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Money driving decisions at Brooks

February 18, 2014

As a 34-year employee of Brooks Memorial Hospital, I think that our community needs to know some of the “behind the scenes” priorities that motivate the way that the hospital currently functions....

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Feb-26-14 11:31 AM

(cont. from below) . . . that blatantly abuse Biblical teachings and every premise of "loving thy neighbor." Instead, in our economic system, "thy neighbor" is someone to be misled by advertising and corrupt business practices, or is rejected because they're poor, LGBT, or ethically/racially different. For those of a religious perspective, how does his square with your understanding of the Bible? To "teach a man to fish" requires first giving him a fishing pole (the means), a place to fish (a job), and then some educated clue about how to go about it (education). Let's realize that life is dependent on a lot of variables, and not everyone is equal in terms of their starting positions in the race for economic success.

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Feb-26-14 11:21 AM

One of the worst conflicts the fact that the health care industry (including Big Pharma and adult homes, for profit hospitals, etc.) operate according to a capitalist ideology of making money, not of serving the needy. A friend of mine in Finland died after 4 years of intensive care for pancreatic cancer: the total bill for his treatment for that as 600 euros (maybe $900 dollars). I spent 5 days in the ICU with a punctured lung and broken ribs (I guess I'm too old to be biking), and the total cost was 60 euros ($90--the charge being for food! Can any reader imagine the same costs in the US. And, while we're at it, those of you who have children in college, how does totally free higher education appeal to you: plus a stipend from the government for living expenses. A "we" culture, not a "me" society exists in the world: not the US. Good luck with your support for the Tea Party whose theory is based on the opposite premises--also on uncharitable impulses that bla

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Feb-20-14 8:31 PM

Of course money is the driving factor. It's called greed. Not only hospitals but individuals want more money. With money comes power. Just look at the unions. Prices and profits drive the American economy. No money no big car. So you see money is in fact the root of all evil. Look at the billionaires in this country they will never live long enough to spend what they have yet they continually want more. So why should Brooks Hospital be any different?

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Feb-19-14 10:33 PM

What happened Clown, you wont respond in the other posts anymore ? wonder why, did you make a bigger fool of yourself than you normally do ?------- from the headline "homes last stand" ----Super Clown also bragging he has 10000 patents now also,lol............World record holder Shunpei Yamazaki (Japan), president of Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. Ltd (Japan), holds a total of 6,314 patents as of 10 March 2011. ------ So Narcissistic Steiner did you aplly for 10, yes countem TEN patents a day since march 2011 ? LOL, you need help.

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Feb-19-14 7:20 PM

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Feb-19-14 1:11 PM

Remember Steiner when you are not in the private sector basic economics goes out the door. You can surmise that by reading a lot of the positions taken and comments posted.

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Feb-18-14 8:09 PM

hey christopher, is profit bad ? it seems it is to you. Where do all those govt stooges get paid from if not from taxed profits. You can have all the dedicated staff you want. if something shifts in the business and we have seen in all throughout WNY, then their efforts are well intentioned but meaningless. you libs just hate other peoples money and love taxes. we should tax lake shore more. that would help. christopher look at history, profits increased as the price of cars, electronics were lowered. the notable exception to this is public schools. there costs have escalated , quality lowered, but govt stooges run it and paul christopher is silent.

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Feb-18-14 8:06 PM

Cmon DK -- anything other than bottoms-up cuts is redistributive socialism...

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Feb-18-14 6:16 PM

Perspectives sound a little like management speaking or a Board member. Brooks was financially stable way before Jonathan Lawrence!!!Changes have to be made due to changes in reimbursement and the declining population, but to blame employees for not pulling their weight is so wrong! Dedicated employees are the backbone of this hospital!

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Feb-18-14 4:12 PM

Health care deliverers are laid off, am highly paid "mouthpiece" is hired. I rest my case as to what and whom is responsible for the current debacle masquerading as a "Healthcare" network and not what it really is, just another profit making industry.

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Feb-18-14 11:05 AM

Wake up people! For profit or not not, all businesses are driven by money. No money, no business. Certainly the current administration have many barriers to overcome, declining population, reduced reimbursement, years of mismanagement (yes,that started even before the infamous Jonathan Lawrence) & staff who have been able to run their own show for far too long. In order for Brooks to remain viable EVERYONE has to do their part. Unfortunately, many staff there don't want to pull their weight. Non performers and low performers are a liability to an already struggling institution. If staff choose to perpetuate gossip, poor attitudes & to hem and haw about the changes that should have been made years ago, then they should also rethink if they are truly in it for the Brooks community or for themselves. Change is a difficult but necessary process and in order to progress and to be sustainable, Brooks has to make some unfortunate, yet necessary changes.

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Feb-18-14 9:49 AM

Well, let’s see. So far this week in the Observer we’ve seen: (1) money for grape farmers, (2) money for Fredonia Central Schools, (3) money for Dunkirk Public Schools, (4) money to fix Route 60, (5) money for Gowanda.

Just part of the Catch 22, circular logic of “We spend way too much – but when it comes to us, we sure want our share!”

And what seems to be going on with Brooks management exemplifies the “circle the wagons” mentality of most companies when money gets tight – cuts are usually from the bottom up, rarely from the top down.

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Feb-18-14 9:48 AM

FTE'S how many fte's are management over?we had a ceo & cfo and a 14 million surplus!now we have copious upper level management and offsite office in Fredonia and deficit! this regime is making jonathan look good and he managed to loose 14 million! enough said.

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Feb-18-14 9:21 AM

Money drives everything says the author. He just noticed that ? we are supposed to be suprised at that ? Money drives the liberals ! they want other peoples money ! Take this attitude multiply it to the federal level and we see why we have mountain of debt ! Its only money, we deserve it or someone does. The shallow thinking of the writers in this area is staggering. even Buffalo hospitals have closed or noticed a decline in could we expect to escape this when the 2nd largest city in NY is suffering the same thing ? Its all part of that liberal boom we see in NY .

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Feb-18-14 8:51 AM

Dcronlg, A hospital is only as good as the caregivers. If they aren't happy - the quality of care at Brooks will go down the tubes.

Although the author sounds a bit like a disgruntled former employee, I wouldn't doubt a lot of what he says is true. If the hospital can afford to cut care staff, then they sure as heck should be able to cut admin staff as well.

Sounds like another local entity that can't seem to get admins out of the way.

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Feb-18-14 8:44 AM

Well, it seems that Lake Shore Hospital didnt keep their eyes on the money and now look at them.

We may not agree with Brooks' methods, but by having them around, we should be glad of the outcome.

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Feb-18-14 7:16 AM

great article jack, you we're a great asset to the hospital! as I wrote in a previous comment they have more management than workers! it's a shame what's going on there! employees are happy and consider it a good week when no one is fired oh I mean resigned! it's a shame the er supervisor was resigned 3 weeks before her retirement! keep hiring those management! I would love to know there plan! I still think we're all gonna end up @ upmc. as I said before horatio must be rolling over in his grave!

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Feb-18-14 6:27 AM

EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME! Time to eliminate the person who said this and ANY associated minions. This is what many have been suspicious of and now we have this confirmed. I am not sure why a professional would speak this way, act this way (other than I am a Type A personality and you WILL do what I say)to damage our community assets. I recall Del Brinkman being so thankful to have had the opportunity to help build Lake Shore Hospital. Meals on Wheels another necessary community asset. To the speaker of those crude words GET OUT! GET OUT of here, your still here reading this GET OUT! We have enough trouble and needs in our area without an idiot like this involved in our struggling hospital 501-C (3) non-profit hospital corporation. Time to go, your still here? LEAVE!!!!

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Feb-18-14 6:09 AM

I mentioned this when they hired an "information specialist", or some such title. Oops, I forgot, I'm not allowed to comment because I never worked in personnel at Brooks!!

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