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Welfare won’t be part of pain

January 4, 2009


I would like to comment on the governor's state budget. It seems that we are all being punished for the billions of dollars this state owes - everyone, that is, except people on welfare. They are going to receive more money every month, even when we are in debt. What sense does that make?

It is true this state is the land of taxes and welfare. If the governor - a Democrat by the way - is going to increase the tax on clothes, increase the tax on gas, interfere with American Indians who, by the way, are protected by the U.S. government, then why give tax money away to people on welfare? This is a slap in the face to those of us who have to pay the bills for the state's mistakes and their freebie programs. The Democrats are good for this - raise taxes if in debt. They are going to do the same thing in Dunkirk with the Democratic-controlled council, so look out.

Last but not least, our school systems will be shortchanged; no reason for that if they can give more money to welfare. What's more important?

It's disgraceful to have half a million people living off the taxpayer. Put them to work or in the military. But we can't do that because they have more rights than we do. Unbelieveable.





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