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Fredonia: Budget pains not going away

April 28, 2014

Give village of Fredonia officials credit. In finalizing the 2014-15 budget, trustees whittled away more than $1.1 million from Mayor Stephen Keefe’s proposed $10.7 million plan....

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Apr-29-14 11:48 AM

Budget pains come & go in baby steps: overspend then tax then cut then chapter 11 then finally in court over union pensions. meantime businesses leave, college grads leave and social services thrive!

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Apr-28-14 1:48 PM

Christopher, your right. It could be a state trooper, sheriff, or village cop. I even seen a couple border patrol agents sleeping in their vehicle at Lake Erie State Park a few years ago.

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Apr-28-14 1:25 PM

tjefson, if you're going grocery shopping, you're on Vineyard Drive or Rt. 60, and that's the STATE POLICE, not Fredonia, and the article is about FREDONIA. Just in case you were confused. :)

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Apr-28-14 12:23 PM

I hardly dare go grocery shopping in this area. I can't remember the last time I made the trip without seeing someone pulled over for something. Its usually someone with an older car. There head is always held with their hands looking down as the officer writes the ticket. These police feel empowered and I think they take some shameless pleasure out of causing these poor people more pain. Anyone else notice how large their vehicles are becoming. We are slowly becoming a police state. Laugh if you want, but its not funny.

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Apr-28-14 11:38 AM

No worries – they’ll be able restore funding from all the “partying on rooftops” fines. :-)

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Apr-28-14 10:15 AM

Village and Town should merge. They should hold a new election to see who will be the new Mayor and Trustees. If they hold new election maybe there won't be such objection to the Town people being in charge.

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Apr-28-14 9:24 AM

At some point there will be a realization that small communities cannot survive as stand-alone entities, providing full services, without a solid tax base. So, how do we get a solid tax base? You get it by attracting private sector investment in a cost-effective place to do business. Our area is so saturated with government bureaucracy that no businessman in his right mind will want to locate here. Of course the answer is to restructure all local government, mergers, consolidation and eliminating bureaucracy and cutting costs. Will that ever happen? Probably not until we get leaders who understand basic economics and are not concerned with re-election.

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Apr-28-14 9:07 AM

The sad part about this whole situation it is going to get a lot worse, who ever though we would not even be able to keep food processing jobs. In other words, we can not complete on any level other than providing welfare and government jobs. At some point, when the private sector is completely devastated those areas will start declining, i.e. Fredonia Village.

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Apr-28-14 8:24 AM

Pain not going away? This is just a scratch compared to what is coming down the road. Wait until they start amputating arms and legs, then we will see some real pain. Once we see a policeman or fireman lose their job then we will know the pain has intensified. Oh yes, those 7 who lost their job are feeling pain, but they never really mattered to the monsters at the top.

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Apr-28-14 6:47 AM

Keefe is a life long Demorat, who knows all the buttons to push and levers to pull. If there is any free money to be found, he will find it. If the money is not there someone else will pay the price. The food chain within the Village of Fredonia will be exposed very quickly. Hey, maybe its time for BHO to pass another stimulus package and bale out these low life's like he did before and postpone their day of reckoning once again. They can't make it on their own. They never have and never will.

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Apr-28-14 6:33 AM

A person in charge of reporting should at least know what they're talking about before placing an article in print and presenting it as truth. Fredonia IS in trouble, but not because of hiring 2 employees in a department already gutted. I grew up when EVERY weekend in Fredonia looked like Fred fest. There were maybe 10 policemen. Now there's 14 and 5 part-timers, and nowhere near the BS downtown. Fredonia just hired TWO Firemen at a cost at least $50,000 more than the supposed "profit" they'll make by transporting patients to hospitals. This entire article is a joke.

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