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Mayville: Deception pays off with raise

May 5, 2014

How would an individual respond as an employer if he or she found out a worker had falsified his time cards? Would that individual give the worker a raise? Probably not, because the individual would......

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May-05-14 6:48 AM

Sadly, this is not an exception, but this is the norm within the government. I recently read where 2/3 of the IRS agents are given a bonus. A million $ in bonus money was handed out to agents who had not paid their own taxes. Another group was given bonus money even though the agent had received some sort of disciplinary action within the past year. So within the government getting a raise after falsifying a time card does not surprise me at all. In the private sector this person would have been called into the personnel office and given a warning. They would have signed a document stating if this happens again, the employment of that individual will end.

I have not seen a raise since 2008 when Obummer became president. In the government a person gets raises and a bonus no matter what. This must STOP!

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May-05-14 6:57 AM

Yet, a hard working honest person would never be hired by the government. They seek the cheats out during the interview process. These 2 board members who spoke out, especially the one who disclosed this, most likely will be forced out. I love my country, but the government representing us has become rotten to the core. There is no integrability within the government. All we see is scandal after scandal. That is why I despise these people because I know they are frauds. There are a few good people I am sure, but my life experience tells me the majority are bad apples.

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May-05-14 7:15 AM

Don't forget about the $500,000 in bonuses paid out to the EPA folks that was revealed a couple of days ago.

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May-05-14 7:25 AM

Sorry JoeW, I am slipping. I did not see that one. What about the 2 border patrol agents I seen sleeping in their vehicle at Lake Erie State Park on a Sunday. I am just out taking the dogs for a walk and stumble upon some government abuse.

I will go to work. These people getting raises will attempt to make my life more miserable with government compliance. I spend most of my time on government compliance issues. Its ridiculous, hours upon hours spent in bureaucratic red tape. I save my company thousands each year in finding credits and researching issues to keep one step ahead of these idiots. Believe me, these parasites are going to get as little as possible from me and the organization I work for.

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May-05-14 7:31 AM

How long can things last being turned completely upside down. We reward incompetence and punish success. What is wrong with people. We must take our country back. The thieves will keep taking until there is nothing left.

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May-05-14 8:20 AM

We in the private sector have became modern day slaves to the new "privileged class" in America, the public sector employee. This is disgraceful and unacceptable.

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May-05-14 8:21 AM

I agree that this was a poor decision and applaud the two ladies who stood up for what was right.

I do feel bad that we talk about all government and all workers when it is not everyone. Most people go to work every day and just do their job as best they can. We don't notice them because they don't stand out. Many of the things we hate about government at any level are acts or decisions that are made at the top. Once you work in government you become a bitter tax payer as you see tremoundous waste created by decision made that you have no control over. It's like being mad at the DSS caseworker who is just doing the job the lawmakers in Albany and the bosses in Mayville tell them they must.

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May-05-14 8:23 AM

The EPA IG reported that the bonus program was not administered properly and that some employees received bonuses that should not have due to promotions and others were not properly reviewed in accordance with existing guidelines.

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May-05-14 8:55 AM

Where are the Christophers, the mattdillons, the alfalfas and the Bob1957s of this world defending this standard practice. They must be thinking what is the big deal? They are probably wondering why people are getting so upset.

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May-05-14 8:56 AM

falsifying time cards is a standard union practice accepted at all levels of management.

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May-05-14 9:03 AM

Hey notalways, these people don't get off the hook so easy. The reason they were hired to begin with is they would be complicit in unethical practices. You did not see the convention in Las Vegas where thousands of public employees gathered to mock the taxpayers and spend the taxpayer money partying and living like kings and queens. This is not one or two, the problem has become pervasive.

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May-05-14 9:29 AM

Ficticous promotions, pension padding, false expense reports, fraud and embezzlement. These have become every day occurances. Its digusting and these people continue on as if everything is OK. It makes me want to puke.

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May-05-14 10:35 AM

What a way to start the week. Punched right in the face before I have a cup of coffee. Why is this happening. This is becoming surreal. Why are not more as outraged as I about this gross injustice.

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May-05-14 12:50 PM

Government always reinforces bad behavior. Just look at what has been happening on the federal level with the I.R.S, E.P.A and other agencies. So why not on the local level, government is never held accountable. The only way to get a handle on this issue is to start and dismantle and reduce the size of government, the size of government makes it harder to manage. Lastly, remember most government bureaucracies have a culture that the public works for them and not the other way around. So with that thought process the idea of abusing the system is justified and very rarely held accountable.

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May-05-14 2:26 PM

Be careful what you post/say,could be construed as begrudging someone!

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May-05-14 2:52 PM

What would happen if the eployee at Mayville got caught stealing office supplies. I would think a promotion would be in order following this logic. And I am the one who is crazy?

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May-05-14 3:00 PM

Do something wrong.

Private sector - pay fine and go to jail.

Public sector - get raise, bonus and promotion.

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May-05-14 3:21 PM

Government Department. This week I will leave at 3 and you can punch me out at 4:30. Next week you can leave at 3 and I will punch you out at 4:30. No problem, great idea. The pension years we will stay until 5:30. Every other week, we should still be able to leave at 3.

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May-05-14 3:53 PM

Government Contest - This years contest will be the best idea to pile drive the taxpayer into the ground knocking him out cold. We need the taxpayer to be dazed and confused so we can implement more devious plans for our own selfish interest. The winner will have the opportunity to ride in the back of a squad car as we ticket the poor people driving old cars for one thing or another.

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May-05-14 11:05 PM

The entire government at all levels in this country have turned so corrupt they make Tammany Hall look like amateurs. That is the reason no one is held accountable all levels are corrupt!!!!

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May-05-14 11:21 PM

Politicians protect them selves by continually enlarging government to get public employee votes, increasing the welfare money to get those votes and receive huge campaign contributions from the rich. Any attempt to change any of the above will fail as the supreme court recently proved by stating money given for campaigns is freedom of speech. You are looking at Greece in the making! This will not until the blue collar private sector is driven into bankruptcy and the revolution begins and it is coming!

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May-05-14 11:22 PM

Should read will not end until

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May-06-14 5:11 AM

one of the places i work at, you get fired.

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May-06-14 6:35 AM

Unbelievable! 13 posts when not much of anybody is arguing! I do believe that constitutes "ranting", not discussing or expressing an opinion.

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May-06-14 6:41 AM

tj claims he hasn't had a pay raise in 5 yrs, but considering the vast amt of time he spends posting daily comments on this site, I'd say he's lucky to still have a job.

...and he accuses public employees of being under-worked & over-paid?

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