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Legislature to hold special meeting

March 6, 2014

MAYVILLE — At the request of County Legislature Chairman Jay Gould, a special meeting involving fracking in Chautauqua County is scheduled for Wednesday in Mayville. The session, scheduled for 6:30 p....

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Mar-07-14 1:09 PM


The problem is that the only time the earth isn't warming is when it's cooling, the earths climate is rhythmic and if we follow the pattern we see that it shows that we are in a warming period.

This is NOT my opinion. These are SCIENTIFIC FACTS.

Now add to that the fact that those pushing the man made global warming take data and admittedly "adjust it" and then expects us to take it all as fact.

Also many of the same groups pushing this agenda are the same as not only screamed about global cooling in the 70's and 80's but all screamed about paper grocery bags and pushed people to use plastic, and now scream about plastic. They also railed against Freon and were able to get it severely restricted, only to find out the alternative they pushed was worse for the environment then Freon is.

Add all these together and you have the main reasons many don't buy into the current fear mongering.

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Mar-07-14 7:57 AM

DarkStar...I do not know about back then except that was the same era that told us smoking was fine and that drinking while driving was overlooked and ignored.

I do know NOW what the overwhelming evidence is for the warming of our planet, the increase in Carbon, and yes, we humans are at least in part to blame.

This is NOT my opinion. These are SCIENTIFIC FACTS.

If the Sierra Club opposed windmills they were idiots. Wind is one of the sources for future energy. Other possible sources of renewable energy include solar, geothermal, wave and tide, and hydroelectric. We need to explore and develop all of these, in my opinion, to get us off our addiction to fossil fuel as our source for energy.

The planet is warming at a rapid rate. We are starting to see the impact of the rise in temperature. Just take a look at the ice caps and ice sheets to get an idea of just how much they have melted in a relatively short period of time.

Not good.

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Mar-06-14 2:29 PM


Yeah, that any many, many smaller companies, which is part of the NY is open for business thing is such a joke.

I mean look no further then Brocton where someone trying to open a rustic campground has been getting the run around for more then a year (or is it two now?)

If people can keep a rustic campgrounds in the woods on hold for that long, what chance would a manufacture have in our area?

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Mar-06-14 1:29 PM

Darkstar that's exactly one of the reasons why we didn't get the Saturn plant here."Not in my backyard"

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Mar-06-14 1:21 PM

Then we have the whole hypocrisy of the left, for example look what happened during the NRG repowering debate, many local people (and the Sierra Club) which have protested any attempt at installing Windmills in the Chautauqua County turned around and then said we should replace the power generated by NRG with, at least in part, power from windmills.

Even the left's royal family, the Kennedy's, who have long opposed burning coal and nuclear power and supported "green energy," opposed building a wind where they would be able to see if from their compound, and even went so far as to claim it wasn't needed because the area got enough energy from a nearby nuclear and coal burning power plants.

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Mar-06-14 1:15 PM


Exactly, and this area is a perfect example of the "Not in my backyard" frame of mind.

Look at what happens anytime a company wants to locate to our area, people will crawl out of the woodwork to oppose it being opened anywhere near them.

We will never be able to calculate just how many jobs this attitude has cost the area, since it's become so pervasive that it's well know that the area is hostile to new businesses so many companies wont even consider Western NY when looking for a new location.

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Mar-06-14 1:06 PM


I notice you don't mention taking the comments of those opposed to fracking with great scrutiny. But environmental "scientists" in the 1980's claimed we were causing global cooling, pushed to replace paper bags with plastic bags (which they now complain about,) pushed a replacement for Freon (which actually was then found out to be even more damaging to ozone then Freon,) and there are many other debates history has proven they were on the wrong side of.


Tillerson joined the suit has nothing to do with it involving fracking, it's based simply it potentially decrease the value of his multi million dollar estate. I'm sure he would object if they tried to build a homeless shelter next to him as well, but if so would you support a moratorium on homeless shelters?

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Mar-06-14 10:23 AM

how does that story go, people want social reform, safe housing for rehabbing, better energy prices, but not at the cost of being in "their back yard" reform and change is good as long it doesn't affect the terrain around personal area/space

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Mar-06-14 10:18 AM

oh boy more "cannon fodder" for John D to rally for, than against, then for, get the picture

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Mar-06-14 9:53 AM

Roberta is correct, the workers come from outside the area. Their trucks will hurt our roads, which are precarious at best. Many local areas have passed laws not allowing horizontal fracking in their areas, and we should too. Others have banned fracking waste, which we should also do. Our environment is too precious to turn over to these people. The president of Exxon, Rex Tillerson, is suing to not allow fracking near his house, ironic. online-dot-wsj-dot-com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304899704579391181466603804

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Mar-06-14 9:46 AM

Carlaw...I own property and pay a lot of taxes just like thousands of other property owners. All property owners and others could see significant benefits if we allow this opportunity to move forward just like 30 other states including California. This debate is about the global warming alarmists trying to scare everyone because they are disciples of Algore. Anyone in New York using any natural gas is already using fracked gas as it is being sent from other states safely producing it.

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Mar-06-14 9:21 AM

boob1957 get a life, you are not important and nobody cares what you have to say!!! The sky is not falling and you lost!!

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Mar-06-14 9:20 AM

Roberta2 there is already a provision within the State DEC draft that water would be tested prior to drilling and then after.(more than once) You might want to read it.

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Mar-06-14 9:10 AM

Judeye Judeye who will be on the panel is easily available to you by going on the County website and downloading the agenda.

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Mar-06-14 9:02 AM

They are not voting on anything bob1957.The County does have a say in not allowing fracking in the county.

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Mar-06-14 8:41 AM

Watchdog you have a dog in the race admit it.

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Mar-06-14 7:50 AM

Who is going to be on the panel? why is this not disclosed? I would like to know who is speaking on each side of this issue.

Who is speaking for fracking? I assume someone from Gas Industry, in which case I hope everyone will take what they say with great scrutiny. Remember what tobacco industry told us about smoking.

Who is speaking out against Fracking? I hope it is someone with a good scientific background that can present the science behind why many oppose this type of drilling.

Please let us in the public know who is speaking on each side.

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Mar-06-14 7:44 AM

The fracking co's already have all there people --they just go from place -- there will be no jobs--I challenge the county health dept and villages citys to have a total test done on their water to see whats in it for chemicals then there will be a starting point how our water really is--

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Mar-06-14 7:18 AM

Fracking means JOBS! Fracking means many economic benefits which could lift our whole economy! Let's get going and support real solutions to help everyone.

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Mar-06-14 6:58 AM

frack baby frack!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar-06-14 6:30 AM

Here we go again. This time the County Legislature will be voting on another NYS authority issue, Fracking. The sole authority is NYS Governor & EnCon. The Chautauqua County Legislature has not once ounce of authority. Jobs they can have an influence in, do they NO. What do they do, pass a resolution about welfare recipients being residents of Chautauqua County, NYS already has such a regulation and the resolution has no place in law because it exists already AND they no authority/responsibility in this. Then they sell the County Home, now fracking. JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS, do you get it yet? Our county needs Jobs support the County Executive in his political promise for jobs, he did not promise a fracking law, FOCUS.

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