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County Home may have buyer

January 23, 2014

The Chautauqua County Legislature will hold a special meeting to look at a new proposal to sell the County Home in Dunkirk. Legislature Chairman Jay Gould announced the special session for Feb....

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Jan-23-14 9:07 PM

I hope that "tentative deal" addresses (foremost) the present and future concerns of our neighbors, family, and friends who not only reside at the CH but those too who maintain their livelihood at the CH by providing quality care and services. Anyone willing to compromise the physical, psychological or economic future of any of those individuals is willing to sell out their own family...if the price is right.

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Jan-23-14 8:59 PM

All we heard from Edwards and his minions was: "the County Home loses $11,000 EVERY DAY!"

No promise, not even a lie, that once the home sells and the $11,000 daily losses stop that taxes will go down, and yet you people still applaud the sale?

Long live Appalachia!

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Jan-23-14 8:07 PM

even for $1.00, dump the union.

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Jan-23-14 6:22 PM

The gas well thing has been investigated and explained by the TV folks in Buffalo,it was as well(no pun intended)explained by the former CE and yet Judeye continues with the rants. Ron Johnson was smart enough not to bring up the gas well as a issue Judeye? The next thing she will say is that the CH runs a surplus. Anytime government gets involved where private enterprise should be things get screwed up! A perfect example is the Obamacare fiasco. People bought into it based on lies plain and simple. Sorry I was blunt and couldn't sugar coat it for you!

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Jan-23-14 6:09 PM

Regardless of whether the home makes or loses money, the simple reason to sell is that the government, at any level, should not be running healthcare facilities. Another example of where the government should never have been involved at all.

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Jan-23-14 5:54 PM

Because as large an issue as that seems to be with you there are many more important issues to the people of this county. Like the home bleeding much more then that every year. Or doesn't that matter to you? Do you just think in the short term or maybe just a one issue voter. Sell the home, forget the well, stop the bleeding of the tax $$ the home loses everyday.

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Jan-23-14 5:31 PM

commentor...oh you mean the "GD gas well" that wasted a half of a MILLION of our tax dollars?

Maybe that is not much money to you and you do not care if our elected officials wasted our money or someone got rich on it. Some of us DO CARE. Some of us are greatly concerned about the cost, the waste of our money, who made money on this deal, and why all the secrecy.

I do agree though...those of us who do care are few. Why is that? Why is not everyone in our County asking about this money? Why is NO one investigating this issue? one cares...please do not rant then about our taxes, our tax rates, or what we buy or do not buy with the tax dollars. No one cares...

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Jan-23-14 4:34 PM

I can't wait for the sale just to stop hearing about that GD well. What will Judblindeye obsess about after that issue is gone. Get over it the Home is going to be sold. As for taxes going down if they don't get a handle on spending and consolidate govts they will never go down. The next item for the County to work on is the sale of the airports.

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Jan-23-14 4:07 PM

If they do sell it, I wonder how fast they will raise the tax assessment that is basically nothing right now. $89,000 taxable assessment. Watch it jump to 2 million plus the 1st year they sell it.

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Jan-23-14 4:06 PM

"Do they think they no longer need to even pretend like they are representing the people"

Safe Act ring a bell? Where was the outrage then Judeye? Oh that's right it was a liberal so it's acceptable.

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Jan-23-14 3:58 PM

Your right joew the vote to sell the home was done in Nov. by the voters of this county. Sorry judeye but your ilk lost this round.

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Jan-23-14 3:52 PM

So, if they sell the home will that mean our taxes will go down? NOT!!!!!!

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Jan-23-14 2:20 PM

Judeye you really need to understand what a proposal is as opposed to a vote to sell. In case you don't remember Judeye the people who want to sell the County home were elected by the taxpayers who think to the contrary of your rhetoric. The election was in November of 2013 and the results are still available should you wish to look into them. By the way,when will we able to look at your report about Obamacare? Only been about 4 months so we should be seeing something soon correct?

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Jan-23-14 2:09 PM

Break it to us gently, they know there is a buyer and have known since last year. Anyone seen Ann Romney in town? They are in on a few.

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Jan-23-14 1:49 PM

When was the vote taken to sell the County Home?

Do they think they no longer need to even pretend like they are representing the people of this County?

Just like why no investigation into the half million dollars they wasted on drilling a gas well that sits there idle.

Or the misinformation we have all been given on the money it costs to run CC.

Money talks...bull walks...once again.

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