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Health Department optimistic about Welfare to Work

January 17, 2014

MAYVILLE — Ever since chautauqua County Social Services came under fire in January 2012 for low participation rates in the county’s Welfare to Work program, participation numbers have improved....

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Jan-18-14 2:40 PM

MOST comments had good complaints, but wash,t this about Welfare to work? First of all the just coming to NY for bennies IS very true for some. To even be qualified for Welfare the person and all adults living in the household should be given drug test and done randomly thru each month to receive benefits. I know it works in my Chronic Pain clinic, a lot of people drop out when they hear this. Tests can show which drug you are on and if it is prescribed. Again, what is wrong with a healthy individual going out and doing work that every township is begging the prisoners to do(we re already paying them). Put a STOP to this GENERATIONAL using the system to their benefit!!!! Also make a strong and enforced rule of scalage kids to attend school ALL day and be required to take tests and get passing marks!!!! This may sound cruel to some of you but as said lets see the dirt not just the lawn. I HAVE written and Tried to speak with our representatives but some won't even return a call

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Jan-18-14 11:51 AM

Since you insist on lumping everyone as deserving, my guess is you're a DSS employee. Job security will trump necessary reform every single time.

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Jan-18-14 11:12 AM

First, put away the violins. Second, don't presume to know what hardships I'm capable of enduring. Most of us have ancestors who came here BEFORE unlimited & expanded welfare benefits were available. In fact, when I was a child, there was very little money in our house to feed a large family, let alone have ANY of the non-necessities that are quickly afforded to welfare recipients today. Yeah, I know first hand what it's like to wish for nicer things, and it taught me what the definition of "an incentive to work" means. Again, my criticism is against all the abusers, NOT those who need temporary help. Open your eyes, there's a distinct difference!

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Jan-18-14 10:13 AM

What do you expect? "Give me your poor and downtrodden.....etc." It's written in New York harbor.

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Jan-18-14 9:45 AM

Thank you progressive for pointing this out. Captain and concerned you have no idea. My comment "People need to start asking for change in Albany. Until that is done, not much will change locally." Have either concerned or captain personally talked with your legislator or senator or have you written or are you letting others do it for you? I am so glad that you are not one of the less fortunate ones that need services. Maybe you should test yourself and see how wonderful it is to live on welfare with your family. I bet you won't last the month.

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Jan-18-14 8:14 AM

Not me or anyone else is complaining about people receiving the benefits for which the program was actually intended for. It's the ABUSERS we're talking about. Quick, someone call a medic. Sounds like PROGRESSIVE44 may need a transfusion to replenish all his/her blood loss.

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Jan-18-14 8:05 AM

Slugs-(ie; ABLED-BODIED recipients who CHOSE welfare over work). Gee, I can only guess why this group wasn't included in your list.

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Jan-17-14 11:26 PM

progressive the answer is all of the above if they moved to this state for the good benefits. Also I do not believe that the majority of those collecting fall into those categories if you choose to believe it then by all means give all you want but keep your hands out of my pockets!!!!

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Jan-17-14 8:20 PM

Captain, which of the following are the slugs you mention? mother with a couple of children whose father doesn't pay child support? A parent who is either learning disabled, behaviorially disabled, or has a serious mental disability... and thus is either unable to work or can't find an employer willing to hire him/her? A parent with a chronic health disorder causing frequent time of from work and likely dismissal? A parent who can't find child care because of serious child behavioral problems ? A parent required to care for a disabled parent or relative? Parent who can find only night or weekend work but not childcare at those times? These people are in houses in your neighborhood. You wouldn't know because with your attitudes they would never tell you.

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Jan-17-14 7:35 PM

"People need to start asking for change in Albany. Until that is done, not much will change locally."

People have been screaming about welfare reform FOR YEARS!!! This isn't some new complaint!!! ALbany? What has Goodell, Giglio, Reed, Young and all the others before them done to get Albany to listen?'s the only answer. Let the slugs have NYS, and when political reps start getting whacked due to population decline, maybe they'll do something.

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Jan-17-14 6:38 PM

Captain: Your comment about indefinite benefits is partially true. I have said this numerous times, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SETS A 5 YEAR LIMIT FOR FAMILIES AND A 2 YEARS LIMIT ON SINGLE INDIVIDUALS. NYS chooses to allow them on indefinitely because of the laws they have set. You want change, tell your senator, congressman, legislator. Who pays, the feds-state-local until the federal limit is reached. After that state and local. People need to start asking for change in Albany. Until that is done, not much will change locally.

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Jan-17-14 6:32 PM

LitlDaddy1951@yahoo****: you need a little education. Let me give you some. If you are an illegal alien YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR BENEFITS and will not receive them. Your statement about what they receive,they do not get their car insurance paid for. As for them working in the grapes, would you be willing to work just one week in those same grapes? I would guess not. As for the snivvlers, the workers follow the regulations that the government sets. You want change fight with Albany and Washington not the workers trying to make a living for their families and following the rules. As for race, again here is your education, it does not matter what race or color you are, if you are eligible you receive benefits. You spread false accusations my friend.

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Jan-17-14 6:23 PM

commentor: You are right, they should be showing the numbers. However, if there are no jobs then what do you suggest they do? You said "they can make more on welfare", do you know what a family receives to live on? Could you make it with say a family of 4 and receive $800.00 a month in cash to pay for rent, utilities and necessities. Oh yes, you would get about $500.00 monthly in food stamps. Would that be enough for you and your family. It is not all a bed of roses for the people that are in need. I agree, show the numbers but find the jobs first.

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Jan-17-14 4:43 PM

Lawmakers approve indefinite benefits for able-bodied slugs, and every so often, they'll pass increases instead of reform? Taxpayers expect lawmakers to do the right thing, but it only gets worse. Pols are only interested in supporting whatever gives them the best shot at staying in office. The only way to pay less taxes is to move out of NYS. Let the slugs have NY and move to a less taxing state, it's the only way any change will occur.

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Jan-17-14 11:27 AM

There should be a 1 year residency requirement to even APPLY for aid, and when applying - you need to either be a US citizen (or subsidiary, although I don't think PR should count), have a BANK ACCOUNT, and have proof of payment for something - rent, utility, phone, that reflects your current address.

Then.. you may APPLY. Welfare was meant to be TEMPORARY assistance while you got your feet back on the ground so to speak. Not run to DK from somewhere else in the.. ahem.. world, show up and get handouts.

Plus there should be a moratorium. If unemployment benefits run out after 1 year or 99 weeks -whatever it is now - then sure as crap welfar bennies should run out in the same amount of time.

Folks.. free rent, free utilities, free phone, free medical - that all costs you and I who work somewhere between 20 and 40K PER YEAR depending on our family situation. But show up to DK and stick your hand out - it's all free.


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Jan-17-14 10:09 AM

Plain and Simple . If they do not live in NYS, they dont get free money. They have money get here, they can leave here with the money to! Not come here and take from NYS Taxpayers. I know of one couple who came here in the summer and lived in the park till they got free money and rent and EBT card.

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Jan-17-14 9:46 AM

This article is a very poor propaganda press release by a reactionary County administration. Half truths lacking in details. Still no descriptions about Workfare programs, job placement numbers or participation rates. No information on why those 40 applicants chose to come to Chautauqua County. No numbers of recipients who left the county. Where's the beef? Would the answers undermine the agenda of those who wish to bullypulpit that "Welfare is the county's major problem"? It's so easy to bully the meek and powerless. Nice example for our school children.

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Jan-17-14 8:28 AM

and of these, how many are illegal aliens? Getting full monetary benefits, full food stamps. car insurance paid, medicaid, all while they work in the grapes, etc, and send money back to where ever thay come from? And the druggies//users and sellers..wth is wrong with this county? Get a job or get out should be the mantra. Illegals..go home..and drug benefits while using..time we got rid of the snivvlers who work in this department, and get some real hard individuals who know who should get benefits. Sad that a white person, loses a job, asks for help and is told no, or recieves the mininmal, and only for a minimal time.

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Jan-17-14 8:27 AM

What needs to be reported is how many are no longer on welfare because of welfare to work? This will show how useless this program is. They don't show, they are poor workers, they say I can make more on welfare.

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Jan-17-14 8:00 AM

What a joke, payments to out of state residents, numbers less than NY State, which was 10%. The system does not work to get people to work and the excuses they use to get out of work are numerous.The county had a year to improve but little has been done and you wonder why our taxes are so high. Time to get New people into the job so it can get done and get these people to work and off the gravy train.

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