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Ripple effects

Water plants to see huge losses after Carriage House

March 23, 2014

Some dramatic cuts in revenues flowing into Fredonia’s two water plants will come to fruition after Carriage House, the village’s largest private employer, closes and eliminates about 425 jobs by......

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Mar-25-14 9:10 AM

KRASNITZ - It's important to remember that government functions as a monopoly. Maybe the post office is the best example of how a monopoly can become a burden on society with constantly rising costs. It is the forces of competition that keep prices in line. The only competition in government is other governments and that explains why so many people and businesses are leaving New York State and Chautauqua County to settle in states where there is less government, lower taxes and lower costs.

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Mar-24-14 10:15 PM

Phil you said "...Government is there to serve the people with services that can best be provided by government ...[that the citizens demanded.}" They want good roads and bridges, good water, healthy waste disposal systems, reliable efficient fire protect, and effective law enforcemen; and most of all they want to be able to FIRE the providers if they don't get it. Try that with providers who have to make a profit, pay stockholders and grant faceless corporate bureaucrats enormous bonuses. Yeah, bureaucrats that meet all of Weber's criteria.

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Mar-24-14 10:01 PM

You have a point Judeye. IIRC, Kentucky gave them 10 Million to set up a peanut butter line et al. I'm sure there was even more offered. They, Kentucky, bought the business much like Texas. NY made no such offer or evinced any interest in keeping them here. But then, when ConAgra bought RalCor (sp?) it was local consensus they were buying out the competition and would close the facility. No attempt will be made to sell to another processor. In fact, like Petri, they will strip it of all the equipment so no one can restart production without inordinate expense. Again, NY from the top down, made no effort to keep ConAgra here.

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Mar-24-14 6:17 PM

TJEFSON - you have it right. Government is there to serve the people with services that can best be provided by government at a reasonable cost. We have it wrong in that government has become our largest employer with salaries that in many cases far exceed the salaries and benefits of the taxpayers that are picking up the tab. It is a receipe for disaster and we are seeing that disaster with every new plant closing. Shame on our leaders for allowing our once proud communities to suffer and die.

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Mar-24-14 11:53 AM

Judeye, the closing will only impact those who stay here, of which I do not think I am going to be one. Before this state has a chance to take me down with it, I am most likely going to flee it. Good luck to whomever decides to stay.

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Mar-24-14 11:51 AM

Mr. Julian, this is perfect illustration of why the private sector needs to be the engine of any healthy economy. The public sector is dependent on the private sector in order to provide the services. There needs to be working relationship between the two for communities to thrive and grow. This area is way out of balance, with a huge government with very little business to support it. People in private industy are not looking for anything special. People do not work to subsidize a lifestyle for someone else that they can only dream of ever having. Is asking to be treated equal asking to much. The answer seems to be yes. No one wants to sacrafice anything.

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Mar-24-14 9:39 AM

JUDEYE - 68% of the voters in Buckner, Kentucky voted for Romney in 2012 while only 32% supported Obama. Sounds conservative to me and maybe that explains their prosperity!

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Mar-24-14 8:49 AM

Wonder why this article did not include businesses in Dunkirk who will also be greatly impacted by the closure.

I know of one business in Dunkirk that does quite a bit of business with them. I know this will greatly impact on them. A huge loss of income for a small business.

The closure is going to impact all of us who live in this area. Just like most other major company closing have done.

Where was the Chamber on this? Where were the economic leaders? Where were the talks about what they might need to remain here and close one of their other plants?

If these discussions have been held,why were not we told about them?

By the way anyone else look up Buckner Kentucky? Where median income is $111,615 and median house price $301,348!

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Mar-23-14 10:53 PM

joew, the problem would be one of implementation. Common sense reform becomes uncommon quickly in the political arena of Washington. These reforms are usually political suicide for the elected official who has the guts to take on reform. The general population looks at any cuts as a personal attack on their entitlements. Politicians take political points over what is good for the country on a regular basis. I always hate being pessimistic, but John F Kennedy's words have been flip flopped into what can my country do for me. The American people don't want to hear the truth so the politicians keep postponing the inevitable. Our children's future is in jeopardy by the irresponsible spending going on today.

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Mar-23-14 9:49 PM

I read that article by Hegseth and I think it to be a viable reform of the system.

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Mar-23-14 9:13 PM

Pension time bombs going off all over the place. The politicians had no idea what they were promising, and the union thugs are not the brightest bulbs on the tree. Two articles in todays WSJ.

Military Pension Reform 2.0 By Pete Hegseth "The COLA changes are history, but the entire retirement system is too costly—and inequitable".

"California's Pension Mugging and How Kamala Harris denied voters a chance to vote on reform".

Like it or not, people have been promised the world and now that its time to pay the money is not there to fulfill the promises.

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Mar-23-14 8:54 PM

What is it that you do not understand Christopher? Are you implying that God is responsible for all the ills in the universe? The fact is that man has the right to choose. Be it joining a union, paying ten dollars for a pack of cigarettes,or going on strike for more money? He can live in Dunkirk or Fredonia or anywhere in the world. If one chooses to live in a state that has high taxes and make more money to pay those taxes then so be it. On the flip side if a company keeps getting hit with water, sewage, and tax increases the company has the right to pack up and move on. The Almighty does not dictate. He put us here to do what we want good or bad. Fact is hat the area is dying due to high costs and that is it. Increasing taxes will not fix it and if those leading us fail to see this then closings are the result. As I understand there is more work in the oil fields of N. Dakota than can be filled. And the pay is higher than what one would make in Dunkirk.

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Mar-23-14 7:59 PM

When the cash cow disappears, other peoples money is gone and the credit rating is junk, this is the end result.

The title reads, "For Greek Workers, a Dreaded Day Arrives, More Public-Sector Workers Face Unemployment".

"Still, the anger is real. Last Thursday, teachers occupied Mr. Mitsotakis's personal office in central Athens for most of the day before they were removed by riot police. Public servants have vowed to follow up a 48-hour public-sector strike they staged last week with still more protest action".

"Roula Grammeli, 40, said she found out from a television news bulletin that she was losing her job at a school in the Athens area of Paleo Faliro after more than 13 years of employment".

"I don't know what it is like to be raped, but it feels like this has just happened to me," she said.

Wake up America, this is preview of what is coming here, 17 trillion and counting. The government is completely out of control.


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Mar-23-14 7:19 PM

From CE Magazine- 5 best states for doing business: Texas Florida North Carolina Tennessee Indiana

5 worst states for doing business: California NEW YORK Illinois Massachusetts New Jersey

Also from CE Magazine:“California, Illinois and New York are simply awful states to operate facilities or employ people,” according to another CEO. “We will do almost anything possible to minimize our exposure to these anti-business environments.”

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Mar-23-14 6:09 PM

Christopher ...and if you combine Brocton, Silver Creek, and Forestville into that school system we could all have something to be proud of...nice thought. And I agree with whoever said God has nothing to do with this mess, this is all on leaders who are oblivious! Even God must be confused! It is like watching people with one foot nailed to the floor chasing their tail. Unbelievable.

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Mar-23-14 3:29 PM

Good excuse for what God doesn't do, it's been used by those making a living off religion since it's inception. How great an idea is that, that God controls, makes and is responsible for everything, God is EVERYWHERE, but apparently his infallibility and power ends with his creation? How's that work?" 3 disagrees, so please, explain to me how God controls everything, but can't control people? God can't prevent kids from being abused because their parents have free will to use their backs for ashtrays? Wow, not somebody I'd ever revere. Anyway, Omnipotent doesn't go with that Free Will BS, and neither, maybe even especially, does the concept of "infallibility". Go ahead, explain it.

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Mar-23-14 3:26 PM

How do 5 people disagree that there is going to be a loss of payroll in the county once the CCH is closed and totally private? It takes about 5 minutes of your time to compare salaries, AND benefits, as after all, if you're paying more for insurance from already lower wages, I'd guess you HAVE LESS MONEY TO SPEND!!! Taxes are not being reduced, you won't see one penny of savings and that was made explicitly clear well before the CCH was sold. Yet, 5 "disagrees". Holy Denial, Batman!!!

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Mar-23-14 3:22 PM

I agree 100% that Dunkirk, Fredonia, the East and West Town's of Dunkirk and the Town of Pomfret should be merged into one entity, perhaps the City of Chadwick Bay so nobody's feathers get ruffled. One school system, one Police and Fire Department. Between that savings, the collective political power, the lakes and other physical attributes, you just MIGHT have a chance to make something of what we have. There is, of course, NO CHANCE that will happen.

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Mar-23-14 1:53 PM

How about you allocate the water to the fracking folks,problem solved right?

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Mar-23-14 12:44 PM

Once again Phil spot on. But it will never happen. We then would have only one mayor the loser losing $60,000. Then there are the attorneys one losing $75,000. Then the police chief one losing %91,000. It seems that whatever makes good common sense has no place in the city (Soon to become village) of Dunkirk. Dunkirk elections like all others are popularity contests. And the history of a city being Democtatic will never change. Vote party lines because grandpa did. The council meetings are a joke. Example voting to issue a noise permit at the point. Or shall we approve a permit to closw a road for a party. I doubt the current administration could function if serious issues arose. Seems that the closing of CH is not worth mentioning by the current administration. This ladies and gentlemen is what you got for your vote. Happy?

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Mar-23-14 12:13 PM

we live in a State that has a "sales and use tax" whereby if you're on vacation out of State and spend $500 on items to bring home they expect you to fork over taxes to them? OK.. you buy the items in Nevada but you have to pay taxes to NY ? wonder business and youth flee this State!

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Mar-23-14 11:15 AM

I might add, that another "ripple" is soon to take place, creating a virtual Tsunami of economic disaster. What is that? At least 50% of the current employees of the CCH will lose their jobs. Why? Because if half or more are rehired the union goes with them, and the new owners WILL NOT LET that happen. So, more than half will be out of work, and the rest will have perhaps 40% of the their spendable income. Add that to the 425 jobs lost at Carriage house, rising taxes due to that closing effecting school as well as property taxes, and you have a disaster. Home owners with out jobs or prospects results in foreclosures and empty homes. Fredonia is about to get a well deserved kick in it's very arrogant behind. The college alone will not prevent you from becoming Dunkirk very, very soon, and without the Lake.

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Mar-23-14 11:11 AM

Losses to the village revenue could far exceed 1 million annually including water and pilot income. That loss would represent over 10% of the village budget. Maybe it's time for our so called leaders to accept the reality that our cities, towns and villages can no longer afford existance as individual entities. Local government have become too big and too expensive while the tax base shrinks. This is a desperate situation and the time for consolidation is now because if corrective measures are not taken we will continue to bleed population and more plant closings will follow. No one in their right mind will want to live or do business here. Is there a politician out there who has the guts to tell the truth?

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Mar-23-14 11:08 AM

Good excuse for what God doesn't do, it's been used by those making a living off religion since it's inception. How great an idea is that, that God controls, makes and is responsible for everything, God is EVERYWHERE, but apparently his infallibility and power ends with his creation? How's that work?

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Mar-23-14 11:06 AM

Christopher. God has given every man a free will. A will to use as the man sees fit. If a man decides to live like a hermit it is his choice. Not God's. If a group of men decide to close a business and move it is their decision. Not God's. Now those individuals out of work will have to decide what they are going to do. Go on welfare, relocate or look locally. Again it is their choice. Not Gods. Free will. Christopher. Free will.

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