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David Kleparek

October 31, 2009
Observer Today

No. 1. I have always been for the downsizing of school districts and governmental entities. I think too many representatives only cloudy the opportunities to move forward, but too little representation leaves a lot of power in a few people. So as a legislator, I would like to see Chaut. co at a level of 13 legislators represented by territory much like a tic tack toe chart, across the county with 4 across the northern county, 4 across the central part of the county and 5 across the southern part of the county ( Jamestown area with the extra). I believe we would have less wrangling, a cost savings and enough representation to get the job done efficiently. I do not think this will get a lot of positive response, and make take several years to reach. But I do believe right now we could drop down to 19 legislators with a goal to delete 6 more over the next 4 years. If it cost me my own job, so be it. I am a legislator committed to doing what is right for the taxpayers of the county. As far as school districts go, I would like a time frame established for supporting districts (example Fredonia-Brocton) to map out what they are doing and do it. The same for Silver Creek-Forestville, Westfield-Ripley, Sherman-Chaut. lake and so on.

We are wasting too much time on studies when the problem is obvious. Declining enrollments and much to much money spent on administration.

Second question. I believe the policy for accepting the top three quotes, and taking the best value is best practice. Best price does not necessarily mean the best for the consumer. I don't really think they need to be public notice on the internet. I do believe the dept managers assigned to making those decisions are dilligent enough to choose what is fair and right. Again, allowing individuals to incur the rite to badger a responsible manager to accept a particular quote could be because of personal gain, relative business, etc. Quotes should be subject to review but the decision should be determined by the individual

assigned to do the job.


David Kleparek District #24Fredonia-Pomfret



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