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Looking on the bright side

July 2, 2014

Some things in Chautauqua County are not as dire as one might think. For instance, it looks like we will see improvement of Route 60 connecting the “North” and “South” county. Tourism is flourishing....

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Jul-03-14 8:02 AM

Raymond: "97X, BAM! The future of rock ‘n’ roll. 97X, BAM! The future of rock ‘n’ roll. 97X, BAM! The future of rock ‘n’ roll.

"Ray...enough already! Change the channel."

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Jul-03-14 7:34 AM

so obama let iraq go to ruins, crimea, ukraine ,and even threatens Poland.obama knows nothing except how to blame america. the troops should be pulled out of europe and sent to iraq. Iraq is a major player in ol. all of this affects us here as gas is going up. we cant frack, cant build a pipeline , cant do anything over hysteria. if we waited for the gals and minorities do invent anything we would all be dead. and judey supports the democratic party ! How stupid can you get ? We are even getting health threats, disease and head lice people form central america.thats where the libs always wanted to spread the US, south, for slavery and the democratic way of life. they are bringing them here ! libs love head lice, like hookworm of old.judey loves a democrat ! Go judeye !

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Jul-03-14 7:28 AM

so yet another hospital is cutting back, ths time in niagara county. excellent !it dont look good for lake shore, excellent ! we got obamacare ! wait till the boomers start dying, give it another 5 years . judeye will still cry about corporations. the guys will still invent things, but overseas as the liberals by this time will have destroyed the america i grew up in. all to help those minorities and gals.the two least scientific people on the planet, they got the reigns of power and sytematically dismantled the great nation of america. the gals needed help, like they did after the civil war with their pedicure and manicures ! facts from history. how am i doing stupid judeye ? LW blunders ?

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Jul-03-14 7:21 AM

so i am hearing that the stimulus cost the same amount of money as we spent on the iraq war. I would not want to be a teenager graduating school now. the job market is terrible. corporations are incorporating in Ireland to shield the money from the ever greedy US govt. america was founded on the exact opposite principles. but the libs, woodrow wilson soon started changing that. Why ? They realized after losing the civil war and the huge cost of lives and other losses to the south made the democrats very angry. the only revenge they could do , since liberals are too stupid to invent anything, was to coerce poeple into paying taxes. indeed the whole history of the democratic party is coercion, slavery, KKK, jim crow, income tax and judeye is against corporations and for the democratic party . stupid judeye.judey forgets the coercion of the public schools, like christopher does.but somehow the corporation, all male derived is to blame. if thats not sexism i dont know what is.

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Jul-03-14 7:13 AM

more for stupid judeye, anyone just waking up or just observing the activist gals would say to themselves, there is something wrong with these people. . All they do is cry and scream for rights, more rights and other peoples money to pay for them. they want gals in the boardrooms, for what ? we make money without them,. besides they did not invent what we sell anyways. they need birth control, abortions, pink colors and a host of things more. the guys just look at this and shake their heads in wonder.why a gal actually lived in a tree out west to save the tree ! you gals are nuts. i read about you in the LWV postings, feminism and more. you gals cannot even learn by example as my pet would. you cant even imitate the learned people, even curie ! judey, you and the LWV confirm to me everyday. women are the weaker vessel and should NEVER been allowed to vote. leave science to the guys. you are bad at it.

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Jul-03-14 7:03 AM

judeye, why do we have pipelines ? it goes back to std oil days. John d, one of my favorite men of all times, was having trouble with union teamsters driving tankers. he soon realized that the only way to get oil to the refinery was to pipeline it. it bypassed christophers beloved strike prone guys and made for a steady supply of oil . so since the 1870s ,judeye America has had pipelines. yet you still cry the sky is falling, the emd is near. a classic case of nervous disorder, conversion disorder that gals are so very prone too. fact again judeye. i have given mess ups by nervous women in history to back this up. a few like you judeye have really tried to mess things up.what else could a woman do ? they admit they do NOT know how the world works. that was on PBS. and stupid judey is living proof.

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Jul-03-14 6:54 AM

more for stupid judeye, america has hundreds of thousands of miles of pipelines. the canadians drill in lake erie. pipelines go under rivers thru the countryside, to grandmas house, EVERYWHERE stupid judeye.I have posted the BTU usage that oil and natural gas provide, gas is prime chemical feedstock, all facts, all verifiable and STILL, STILL , you cannot grasp what hydrocarbons do. I have said that the miracle of carbon in its ability to make 4 bonds, with another carbon and practically everything lese makes it a miracle element. STILL, STILL, you cant grasp it. You say endless posting , I have to. you dont understand anything, ANYTHING judeye.thats why men rule the boiys club, the science club. women are laggards, their power factor is bad. they could never be energy star ! get the picture judeye ? i bet not.

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Jul-03-14 6:45 AM

utterly stupid judeye is at it again. corporations bad. hey stupid judeye, corporations, composed of guys mostly, MADE america and all the products you take for granted. IT was NOT women, NOT the govt but smart men that did it. if unions can have free speech, then by definition so can a corporation. how you miss that is amazing. you worship at the govt , but again I say , it was NOT the govt, but the lack thereof that made amercia great. women were for the most part, baby makers. fact, i have given enough facts to support this .yet you insist on saying govt, union etc. you miss that union memebership DECLINED greatly in the 20s. how can you be so stupid judeye . Answer , you are a woman and that clouds your judgement.

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Jul-02-14 2:43 PM

Vicki is in "once upon a time" mode and Judblindeye is her usual unrealistic mode. This area is pathetic and getting worse. Nothing is coming here. Everyone is trying to leave. Have you seen the number of houses for sale?? A record number with no buyers. Come out of Utopia and step into Reality!!

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Jul-02-14 1:39 PM

BTW at the time she testified she could have gotten them if she had no insurance for $324 a year at Target, not the $1000 + a year she claimed.

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Jul-02-14 1:35 PM

Considering what Fluke claims to have been spending on birth control I think we all know how she paid for her schooling.

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Jul-02-14 12:57 PM

Poor Judeye just can't stand it that I and others object to paying for others(Sandra Fluke's)sexual escapades! Did you Judeye buy into the lies that Hillary posted last night?

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Jul-02-14 11:59 AM

Judeye can you post a link showing all these votes against things that in your mind Tom votes against. Can you please show proof of your accusations for once. I sure won't wait for an honest answer from you.

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Jul-02-14 7:55 AM

Let's take any partisan politic's out of any of this, and ask just one question; Can you show ONE improvement in the Economy in a sense of providing fulltime, family supporting jobs? I'm not talking about minimum wage service jobs, part time summer work, and certainly not normal infrastructure maintenance. This isn't just a case of a glass being half full or half empty, this is an empty, dirty glass with someone DREAMING about filling it with a fine Cognac!

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Jul-02-14 7:52 AM

Steiner Citizens United, Hobby Lobby and an anti union decision from the Supreme court all help. we need more like that.

You mean more decisions that grant our Constitutional rights to corporations? Really you think our forefathers meant to include guarantee the same rights to corporations as they did to individuals when they wrote the Bill of Rights into the Constitution. (written by the way as the first ten amendments to make clear..VERY clear these rights)

I really wished the supreme court justices would be forced to wear the logos of the corporations they represent on their robes as they surely are no longer representing the PEOPLE of this Country.

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Jul-02-14 7:48 AM

"Our waterfront, and its continued beautification and accessibility, are critical to bringing people and businesses into our area. We can't afford not to protect what we have and continue looking for ways to enhance this major resource."

Can you relay that to Rep Reed? He just voted to refuse to bar approvals of pipelines that could rupture and spill chemicals into the Great Lakes and the Ogallala Aquifer which supplies water in several Great Plains states. He also voted to weaken environmental reviews of pipelines projects between US and Canada limiting them to ONLY the border areas and not the entire length of the pipelines.

Refused to protect pipelines going under our LAKE ERIE that could rupture and spill. Just take a moment and think of BP spill in the Gulf happening in the Lake off of our harbor. What would that do to tourism let alone our water, our fishing, our enjoyment, our beloved lake.

Rep Reed does not seem to care but I hope we all do.

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Jul-02-14 6:28 AM

Vicki, America is getting just a bit more free ! Citizens United, Hobby Lobby and an anti union decision from the Supreme court all help. we need more like that. welfare,as every liberal knows welfare made america great. my grandparents, off the boat from europe,C1913, said they wanted to be in america to collect welfare ! welfare is needed as it destroys families, see the worldview that makes the underclass by anthony daniels. having a strong family is archaic, male domination, hurtful against women and a host of other maladies say the liberals. it is hard for me to find optimism for chautauqau county in the light of so many institutions closing.especially since i graduated college decades ago and remember what this area had in jobs. now we have hardly any jobs.its been tough but the liberals have eliminated jobs while trying to create them. i pity the graduating high schoolers, they wil leave the area for sure. sorry to see you go, kids !

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