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FORESTVILLE Translating for new post

June 8, 2014

In April, Chautauqua County came to Forestville’s rescue....

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Jun-09-14 9:41 AM

DCRONIG - you must be living under a rock! I will not waste my time debating the issues with you but I will make this point. Your initial comment drew 8 disagrees and 1 agree. My initial comment drew 7 agrees and 1 disagree. I rest my case and please save your disrespectful sarcasim for someone who cares.

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Jun-09-14 7:51 AM

People are only the problem is you believe democracy is flawed -- like Phil.

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Jun-08-14 5:10 PM

"Forestville is in the mess its in because the people voted for the numbskulls to run the place" So wouldn't that make the people the problem still?

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Jun-08-14 3:35 PM

For PhilJulian, to see what is in front of his nose must be a constant struggle -- if he bothers at all.

What Phil doesnt comprehend in any and all of his "government" rantings is that each and every government was set up by the people, for the people and each and every government is of the people.

Since each and every government -- no matter how small -- is set up by the people to help the people. For Phil to constantly say "government is the problem" is to say that people are the problem.

No they are not.

Forestville is in the mess its in because the people voted for the numbskulls to run the place -- plain and simple. Want Forestville to run better? Get the right folks to run for office and vote them in -- period.

Centralization undermines democracy -- if people want to centralize, then let them vote. But you know what? With each and every election, they tell you Phil, that they like things the way they are.

You, Phil, are the one who doesnt get it.

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Jun-08-14 2:11 PM

(con't) stop saying it can't be done" because it can be. All that is needed to start the process is a professional evaluation from independent consultants and we can do that with a small portion of the proceeds from the sale of the county home. What kind of a future do you want for your children and grandchildren?

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Jun-08-14 2:08 PM

I see no reason why we can't retain the identity of our own "fiefdoms". Dunkirk would still be Dunkirk - Fredonia still Fredonia and so on. It's only the taxation and delivery of services that would be centralized at the county level. Elimination of the duplication in equipment and manpower would help to put our county back on the map. For example, we currently have about 300 law enforcement peraonnel in the county managed by seven full time and eleven part time departments. Just imagine the efficiency and savings if the Sheriff could dispatch his men when and where needed on a given occasion from carefully chosen satellite locations. Why does Fredonia and Dunkirk need two separate fire departments with duplication of equipment that could be otherwise selected to meet the needs of both communities. I'm sure similar efficiencies could be found in public works, parks, tax collection and every government function. We need to get out of the dark ages and stop saying "it can

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Jun-08-14 11:49 AM

Nice try, Phil, but it isn't going to happen. None of these elected officials, and to be honest far too many voters, will ever give up their little Fiefdoms. I don't necessarily agree with no government at all between the county and localities, but it needs to be seriously restricted.

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Jun-08-14 9:21 AM

We look to government to solve our problems but government is the problem. Forestville is unable to pay it's bills and meet it's payroll. By most standards that is bankruptcy but not by government standards. Government has that giant ATM otherwise known as county taxpayers. There should be only one government in our county and it should be a re-structured county government. All other town, village and city charters should be dissolved. The sale of the county home provides the county with a huge influx of cash. A small portion of that cash should be used to fund a professionally administered team of independent, unbiased consultants to determine how the size and cost of local government can be reduced through consolidation, mergers or any other means. Let's get the facts and make the needed changes for the sake of future generations.

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Jun-08-14 7:44 AM

County scammed!! Forestville will go belly up eventually. Let's solve the problem of having no money by hiring a new employee. Let's see will this employee get a fat salary and benefits??? The residents of Forestville should be up in arms because next year you can look forward to your taxes being even higher.

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Jun-08-14 7:11 AM

Told you so...

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