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County Home revote sale nears

February 9, 2014

Wednesday night’s information session in Mayville on the potential sale of the Chautauqua County Home to VestraCare answered many newly seated legislators’ question....

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Feb-11-14 11:41 AM

Don't get me wrong. I'm not in favor of privatizing local PDs. I just get tired of hearing the weak excuse of why the CCH must be sold. ALL public services cost money, but for selfish reasons, ppl say we can't afford to pay $2.6M per yr to operate the CCH, yet no one talks about the $24M+ spent on the CCSD each year. How much does the CCSD "lose" each day?

I'm like most people and don't want to pay any more taxes than I have to, and privatizing the CCH MAY prove to be a good thing. I just believe the risk is far too great b/c if it doesn't pan out, we've lost a very valuable service, and everyone who favors selling doesn't care about this real possibility. And if you are wrong, you won't lose a night's sleep over it.

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Feb-11-14 7:12 AM

And again, the sale of the CCH had little to do with money and LOTS to do with POLITICS!

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Feb-11-14 7:10 AM

Camden, New jersey was voted the most dangerous city in America, based on violent crime rates, for several years running. It's also an economic disaster of proportions much worse than anything seen locally. The "privatized" police force is a COUNTY police force. The force is being aided by unarmed security forces that only respond to certain calls to alleviate time spent by PROFESSIONAL Police Officers to deal with real crime. The comparison to Dunkirk would be if the police department was dissolved and law enforcement turned over to the Sheriff's department. Money savings? I doubt much. Better enforcement? I can't see how.

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Feb-10-14 11:26 AM

Niebelj...The County Legislature will determine whether they want to cut taxes or spend it on other priorities. As Darkstar points out- this will be $27 million or more taxpayers won't have to spend over the next 10 years to fund losses at the County Home.

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Feb-10-14 10:31 AM

Watchdog how much do you expect each of our taxes to be reduced by the sale of the home? Just a guess .... will it be in the thousands, hundreds, dollars, pennies? What can we expect as a tax reduction amount?

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Feb-10-14 8:27 AM


The answer is simple, ultimately the taxpayers are on the hook for any spending at the CCH.

By selling the CCH we only say what we are currently paying toward it, not the loses we would ultimately be forced to make up.

Although following Washington's example we could say this would be a $27 million plus tax cut over the next ten years.

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Feb-10-14 7:53 AM


This needs to be explained before any movement forward

Have you shared this with any legislators? hint hint....

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Feb-10-14 7:18 AM

NiebelJ…Investing $16 million in Chautauqua County with a commitment to put $1 million more in improvements is a big deal. There are no guarantees in life except death and taxes. Right now, taxes are eating us alive. If New York State laws permitted the County to compete with the private adult care providers it might be a different story, but they don't. New York wants the counties out of the nursing care business. Look at the 34 other counties trying to get out.

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Feb-09-14 11:09 PM

The issue is annoying & very disturbing.I am caught both ways on the measure. We have an obligation to take care of those that need help. Many years ago our relatives used the words "poor house." They were taken care of w/o question. Selling the home to private interests WILL NOT reduce our taxes one iota and it is a proven fact since politics are involved this county will find a way to spend the sale money on other luxuries which is called "waste." I have said many times that living in the City of Dunkirk my City taxes are almost double to that of the county. There are many of you like myself pay no school taxes thanks to the STAR program so quit crying about a few extra bucks to help your fellow man.On top of all this I resent the fact that 19 legislators decide the fate of selling or not let's have a referendum ballot & let the people decide on something THEY themselves own Finally there are & have been people who don't even live here commenting on

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Feb-09-14 10:48 PM

Marcia, that is a very astute analysis on your part. The finance dept. needs to explain why only a fraction of the total savings would be recognized by property owners. My guess, the difference is to plug some holes elsewhere.

Captain, I totally understand what you are saying. When law enforcement become the perpetrators of legalized extortion we are nearing the end game. It is common knowledge, the police abuse of the pension scheme is systemic, including excessive overtime and promotions in the last 3 years of employment when the pension is calculated. These people need to be exposed for the people they actually are. The entire public sector should be named Public Corruption, Inc. because this has become their major activity.

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Feb-09-14 10:04 PM

Niebelj-- said "You really think these people care one iota about the economics of this area. They will buy the home, take their profits and spend, invest, where they come from. News Flash is not here! " ---------- at least THEY will make a profit. It will cost chau county nothing. If WE are losing money daily, we are not spending it here are we, because we are losing money daily.....why keep losing money ?

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Feb-09-14 9:48 PM

80% of County Home residents are medicaid. Some of them are truly out of money. Some of them look like they have no money because family has transferred their assets just so they don't have to pay for them being in the Home. How do you like paying for them? I think transfer of assets is now 5 years or 7. It should be eliminated entirely. As for Judblind eye she should throw that CGR Report down the well and jump in after it.

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Feb-09-14 8:59 PM

taxpayercitizen: There are just too many people who refuse to accept the fact that municipalities CAN privatize law enforcement services, even when there's solid proof.

Politicians know very well the power that law enforcement carries w/them to the voting booth, therefore, it's politically safer to ignore pursuing an option that could easily produce major savings.

Law enforcement and their large number of supporters would band together like no one has ever seen before and destroy ANY politician, or any private citizen for that matter, who's interested in threatening a system that provides them with good wages and extraordinary pension benefits.

Since so much attention has been directed at the CCH regarding "daily losses" to justify its sale, just how much money is the Chaut Co jail losing per day?

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Feb-09-14 8:24 PM

"Estimates from the County Finance Department suggested that ownership by a for-profit entity could reduce the overall tax levy by about $361,000 per year, spread across town, school and county taxes and leaving less taxes for each homeowner to pay, according to the CGR study." The article also states the home costs taxpayers $7000 per day, which come out to $2,555,000. So why is selling it only saving $361,000 in taxes. Something is not right here. More and more lies regarding the finances of the home.

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Feb-09-14 6:39 PM


Someone needs to look at what was recently done in Camden, NJ, a much more dangerous place than Dunkirk NY. The city there actually contracted the police department out because the city could no longer afford the contracts that had been negotiated. Education has been overhauled too. The bottom line is the private sector has done the job cheaper and better. Many of the former officers have been rehired at reasonable rate that everyone can afford. I applaud her efforts.

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Feb-09-14 6:17 PM

Would someone please tell me what is a more important use of my tax dollars than to help pay for the care of our most vulnerable citizens?

What could we cut before cutting the CC?

I would love to read your answers...what in your opinion is a more important service, use of our tax dollars than to care for our neighbors, our family, our fellow citizens in their time of need.

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Feb-09-14 6:12 PM you say I am lying...

oh you have to do is post something that shows that.

Really?? Have you not read the CGR report? So you think I made this all up?

If so, I am waiting...prove it...

I quoted directly from the report..and you say I am prove it. Cite where you get your information...

You do understand there is a difference between FACTS and an OPINION don't you?

Obviously not....

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Feb-09-14 6:08 PM

joew..why do we only get back 72 cents for every dollar we send? ask those who think we should not get the IGT funds. I have NO idea why some would want to give more to other states..and take less for our own. Generosity? Or ignorance? Your guess as good as mine..I guess...

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Feb-09-14 4:46 PM

Horrigans Hooligans..I like that..

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Feb-09-14 4:44 PM

Hawkman411...You really think I care what you think?? truth is scary,and lies are even more scarier,Something Horrigan and his hooligans are very good at...Do your job George,you have plenty of info about Farbenblum and whats really going on at the CCH,I will make sure the people know whats really going on..Eat your Pizza,and while you eat it,think about the patients at the CCH you are throwing to the wolves..Boo!!..

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Feb-09-14 4:19 PM

Old Joke: How can you tell when Judeye is lying? She is posting on the Observer blogs.

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Feb-09-14 3:46 PM

County taxpayers do not need to subsidize something that the private sector is willing to do without sacrificing the quality of care. Employment will expand. The CSEA's private division will likely be the union and home will be viable for the long term without

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Feb-09-14 3:19 PM

Now Judeye is calling road and bridge construction in other states federal welfare.

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Feb-09-14 3:18 PM

There goes Judeye again with her statement "factoring in the county match to IGT, the county home shows a surplus. Wow the home has some money left from the millions of tax dollars we give it!

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Feb-09-14 2:15 PM

taxpayercitizen...One Pizza a year,not a month..Was your Pizza good??..

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