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County jail swells with mentally ill

March 23, 2014

MAYVILLE — Of the 259 inmates who occupy the Chautauqua County Jail, 129 were reported to have a mental illness....

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Mar-23-14 11:47 PM

Congress authorized the National Mental Health Study Act of 1955. The final report on the study was delivered to congress in 1961. The result of the 1955 Study was the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 which reduced the "big box" state mental hospital bed capacity by about 90% nationwide The idea was construct local, community based mental health facilities which were suppose to better serve, with the help of new drugs, and at a lower cost Unfortunately only about 50% of suggested number of community facilities were ever built and the program overall has been horribly underfunded nationally; leaving many patients untreated and often with no place to go. Federal oversight in building & staffing the required state run community facilities was lax at best.

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Mar-23-14 8:12 PM

So THAT'S where Steiner is!

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Mar-23-14 3:33 PM

I might add that some very nasty individuals, even sex offenders, are being sneaked into already operating Group Homes for the Disabled as well as jails, especially juveniles. If you saw any of that fuss up in West Seneca, I tried to expose that 15 years ago, now it's happening everywhere. Nobody would listen then.

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Mar-23-14 2:56 PM

A lot lot lot of money went into the deinstitutionalization of the MH facilities. Unfortunately there was never a workable plan and those responsible are long gone. This is the result and it is pretty sad! Also ...Carlaw congrats on your election and sex change : )

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Mar-23-14 2:01 PM

HaveANiceDay if all this is so important to you,purchase a subscription.

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Mar-23-14 11:05 AM

Hadenough, your point is well taken, but unfortunately a combination of "cost cutting, hang the consequences" politician and Liberal do-gooders conspired to close most institutions therefore leaving little choice for misbehaving, even dangerous people with varying degrees of mental illness a place to go OTHER than jail or prison. By the way, does Brooks Hospital have a mental health unit? Lakeshore did.

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Mar-23-14 11:02 AM

Carlaw once again exposes himself as an oversensitive elected official who likes to fight facts with sarcasm. That's a good plan when you have nothing else to fight back with.

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Mar-23-14 9:56 AM

Wish I could have read the article........thanks observer!!!

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Mar-23-14 9:08 AM

Who is surprised - Facts are facts.Decades ago it was stated the "USA hides it's SOCIAL ILLS in PRISONS" said Fidel Castro of Cuba.

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Mar-23-14 9:02 AM

The question is? Is the county jail equipped to treat the mentally ill? No it is not. Individuals who have been declared mentally incompetent in a court of law must be sent to an institution that is qualified to treat their illness. The county is just asking for a law suit from the Federal Government one the justice dept is made aware of the situation. People who are mentally ill did not ask for it and do things against the law. Yes they should be incarcerated but at an institution qualified to treat them.

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Mar-23-14 8:16 AM

They're = they are. There is a place. (Over there) Their is possessive. It is their very own home.

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Mar-23-14 7:54 AM

It is staggering the number of inmates who are mentally ill and/or have developmental disabilities (mental retardation).

I so agree with Christopher as I also worked in the system (in another state) when so called "de-institutionalization" occurred. Many of these people forced to leave had no where to go, no family to help care for them, no resources. We now can see them in all of our cities, living under bridges, in cardboard boxes and pushing shopping carts. They are here in our area as well, though maybe not as obvious.

One thing that I think most of us agree on regarding the issue of mass the need for better mental health. How can people with severe mental illness not be identified and their needs addressed BEFORE they go on shooting spree? As a country I think we need to re think some of our policies on the care of those in so much need.

Just like drug addicts, we must get these people out of our jails and prisons and into treatment.

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Mar-23-14 6:31 AM

In NYC some years back, and after that brilliant and well thought out plan for "Deinstitutionalization" had been implemented (Translation: All the Psychiatric Facilities were closed)a study done to determine why NYC had experienced a large increase in Homeless people determined that 85% of them had some sort of mental illness. To this I say, "DUH!" We saved little, we just transferred the cost to jails and prisons, we hid it. Do any of those responsible for this idiocy really think the mentally ill are better off, that living in a box and sleeping on park benches is a better way of life? I worked in the system at the time, watched it happen, watched pretty dangerous people released, and many unable to care for themselves as well. It's being done to the mentally disabled now. We'll be doing it to the old soon enough.

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Mar-23-14 5:11 AM

Then their released and become baby kissing politicians

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