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Mute Swan Plan

February 25, 2014

On Monday, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation closed its comment section to the Draft Mute Swan Management Plan....

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Feb-25-14 9:53 PM

And if you bothered to read the state's proposed plan CassadagaHiker you would find that the person who told the board that the state planned to kill ALL the mute swans in the state WAS A LIAR! In fact the state would allow qualified persons or groups to obtain a permit which would enable them to "adopt" local wild birds, thereby controlling their movement and numbers, effectively ceasing that flock's environmental damage potential. I'm not entirely certain, but I assume that whomever held such a permit would be required to periodically net the birds and clip one wing; a standard practice in open air ornithological displays. Population control would probably involve egg addling. Such a licensing program would allow Cassadaga to truly call those swans, ....THEIR swans.

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Feb-25-14 8:39 PM

In a related story, when asked to comment on the controversy, the swams remained mute. :-)

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Feb-25-14 8:36 PM

The issue CassadagaHiker, is not the few birds seen today locally, but the situation slowly developing across the entire state, or for that matter, the entire Northeast U.S. ! Yours would be the exact same lame argument that the people who imported the first ornamental goldfish into the country would have made. The exact same argument that those who incorporated those 1st few sprigs of Purple Loosestrife & Hogweed into their flower gardens would have made. What possible harm could few goldfish and pretty little plants pose?

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Feb-25-14 7:50 PM

Bet the warm fuzzy feelings towards the swans will change when some kid steps in swan crap and spreads it around at home and the family comes down with E-coli.

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Feb-25-14 7:41 PM

Yes KCW007 PLEASE go on. I have lived here for 47 years on the lake and have never seen more than 6-7 swans on the three lakes. In addition they eat the weeds which we use a machine to remove anyhow every year. Please tell me how destructive they are to my home community again.

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Feb-25-14 3:10 PM

Really Dcronig? Consider the scourge that is the Purple Loosestrife. Who could have imagined that a couple of pretty stems in an east coast ornamental garden would one day devastate the entire wetland environment in the state? Incredible? Yes! Unbelievable? Yes? True? YES! Would anyone believe that the import of a few Chinese Chestnut saplings would destroy the predominate hardwood tree species in North America? Of course not! Incredible! Unbelievable! BUT IT HAPPENED. Look at the devastation that come from importing a couple pretty goldfish! Do I need to go on?

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Feb-25-14 3:03 PM


Ah yes your usual "if you don't agree with me your an idiot!"

Congrats on becoming the leftist Steiner.

Oh, BTW... how long should we wait, give us a number that if they exceed that number they become a problem?

How much bamboo should be allowed to grow wild in the area, or snakehead fish, should we allow a certain number to exist because they haven't caused enough damage yet?

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Feb-25-14 2:46 PM

Somehow believing that 2,200 mute swans -- the size of a typical Thanksgiving Day turkey -- will wreak such environmental destruction across all of New York's lakes, ponds, rivers, stream and wetlands is beyond incredible.

It's sheer stupidity, and worse to try and convince anyone of such absurdity.


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Feb-25-14 12:30 PM

They look yummy! Gather 'em up and have a Bar-B-Q, problem solved!

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Feb-25-14 12:11 PM

The uproar over this plan to eradicate an invasive species shows people's bias toward "cute" animals.

Notice none of those protesting this has any issue with the DEC trying to eradicate the snakehead fish and/or Asian carp but people think swans are pretty so suddenly it's as issue.

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Feb-25-14 11:43 AM

Where are the libertarians and conservationists on this issue. Seven swans are polluting and ruining the environment? Gimme a break! Despite their problems, I welcomed for many years the geese that were attracted to my pond, and the pleasures of watching them and raising their families was always worth the need to watch where I was stepping in the yard. And the culmination, if I was lucky enough to be there at the time, was when they decamped all at once, after weeks of flying lessons, and were gone to their own adventures.


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