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Horvath: College facing budget gap

April 27, 2014

Huge budget gaps are looming for SUNY Fredonia if major changes are not made. SUNY Fredonia President Virginia Horvath recently presented the college’s situation to the community....

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Apr-27-14 2:24 PM

I love how a surplus is not a surplus to the Repupligiggles if it occurred under a Democratic administration, ands how deficits are not deficits when they occur under Republigiggles. Anyway, I have a suggestion, how about the President of the college takes a GOOD look at coarse offerings and starts to eliminate any and all courses that have little if any intrinsic value to a degree leading to an actual JOB! How about the same for actual degrees!? Colleges are filled with nonsensical Degrees and courses. Too bad about that $4.5 million Daycare building, huh? SUNY colleges are in trouble at least partly because their leaders have tried to turn them into something else. SUNY was created to provide a DECENT and AFFORDABLE education to the masses, NOT to compete with elite private colleges.

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Apr-27-14 1:13 PM

Commentor are you really that naive about the Clinton Surplus really? No wonder obama was elected!

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Apr-27-14 12:08 PM

"Even though they were able to successfully negotiate that increase at the state level, there was no corresponding increase in revenue from the state to cover that increase," Barone explained. ....Well welcome to the Unfunded Mandate Club Mr. Barone.

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Apr-27-14 10:18 AM

Deloniak, what you described is rampant throughout the public arena. That is why I have lost all faith and respect in the governing powers. The latest is in Chicago where we see religious organizations protesting the wealthy should be taxed more so the money can be used to help the underfunded teachers public pension liability. Of course the teachers union is supporting their cause. So much for separation of church and state. Where does the insanity end?

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Apr-27-14 9:38 AM

But John D'agostino and the Observer always kissed the ass of Dennis Hefner even when their was evidence that Hefner was mismanaging finances and covering things up. Face it..Hefner was a manipulator and liar who it was well known in the college community had an affair with his former. Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and chief of Police. To cover up his wrong doings he bribed the powers that be with the incubator project and isn't that just working wonders for the community. He was a liar and a theif and now the college and the community sees that.

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Apr-27-14 8:55 AM

MrDemocrat, I hope you don't teach that economics course because you obviously have your head in the sand.

News Bulletin: cost of tuition is making college unaffordable for most working Americans.

News Bulletin: people with college degrees are moving back in with mom and dad because the degree does not guarantee employment.

News Bulletin: college professors are pricing themselves out of the market, but are to dumb to realize it.

News Bulletin: college professors are liberals who are completely out of touch with the real world.

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Apr-27-14 8:22 AM

Keep adding high paying Associate Vice Presidents and corresponding secretaries - additional academic positions and this will happen. Why the need - this happened after Dr. Hefner left. I hope those in charge are as financially capable as past administrations and can avoid layoff of the lower employees that do the brunt of the work with no increase in their staff.

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Apr-27-14 8:11 AM

When this institution spends itself out of existence Fredonia is over. My question is why all the construction??? Millions spent on construction and they are going down the tubes. I would also like to know what was the need for a 5 million dollar day care??? Is that really a necessity????? Horvath you are just like Bush. Clinton left him a surplus and he started the deficit. Hefener left you in good shape and you have started the down slide. Maybe you weren't such a good choice!!!! Get it together Horvath or resign. Yes the buck stops with you!!!!

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Apr-27-14 7:51 AM

A financially strong college means more employees spending hard earned dollars in our local community. Support our college and youvwill support our local economy. It's pretty simple and if you don't understand, consider enrolling in an intro to economics course at our first class university!

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Apr-27-14 7:08 AM

Here we see another tax and spend liberal institution singing the blues. Drive through the campus to see the what the modern day Liberal Utopia looks like. It shows you what can be built with other peoples money. Then of course the budget problem. The solution? Raise the taxes!

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