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Reed’s actions hit ‘close to home’

June 18, 2014

In today’s world it might seem like nothing is happening, but in the 23rd District, that is not the case. Take a look at what Congressman Tom Reed has done....

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Jun-26-14 10:57 PM

"Any employee working for the government getting paid with tax dollars who is delinquent on their taxes should be fired immediately." Does the same thing apply to getting permits and evading the tax assessor? That would be Cuomo.

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Jun-25-14 9:39 AM

Judeye- don't you want to go toe to toe with me so I can give you some real information? You're so disillusioned I feel bad for you, so I'd like to help. If you need information on the number of policies cancelled under Obamacare, or the average increase in services I'm happy to send along supporting information - if you have questions about Martha Robertson DOUBLING property taxes in Tompkins County, or raising her salary with those taxes, I'm ALSO happy to send along. I can't, unfortunately, help you get a clue.

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Jun-25-14 8:59 AM

You call giving even more tax breaks to large corporations and the most wealthy in our bill?

Good grief..still believing in that trickle down theory..How is it working out for you so far?

Most wealthy, paying lowest taxes. We all should be riding high if trickle down really works. Have any of you taken the time to look up company profits? Have you looked up CEO compensations?

Yep..that trickle down really works well now doesn't it?

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Jun-25-14 8:54 AM

Any employee working for the government getting paid with tax dollars who is delinquent on their taxes should be fired immediately.

that be Rep Reed..

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Jun-24-14 4:17 PM

Judeye says that Tom hasnt voted for one jobs bill but in fact he and the Republican House have passed 40... buuttt they are all stopped in their tracks in the Democrat controlled Senate. Tom has been working on bringing jobs to our area since he went to DC.

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Jun-21-14 12:02 PM

She's to busy making excuses on why she targets anyone not progressive. She and a couple of others on here still believe that Obama can save them.

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Jun-21-14 7:41 AM

No more comments from Judeye? Wait I know,her hard drive crashed and then it was recycled!

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Jun-21-14 12:03 AM

When I first read Robert Frost's Mending Wall in an age long gone by I tried to understand why 'Good fences make good neighbors'. I'll bet it was the best $35 he ever spent.

Generally permit fees cover the cost of verifying that code has been followed. To often it is being used as a license to reassess. When people start talking about the inside of another's house implying that somehow society is being shortchanged. And fines?

She has no clue to how small minded she really is.

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Jun-20-14 9:07 PM

Or ones who duck assessors and don't bother with building permits until they get caught. Like a certain NYS governor that I won't name.

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Jun-20-14 7:34 PM

I wonder which is worse,someone who is late paying tax(but does) or someone who tells government agencies to not enforce laws that were passed constitutionally?

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Jun-20-14 6:09 PM

Marcia and Judeye only have MSNBC talking points. Rachael Madcow says it so it must be gospel. Or Mr Ed the talking donkey. They listen to these left wing morons way to much.

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Jun-20-14 3:05 PM

I think Marcia and Judeye are both smoking the wacky weed yet again? I'll only ask a very simple question that one or both might be able to answer! The bill to shut down the government that Tom voted for was what HR#! Surely one of you twins could answer that correct???? As well could you please give the HR# that Tom voted for to not fund the VA? After you do we'll address the other BS accusations OK?

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Jun-20-14 2:07 PM

Sorry Marcia, but as I have tried to get through to judeye Tom Reed represents his voting base as well he should. He has done a good job and if he doesn't represent the progressive voters then tough BS.

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Jun-20-14 12:02 PM

This article appears to be a Tom Reed press release. He voted to shut down the government, costing taxpeyers billions of dollars. He voted to deny health coverage to millions of Americans. He voted against funding the VA earlier in the year. He voted against raisisng the minimum wage. he voted for more tax cuts for millionaires. He voted against extending unemployment, and said he would not personally hire someone who is long term unemployed. He does not represent the citizens of NY 23rd and should be voted out.

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Jun-20-14 11:47 AM

Any employee working for the government getting paid with tax dollars who is delinquent on their taxes should be fired immediately. These jobs should be for law abiding tax paying citizens. Any government retiree who is delinquent on their taxes should have their pension taken away until the taxes are paid. Public officials need to stop hiding behind in the name of the state or the federal government. These people should be escorted to jail. There is a lot they can do. We need a seawall that needs repaired.

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Jun-20-14 8:28 AM

The scientific metaphor "full of hot air" aptly applies to our favorite mad scientist. He chooses to refer to a product that he claims he invented, yet he consistently refuses to give us this product's exact name? If it's already on the mkt EVERYWHERE, I'd assume he'd be promoting it as much as possible to make more money rather than keep people guessing to what he's actually babbling about.

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Jun-20-14 8:00 AM

gushing judye and her defense of the ACA. hey judey, you missed big labor, the unions oppostion to the bill. you missed sebellius resigning over it. you missed the many after the fact changes obama did to it to sustain it. judey you miss key things all the time, especially when they sink your position. judeye you miss the no choice school position taken by the democrats. you miss everything, everything of consequence ! and you claim to be science minded.the debt collection argument could be used against the teachers union for their rabid antichoice. they need to collect their salaries to ensure future dumbacrats via our or their public schooolls. judeye, the govt does not own us as much as you may want it so. we do not work for the govt. you think we belong to the govtg. the govt did NOT invent the world we live in. science judey, science

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Jun-20-14 7:47 AM

especially for judeye and her many people are correct theory. so judeye, the nobel prize club is definately a narrow club. for the few.and hardly any gals, so much for diversity here libruls, so by your logic, all the other people who did not win nobels, the many are correct and the few who won nobels are wrong ! even though some of the nobels, like the transistor went on to change the landscape of the world ! unless of course, nobels are Foxnews !

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Jun-20-14 7:36 AM talking about Rep Reed aren't you? "Rep. Tom Reed, a Republican who represents the Southern Tier and serves on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, was late paying his property taxes 38 times between 2005 and this year – including at least 18 times since he joined Congress in late 2010."

Ironic as his law firm specializes in debt collection, primarily MEDICAL debts. Hmm wonder if that is why he has voted time and time again to repeal ACA. If people have health insurance that they can afford and which will cover most of their medical expenses..what becomes of his medical debt collection business?

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Jun-20-14 7:27 AM neighbor failed to get a permit when they erected the fence between our properties. After I called the village contacted him, he came in paid the $35 and that was that. Only have to get a permit if caught I guess. No fines were issued.

It is who you know always. As for their house, geez..I know MANY around here that the outside of their house looks like a dump, the inside like it should be in house beautiful. Same reason...they do not want their tax assessment to go up.

In the case of cuomo...yes I think it is wrong. They should be paying their fair share of taxes which includes an assessment after renovations.

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Jun-20-14 6:57 AM

dk, you dont mock christopher for his public employee union stance do you ? and voter id you mock that too ! guess you missed the article in the WSJ about the teamsters and their complaining about federal oversight. Why ? because of corruption and rigged elections. you just cant figure anything out can you dk ? anyone can make the magic gas. all you need is the cyclotron or better, steinertron.. but you dont know what that is. where is judeye ? Quantum mechanics is foxnews ! it is amazing how even accepted science is mocked by the posters here. judeye leads the list, followed by dk. but you sure do enjoy the fruit of that science dont ya ! judeye trashes almost 70 years of science, calling that foxnews and demands proof. she shows she never heard of analytical science or chemistry. she has to run for office.

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Jun-19-14 9:37 PM

I just got a phone call tonight from an irate citizen upset that Cuomo had not paid his taxes. We are one of the highest taxed states in the nation and this guy doesn't pay his taxes. Federal employees and retirees owe billions in delinquent income taxes. The IRS hands out bonuses to people who didn't bother to pay their taxes. Paying taxes is for the little people and the big people spend the tax money. I wonder why people are so upset with the government? (sarcasm)

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Jun-19-14 5:13 PM

Doesn't matter who brought it to light. Cuomo and his shack up still broke the law and got away with it. If it had been anyone except a democrat there would be cries calling for hanging from the left just like when it came to light that Reed had not paid his taxes on time.

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Jun-19-14 4:43 PM

The assessor was twice denied access (as is an owner’s right in that town), once by an attorney and once by a state trooper. (That’s some “serious denying.”)

The external assessment (only) raised her taxes $8,210, and the assessor said ““It’s possible [the assessment] could have been higher if I saw the inside.” Although the home is in Sandra Lee’s name, Cuomo has said he pays his share of the taxes. After the work became public – duh, in architecture magazines – Lee retroactively applied for the permit.

Cuomo’s campaign issued a statement last week saying charging the controversy was driven by Rob Astorino, his Republican opponent (also the Westchester county executive). “Welcome to election year politics in a Republican town in a Republican county run by a county executive who is notorious for playing little political games,” said Cuomo campaign spokesman Peter Kauffmann.


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Jun-19-14 4:00 PM

The left complains about Reed but lets Cuomo slid "Seems New York’s governor doesn’t know his assessor from his elbow. Andrew Cuomo found himself in an embarrassing position after his girlfriend, celebrity cook Sandra Lee, barred the county tax assessor from entering the six-bedroom New Castle home she shares with him. She had good reason. Lee knew that if she let the assessor in to see the work done, the assessment would go up — and with it their property taxes. But she made one mistake. Let’s put it this way: If you want to keep your renovations secret, it’s probably not a good idea to let magazines in to report on them. Turns out tax assessors can read People and New York and Elle Decor too. When the Journal News looked into the Lee-Cuomo digs on the aptly named Bittersweet Lane, it found Lee had failed to get building permits."

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