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Message came on wrong day

March 21, 2014

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed’s announcement to run for re-election was barely a blip in this region....

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Mar-24-14 11:34 AM

Voting out incumbants would mean if the match-up was Reed vs Robertson: a vote for Robertson? NO! We need people like Reed in Office to stop as many abuses from:our rights being taken away,sinking us further in debt by giving away more government freebies-speding money we don't have on things we don't need.Drones on American soil and no-knock warrents.We don't need more Progressives!

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Mar-24-14 7:25 AM

There's one solution to a chance at a better America and more jobs: Take every incumbent who has had several terms in office and vote them out next cycle. Do this at both the state and federal level.

Both sides of the aisle in D.C. just play games with the average citizen and only care about their own gain. It's time to say we're done with the status quo. It doesn't work for America, just for those in office.

On a state level: NYS Taxes are pathetic and a burden on everyone still living there. Why are businesses leaving? Simple: It's MUCH cheaper and easier to run their business elsewhere.

When is the last time someone in state government talked about reducing taxes for everyone? What are you getting for all those taxes you pay? It's time to send a loud and clear message to Albany: ENOUGH ALREADY!

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Mar-22-14 7:02 PM

"Congressman Reed is a tea bagger" and people like bob1957 are teacups that teabags are used in. Remember Robertson is like Obama, she was for it (take your choice of issues) before she was against it. Reed has voted the way his VOTING BASE wants him to on pretty much every issue. And if you voted against him then you are not part of his voting base.

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Mar-21-14 7:09 PM

While Rep Reed is not my favorite,I can't seem to find any vote by him to shut down the government?

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Mar-21-14 6:20 PM

Do Not Forget: Congressman Reed voted to shut the government down and he voted keep it shut down. Twice Congressman Reed voted to shut down OUR US Government first time to shut it second time to not approve the budget resolution thereby keeping the US Government shut down. Congressman Reed is a tea bagger, he cares little for the voters of this district and shown this by the little he has done. The ONLY thing he has done and I mean only is get FEMA to deliver money that WAS OWED, where was he beofee this trying to get money for OUR hospital. Reed is not an American Republican he is a tea bagger in the GOP supporting only tea baggin issues and not us and not the United States of America. Your right about the liberal running against him, but Reed has done more damage to us here or been useless. I refuse to vote for him and I am a Republican.

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Mar-21-14 4:57 PM

You think Reed is not the one. You think Robertson is the one with her I don't think Obummer Care goes far enough? She is just another liberal that will s uck the life out of hard working people to give to the freeloaders. SHE DOES NOT HAVE MY VOTE AND SHOULD NOT HAVE YOURS!!!!!!

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Mar-21-14 10:39 AM

It's a Local issue:see how the Fredonia/Dunkirk Mayors deal with their shortfalls in tax money.School Boards?Keep packing them with those having a vested interest in raising benefits and holding the vote on School grounds(should be done at your local polling place).

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Mar-21-14 7:31 AM

What I've said all along about EVERY politician running of late at ALL levels, and that is that each and every one of them claims the "elections are about JOBS!", always said with that emphasis and a lot of finger pointing. Their supporters all clap and cheer loudly. Then, nothing either happens, or, jobs are LOST!! What, no hand clapping and cheering?

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Mar-21-14 6:45 AM

Like I said in my other post, what has he done? NOTHING!

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