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Those elected best serve themselves

February 16, 2014

Public servants, as the term is normally understood, really don’t serve the public at all. They don’t live a selfless life of doing for others out of the goodness of their hearts....

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Feb-17-14 7:30 PM

The interesting thing, Phil, is that Volkswagen, itself, wanted and campaigned for the union so it could form 'worker councils' like it has at its plants in Germany.

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Feb-17-14 7:11 PM

the goverment brought use the internet !

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Feb-17-14 5:49 PM

There are not many times when I would suport a union and the workers at a Volkswagon plant in Tennessee did the right thing in rejecting the United Auto Workers efforts to organize their plant. However, there is one instance when I think a powerful union might actually be beneficial for the whole country. I am suggesting a union of all American voters. Not a Democratic or Republican union. Those organizations are worthless and they sold their soles to special interests. I am talking about a union of voters, call it a third political party, but it would be an organization committed to taking back our country from the special interests. IMPOOSSIBLE YOU SAY! Remember that Ross Perot came close in 1992 when he tried to mobilize the people with common sense into a national political movement. Maybe it can be done with the right leadership.

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Feb-17-14 4:18 PM

A major thrust of the article was elected officials – the ones WE put there.

Term limits would help – “politician” should not be a life-long profession. Undoing gerrymandering – by BOTH parties would help – so we had competitive elections where people had to stand up and debate their convictions (rather than just take more money from special interests and winning a primary).

We get the government we deserve – and if we keep electing incumbents to the tune of up to 98% every federal election, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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Feb-17-14 9:24 AM

where is christopher. we have listed facts for him and no post from christopher ! i guees he only likes certain facts, those in hs own mind.

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Feb-17-14 8:52 AM

hey taxpayer, dont forget the new mayor of NYC has launched yet another attack on charter schools . Also the govt in wisconsin , or the owners of the unused public schools will NOT sell them to charter schools. Gotta keep those kids dumbacratic. I notice the lack of posts by our local libs, cronig, judeye and christopher. they call my posts over the top. yet they are strangely silent on what their own party has done for education. talk about cherry picking if ever i saw it. facts like these, judeye ignores and yet always says why certain facts are left out in observer editorials. you gotta hand it to judeye. Always reprimanding, but never herself.

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Feb-16-14 3:18 PM

Steiner, I seen the same article where 9 students in California are challenging grade K-12 tenure. The children, one age 15, claim bad teachers are being protected and as a result their education is being compromised. Fortunately, an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley is affording the children quality attorneys in the case. I wish them the best. The teachers union and federation of course are siding with the teachers. What a pathetic bunch. Not one teacher broke ranks and joined the children. These teachers don't need tenure.

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Feb-16-14 3:00 PM

the govt employees like obama and others have the nerve to say you did not build that. Another case of govt hubris.even the stupid democrats of yesteryear had to have the cotton gin invented by a northerner. The gall of the govt employee is enormous. the govt has not contributed one whit to the life of science and invention we take for granted. they sat back and watched as huge fortunes were made. just after lincolns death, when oil was starting up north, there was so much oil on the ground and in the air, it could be smelled for miles. can you imagine that today ? why the LWV would have a heart attack. fortunes were made. so there was pollution and many trees were cut down. so what ? we survived that, but more important, the govt had nothing to do with it and became afraid , as did the progressives of the enormous wealth and power the corporations had. i love corporations and money.thats how it went for RRs and eletricity too. Gobs of money.

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Feb-16-14 2:52 PM

The article nails it. the govt employee thinks not that they work for us , but that we work for them. Taxpayer sees this also.this all started with the rise of the progressives and liberals, the best one was woodrow wilson. it is gotten so bad in the schools that in California , the teachers union is beng sued by the students over ridiculous work rules and incompetent teachers.Yes ! if ever there was a place where liberals fall flat it is the public schools. all that rhetoric about caring and sharing is propaganda. we have poorly educated kids to prove it. even the kids know a good education is required in society . the teachers, democratic stooges are in it only for themselves.the parents, the students and everyone else works for the govt !it is NOT the govt employee working for the taxpayers. in erie county the govt employees say when the govt works the county works. history had been turned upside down by the libs.

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Feb-16-14 11:30 AM

Mr. McLaughlin, this is one of the most insightful opinions I have read. The current system is nearing the Communist China model where the government controls most everything. The perfect example of this is in public education where layoffs in New York state are decided by seniority alone. This is a brain dead reasoning that assumes just because someone has longevity they are more qualified. Anyone who examines the situation realizes this is the NY State Teachers Union flexing their muscle. The good of the children take a back seat to what the government union and their paid for politicians want. Disgraceful!

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