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Larry Barmore

October 31, 2009
Observer Today

Down sizing is not necessarily a good thing. ie: downsizing the highway department would result in less work getting done. However consoilidating highway departments could save thousands of dollars. If, for example, 4 towns were to consolidate their highway departments, the heat could be turned off in 2 of the buildings. Items like a grader that are seldom used could be co-purchased by the 4 towns instead of each town owning one. I believe that consolidating school districts could save money. Nearly every school building in the county is underutilized, yet we have a construction project going on at each district. We could easily close 1/3 of our school buildings and still house all the children. No staff cuts, no bus cuts, but lots fewer heat and electric bills and fewer building repairs.

It has been my experience that where legislative committees are concerned, five members seem to be the right amount. I know that when something comes up on the committee that I am on, at least one of us is well versed on the subject and can help the others. A smaller legislature would result in either smaller committees or having to serve on extra committees requiring much more of a legislators time. I am not against down sizing the legislature, but the population of the county has decreased 4% in the last 10 years and a cut of 40% is being proposed. A cut to 15 legislators would put 45-50% of the legislators in the cities. The cities currently control 35% of the legislature. I am looking out for my rural constituents.

I represent 4 governments within the county and I attended every local meeting and work with the local officials. The city of Jamestown has 6 legislators for a single government and you will rarely if ever see even one legislator at a city council meeting.

For question #2, I have no problem with that at all.

Larry Barmore

District 9



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