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Fears put halt to state fracking

February 9, 2014

Hydraulic fracturing — or “fracking” as more commonly known — has come to my attention from state Sen. Cathy Young’s questionnaire. It asks: if I’m for it, against it, or undecided....

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Feb-09-14 3:11 AM

I wish someone would start talking about all the radon fracking releases into the environment. Not to mention the contamination of drinking water and destruction to the environment above wells that have been fracked. Not a pretty site.

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Feb-09-14 4:55 AM

I love the line about how at one time we just went full speed ahead, not worrying about environmental issues. This is why one shouldn't eat fish from Lake Ontario, entire Lakes are devoid of life in areas hit by acid rain, why you shouldn't swim in many area streams. Yep, the good old days for sure!

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Feb-09-14 5:59 AM

The arguments for fracking are weak and the evidence of pollution is frightening. Their is no magic bullet for economic development except to lower taxes and reform welfare.

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Feb-09-14 5:59 AM

There not their sorry.

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Feb-09-14 8:19 AM

the ignorant stupid liberals have posted. carlaw are you nuts ? the evidence for fracking are weak ? are you on this planet ? fracking has caused a huge increase in oil and natural gas production. So much so that the saudis are worried over it. In the bakken shale there is 400 billion barrels of recoverable oil . So libs, will union power and gal scientific power or hades, green energy take up the slack ? Nope. we have become a nation of wusses ever since the women go tthe right to vote. hey paul, drive a car ? heat your house ? then you are hooked on hydrocarbons.disenfanchise all women. Start fracking and watch the millionaires roll in. You libs want perpetual poverty so you can get them on the dole. Compressed is is being tried to frack. fracking is good science. Our lungs are fracked, gills too, trees. the minds of the liberals are fracked. Fracked to the point of mental illness and other end time delusions that can only be solved with, guess what , a govt program.

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Feb-09-14 8:27 AM

no evidence says carlaw. hmm, it used to be in this country one could make money with no govt interference. the libs and progressives changed all that. we have to beg to get permission to make money on our own land. the libs think hydrocarbons can be done away with via green energy. a hoax for sure. Why would we not use the bounty of nature to make money ? why should we be poor , because the libs want us to ? fracking is going on in at least 25 states.carlaw, where are the mass deaths ? Only in your delusions. america and the world need hydrocarbons. posters like the anti frackers show their completw IGNORANCE of what it takes to keep the world fed and warm. yessiree, there are no dumber people than a democrat. Carlaw, do ya think the pipeline to a house just makes the natural gas ? think there might be a well somewhere? i cant believe the stupidity here.

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Feb-09-14 8:58 AM


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Feb-09-14 10:10 AM

here is why noone and especially the gals , like judeye and the LWV dont believe what i say and persist in their fanatical, hysterical anti fracking efforts. besid s being emotion prone and that emotion power can lead to fatal strokes. this from TV and a gal MD. Gals, see isaiah 28:9-10. Who can understand difficult concepts ? get ready, those weaned from the breasts and milk. Nurture , i other words. see why we have to get women out of politics ? they cant think clearly, emotions run them. I have said ida tarbel lionized mussolini but hated rockefeller of std oil. What a goof up. judeye falls into the same pattern with green energy, green house gas! CO2 is NOT and never will be a green house gas. judeye ignores again and again that a gallon of gasoline yields a gallon of water. Like the water aint even there. for sure, judeyes thinking skills are just not there. neither is the LWV. Its gone with the wind.

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Feb-09-14 10:18 AM

further proof, erin brockovich, who tried in vain to link the leroy high school gals conversion disorder to a chemical spill 40 years ago is now involved in that virginia spill.she wants more info. Hey gals, there are at least 50,000 chemicals in commerce. you have eaten some as i myself put them in contact or in food. All FDA legal.Yet i hear go pink for breats cancer ! More gals die from deep vein thrombosis ythan breast cancer. We could let you do clerical input , but thats about itt. Why ? for the same reason the early silicon valley firms hired women. they had nimble fingers. But as far as the mind is, everytime on tv i see an activist women, drivel is said. start fracking now in WNY. we have the water . We need moey or even millionaires like in the dakotas, The clueless LWV is making everyone poor. so they can feel good.

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Feb-09-14 1:07 PM

Steinerdzzz...noun, verb and gynophobia.

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Feb-09-14 1:54 PM

cronig again shows his ignorance. i saw erin on tv. i saw other women almost getting hysterical over chemicals. they all have eaten chemicals. soaps go down the drain. we can find drugs in the water if we look for them. So cronig, you just dont understand a thing do ya.ya think you are real smart by posting such quips. its the opposite cronig. anyone with a brain would arrive at the same conclusion i did,. Ya missed the leroy high school scare , furthured by erin. even the MD s said it was due to nervous disorders, gals are hugely prone to nervous disorders, stupid cronig.the MDs even wanted the news to stop publicizing the event as they feared more gals would succumb to twitching away. facts cronig, facts, all ignred by the liberals. it does not fit their world view.was all this mysogyny cronig, or well known medical facts.let us know.

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Feb-09-14 4:34 PM

Steiner I know you are fracked up beyond belief but some of us aren't and realize that welfare reform and lower taxes would be more helpful than more environmental pollution.

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Feb-09-14 9:38 PM

Digging a basement for a new house releases radon too. Should that be stopped? There are far more new houses being built than fracking wells.

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Feb-09-14 10:49 PM

Radon is naturally occurring. It is easily mitigated... however, I am not sure if it is easily mitigated in well water. I suspect one can remove it with a filter... I just have not come across that one before.

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Feb-10-14 10:15 PM

I wish I were President and could lawlessly change laws.

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Feb-10-14 10:17 PM

Two people disagreed with facts... too bad Judeye wasn't here to protect my scientific mind.

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Feb-10-14 10:17 PM

The thing about a WNY mind... it's simple, easily changed and never wants what is needed.

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Feb-11-14 8:43 AM

Did it yet again yesterday didn't he stanislaus?

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Feb-11-14 10:46 AM

Each year between 100,000-180,000 Americans die as the result of pulmonary embolism, a complication from blood clots in the lungs. The Vascular Disease Foundation------------ why ? because of all those over used chemicals thet put in out food.

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Feb-11-14 5:51 PM

Yes he did. A drop makes a hole in a stone not by force but by constant dripping... or so the old Socialist saying goes.

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Feb-11-14 7:57 PM

Wow, are you willing to risk your children's health ? WNY already has cancer rates higher then the national average. Lets slow down and review all the options and consequences.

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Feb-11-14 8:11 PM

Get a grip Buffalo and stop with the poor poor children attitude.

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