part, a lot of large salaries for upper level management people who did absolutely nothing for Lake Shore except run us into the ground!!!

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Jan-17-14 9:54 AM

Any reference to the the Berger Commission is irrelevant for that formula included Tri-County. References to Mr. Lawrence motives who spent 95% of his time at Brooks are murky at least. As for Gary Rhodes whose first action was to lay off employees which seemed to offset his own bloated salary. His methods and motives are those of UPMC which claims it has no employees.

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Jan-17-14 8:15 AM

The money the hospital get's will only last a short time.And all the money will be gone and the creditor's will still be left holding the bag.I feel bad for the creditor's. Still have to provide but the hospital is not paying back!!

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Jan-17-14 7:50 AM

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Jan-17-14 6:48 AM

Here's a perfect example of consolidation not saving money. It is revealed, however, that reduction of services is needed to save money. What I've been saying all along regarding consolidating local governments. So, if you want your streets plowed less, or your potholes patched less often, you'll save money. Most people don't want that.

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