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Timothy Hellwig out after nearly 20 years as administrator

January 25, 2014

After serving almost 20 years as administrator for the Chautauqua County Home, Tim Hellwig announced his resignation Friday, effective Feb. 28....

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Jan-27-14 8:20 PM

You're welcome.

There was much more intentional waste, but it had to do with cost-saving measures that Hellwig & Edwards refused to comply with, and outlined in BOTH CGRs! The auditor specifically identified AND recommended the areas where these savings were achievable, yet both men ignored them w/o explaining why. You don't need me to help you draw your own conclusions.

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Jan-27-14 1:01 PM


Thank you for your response. Your response explains your position. I had always considered the gas well to be a business decision that did not work out. That happens, sometimes by poor management, sometimes by changing circumstances out of management’s control. As a mistake, it is a onetime cost to operations of the CCH ( a non-recurring sunk cost ).

However, if it was used to intentionally create losses, one has to be concerned that our tax money is intentionally being wasted. If intentional, one certainly has to wonder about the rest of the CCH finances and the oversight of those finances.

In any case, regardless of whether the $440K loss was intentional or not, it is still only a very small portion of the losses incurred by the CCH since the well was drilled.

Again, I appreciate your response.

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Jan-26-14 5:41 AM

Escapee: The reason I noted the gas well and the cost to drill it was to emphasize the deliberate waste of money that Edwards & Hellwig willingly threw away to gain support to sell the home. If you want to call this a "distraction" in an attempt to minimize the seriousness of an intentional misuse of taxpayer money, that's your view.

When taxpayers like yourself focus on an objective that you happen to agree with, and ignore the intentional waste of taxpayer money to achieve that objective, it allows taxpayer abuse to occur/continue, which IMO, makes people with your view just as guilty.

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Jan-25-14 10:26 PM

Here is a prediction with the pending sale of the CCH the chances of anyone applying for the administrator position are slim and Horrigan knows it. So he will likely have to appoint a interim administrator as a sale of this type could take a long time to complete. He will likely appoint one of his cronies who have been in politics for many years and is due a pension. His pension will then be based on his last years salary which will most likely be higher than his past pay and the taxpayer will get boned again!

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Jan-25-14 2:19 PM

It would make more sense to let the new owner appoint a new administrator.

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Jan-25-14 1:29 PM

Captain; “AND spent $440K to drill a gas well then immediately aborted the project the following year” The gas well is a distraction used by people that want to keep the home as an expensive and bloated government operation. Since the well was drilled it accounts for only about 4% of the losses at the facility. That means that you are overlooking 96% of the problem to focus on a subject that is no longer relevant. The money spent on the gas well is no longer costing taxpayers a dime. It’s the other 96% that we have to pay and will have to continue to pay every day the home operates as a government facility. We already pay for most of the care, why do we have to pay for the cost of government inefficiencies?

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Jan-25-14 11:57 AM

maybe we need to look at the other side, maybe the financial problems were not Hellwig's, but caused by a union that he struggled for 20 years to get along with, so he has moved on, after learning his lesson and will run his new place of employment efficiently, that is if the home is non union

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Jan-25-14 11:56 AM


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Jan-25-14 11:30 AM

He needs to find a new administrator becuase he is going to have no better luck selling the home than Edwards did. The public is not going to stand for them selling it, they will be pickiting outside it before that happens.

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Jan-25-14 9:35 AM

Why does Horrigan think it is his duty to find a new Administrator when there is a buyer in the picture. I would think the new owner would want to pick his own Administrator. Seeing as the "new" buyer is Vestracare they agreed to the terms before so I would think all that is needed is 13 votes and that doesn't appear to be a problem. Helwig was a poor manager and what does it say about him to go to a Home that will probably be up for sale in the not too distant future.

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Jan-25-14 9:06 AM

Tim saw the handwriting on the wall. After 20 years of mismanagement he runs away. He never implemented any cost saving measures and the Home is still losing money every day. Sell Sell Sell get rid of the tax drain!

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Jan-25-14 8:28 AM

According to Mr. Horrigan, "this was a personal choice". Really, honestly do you think people are that stupid. Now everyone can see who the puppet master really was!

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Jan-25-14 7:52 AM

and the political "merry go round" continues, hiring a administrator from a revenue losing enterprise and hire him to run another in the same boat, what we have here is a perfect example of "insanity" and we all know what that is

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Jan-25-14 6:53 AM

Edwards & many of the "teammates" that Hellwig refers to have all said publicly that county govt should NOT be in the nursing home business, therefore, did Hellwig share this same belief?

AFTER Edwards decided to sell the home, an aggressive campaign to gain support began. It's no coincidence that this is when cost efficiencies suddenly worsened, and Hellwig did absolutely nothing to control or improve them! If that wasn't enough, Edwards & Hellwig approved AND spent $440K to drill a gas well, then immediately aborted the project the following year? Such actions demonstrate that a serious conflict existed between Hellwig's duty as CCH Admin to control costs, and Edward's methods used to convince members of the "team" to sell the home.

It's clear that taxpayers have been played, but based on the comments on here, they accept it as the cost to break the union.

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