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Schumer visits county, pushes for airport funding

January 25, 2014

JAMESTOWN — The Chautauqua County Airport in Jamestown is receiving a push for funding from Sen. Charles Schumer. Schumer, D-N.Y....

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Jan-26-14 8:37 PM

The article should have noted Cummins contributes thousands and thousands to Schumer's campaign coffers - - so he's here just to return the favor.

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Jan-25-14 8:43 PM

Did they eat at the airport snack bar?

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Jan-25-14 2:21 PM

Have taken two flights out of Jamestown to Cleveland so far,really handy!

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Jan-25-14 12:39 PM

Schumer always supports spending money. So Schumer is fighting to spend OUR $2 million/year on the airport? Maybe we should open up another 10 airports, not use them, and spend an additional $20 million/year of OUR money to keep those open also. How is this helping us? I believe what he is actually doing is using OUR money to buy a nice campaign contribution for himself from one of the few people who benefit from the airport. What we need is someone working to flush less money down the toilet, not more. How about procuring money from the federal government that actually helps people who work and pay taxes in this county? How many taxpayers in this county even know how to get to the Jamestown airport and have used it? ( I drove by the airport gate once when I was kind of lost. )

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Jan-25-14 11:18 AM

The only way Dems could really help this area is to resign from office. Let real leaders in that will cut taxes, create a business friendly environment to bring in jobs and to stop trampling on our rights. Bringing more "government assistance" is not what anyone needs right now. The airports, and the home, need to be put our of our misery. Stop throwing good money after bad.

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Jan-25-14 10:27 AM

Why Dems try to help this area is beyond me. They must know by now that this area will throw them under the bus ASAP, but not until AFTER the help is accepted. Look at how all those who attended the NRG rally now trash Cuomo.

Interestingly, Young has been able to avoid any criticism for securing state funds (taxpayer $$$) from the Dept of Health to keep LSH afloat. And Reed has been applauded for securing FEMA funds (taxpayer $$$), albeit 4 yrs late, and everyone remains quiet about Goodell's total lack of impact on anything, yet the IGT funds to supplement CCH expenses and/or the federal $$$ that Schumer now wants for J'mstwn airport isn't wanted by many of the same critics.

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Jan-25-14 9:55 AM

We do to need 2 airports. Makes us look like real locations on a map.

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Jan-25-14 9:41 AM

Sell the Airports but probably not because Horrigan isn't pushing that. How much does Cummins contribute to the operation of the airport. Taxpayers should foot the bill because it's good for Cummins???

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Jan-25-14 8:52 AM

Whaaa...? Yet another Democrat Liberal trying to fight for this "Conservative Country County"??? Cuomo, Schumer...?

Wait -- maybe Senator Young will hold another rally...

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Jan-25-14 7:42 AM

Vet's suggestion to sell the DK airport has nothing to do with the loss of $2M per/yr in federal $$$ for J'mstwn. The cut in funds is based on their own records, which I suspect were "fudged" anyway.

Not to worry, the county will soon be saving $11,000 EVERY DAY, and can now cover the loss of these federal $$$.

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Jan-25-14 7:31 AM

Must be a photo op in here for Chuckie.

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Jan-25-14 5:19 AM

Ok....then sell the Dunkirk airport or close it. We do not need 2 Gov't airports in Chautauqua County

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Jan-25-14 3:57 AM

Steiner completely lost it, in the post "Helping with hair" about his wonderful insult on a young girl with cancer.

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