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Getting past winter doldrums

January 30, 2014

Dear friends: So it seems the second vortex is upon us, here on the frigid shores of Chadwick Bay, in the newly chimed-in year of 2014....

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Feb-01-14 10:26 AM

cade, try and understand this, if the climate is changing and it always has.what sunk the wooly mammoths, was it mans activities ? It is not due to mans activities or co2.that is the liberal premise and it is wrong. scientific american is a liberal rag. they lack any science knowledge as you do.otherwise you would not post such nonsense over and over again. you really got to be one ignorant poster cade. you just parrot, no thinking.

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Jan-31-14 8:14 PM


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Jan-31-14 6:40 PM

aint cancer great lindsay ?for the lesson it can teach us. For the plant world makes styrene and even ethylene. somehow the plants to not die form such chemicals. Dont forget rubber too. or even urishiol in poison ivy. cancer should tell us that the way man makes polymers while similar to the plant world,it aint exactly the same. There is a profound mystery here, if the libs could get past the mocks. what is it you ask ? the ancients knew, but hardly anyone else does.

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Jan-31-14 6:34 PM

hey lindsay,its the same thing for styrene monomer. you know it as the little jelly cups in a restaurant. Very potent smell and toxic. I bet you did not know any of this did you ? from plexiglass, plastic milk jugs, urethane floors, bowling alley floors. all the base chemicals are highly toxic, but lose it when turned in to the long chain polymers we all use every day. it aint just gasoline or diesel that is foul smelling. maybe that is why i saw only 6 gals in 40 years in chemicals. the odor and cancer threat is real. i know several chemists dead from cancer. but they lived to 70 or so. some at 55, but they boozed a lot. thank a guy lindsay for all the stuff you use. thank steiner too. You bought his stuff in the store.

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Jan-31-14 8:45 AM

so we now see the LWV fanatical opposition to fracking and how it will impact the lives we lead. from natural gas, a host of chemicals are made. all very useful and essential to modern life. fertilizers are made fom natural gas and half the homes in america are heated with it. so, the anti frackers are saying, we want imported fuel, high prices ,cold and starvation. I find it amazing that lindsay, advocating for the environment as she has, likes plastic pipe. plastic will not degrade and and very toxic chemistry is used in its making. green energy will not make a stitch of chemicals. not one bit folks. Like the stuff you buy in the store ? then we need oil and gas wells.

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Jan-31-14 8:39 AM

notice the libs did not refute any facts i have posted. hey stupid dk and cronig. i do not know of a single chemical that does not start from some highly toxic monomer. All your acrylics start with very toxic and foul smelling drop of this in a room will cause the room to be evacuated Same for plastic pipe. by the time the chemicals are polymerized , the odor and toxicity are gone. Some can even contact food. so dk and cronig show again and again they know nothing at al about the world of science, where the stuff they buy in the store actually originates and how it is made. Cronig you did not say church lady gaggle.hey cronig, once again, you gore my request for govt projects that gave us the world we live in. i bet you dont even know what i am asking claims to be in information science. he certainly lacks information here folks.

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Jan-30-14 9:25 AM

"But maybe you're already out in the garage, drawing a face on a volleyball to talk to as a companion. By the look on your face right now, I have a feeling that some of you may already have that relationship."

Lindsay, does that mean you've seen a steinertron?

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Jan-30-14 9:10 AM

Well, I guess there are now TWO research projects for SUNY-Fredonia's psychology department...

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Jan-30-14 8:23 AM

hey lindsay, the PVC pipe you want to work with is made from chlorine, split from salt. Then ethane from natural gas is used for the backbone. all petrochem and all guys.Electricty is used in abundance. natural gas too. So lindsay, you are enjoying the fruits of many guy chemists and at the same time mocking their pay and convenience they made for life, the profit you hate.corporations and robber barrons lowered the cost of living. The libs did the opposite, they raised it and called it a success. Nature as you know it, the woods and stuff can NEVER provide what we have. It wont grow fast enough. thats why the gods made crude oil, natural gas and coal. To see the wonders of organic chemistry. The gals shy away fron this because of the cancer risk. Almost everything in an organic lab is carcinogenic. the ones that made the stuff we buy in the store. And guys dont even wear pink.

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Jan-30-14 7:42 AM

where to begin with Lindsay ? we are discouraged to be independent doers she says ! Well thats the liberal party and their you did not build that retort.. Lindsay wants to build something out of PVC pipe. hey lindsay, someone was creative in making the VC monomer, highly toxic so we can have plastic pipe. they made a PROFIT , yes a profit. This way, the libs like cronig get their liberal largess to shower on the unproductive types. The industrial revolution was made by almost all guys, creatvity at its peak. Thoise guys would be Rockefeller, Tesla, Watt, Carnegie, Morse ,etc. What you disdain, profit made these guys rich. thats why women and science and business dont mix. they can only adopt the attitude that you display here. Profit bad.i am a creative person and have been mocked continuously bought my stuff in the store.

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